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Bahria Sports City Balloting For Number Allotment Done!

| Bahria Town News | November 15, 2016

Finally Bahria has done the balloting for Sports City and numbers have been allotted to plots and 350 yards villas. Actually they are gradually allotting numbers to files so you may receive allotment letter soon if you are lucky. If you are in hurry you can call Bahria Customer Care number and ask for status of your Sports City plot/villa number.

There are around 9 to 13 Precincts launched launched for Sports City project, the last precinct we can see is 45. However, there is still no map for any of the Precinct. Don't expect the location before Precinct 31 🙂 However, as soon as maps are launched we will share with you.


Bahria Sports City Balloting results

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35 Responses to “Bahria Sports City Balloting For Number Allotment Done!”

  1. I am based Overseas, I have paid 3 installments for 350 sq yd Villa, via Wire Transfer/DD much before due dates.

    They have not even updated one Installment yet, Bank has verified all these payments being processed within 24-48 Hours of sending them.

    I have communicated my concerns several times at the highest level, just reassurances being given for last 2 Months that it will be updated, sent several emails to all concerned, sent Payment Receipt by Courier Service. Spent my precious time and money for getting it done at times.

    It is mind boggling and shameful to see how Bahria Town works for handling people's payments, their hard earned money, especially overseas Pakistani's. There is no accountability, we are not used to seeing this happening Overseas. Seems like not much has changed in Pakistan, especially since Organization like Bahria makes big claims of being the best in business. 


    They should be Thankful for getting all these Remittances from people who are abroad, which also helps our native Countries Foreign Reserve situation significantly.

    Why one should invest in Pakistan, when you face these Challenges, I am starting to think.

    Regards to All!

    • My friend is facing same problem in btk homes. He is sending installments from Canada since 2014 and here  his file found blocked. He repeatedly send application marked to Deputy CEO but no one is accepting application in bahria office as this is for big boss. By the result of this he is not yet alotted home #. His regd. No. is BTKOS-H0125

    • Your issue resolved ? 

      If not yet. I can Help u.



      +92 303 568 6600

  2. Received number in Precinct 44 for 250 yards.

    Do you have any idea if numbers are allotted to everyone or there are unsuccessful candidates as well?

    • Received number in Precinct 44 for General Category & in Precinct 45 for main Bolevard. ( both of 250yards ). 

      As per Bahria call centre, numbers are alloted to all those who have submitted two instalments on time. 

      Map is expected to release in March before the 4th Instalment. 

  3. We are dealing in Bahria Town Karachi, DHA city and Gwadar properties. Kindly feel free to contact for any type of advice and consultantcy.




  4. Muhammad Azim Khan on December 10, 2016 @ 9:12 am

    Thanks for invitations of questions BTK is going forware and reached to pricint 45, I think this place is near Shah Norani District Khuzdar. How one will travel from that place to Saddar Karachi or peoples will wait till 2116, what Malik is doing.

    Muhammad Azim Khan

  5. How far in Kilomteres is Princinct #45 from the main gate of BTK???

  6. faiza hussan on December 19, 2016 @ 2:04 pm


    we booked a plot in sport city, when its start or we booked on 2nd day, so, why you allot us away from 35 precinct/  u allot us in 42 precint road 13,  sir its fair, 

    • Well, still much better than precinct 45 🙂

      • Azan Shah,


        I was Allotted Sports City Villa on Street 1 in Precinct 35 "General Category", I had requested Corner/Park Facing Option, which did not happen, I don't understand the process as how Bahria decides even though a Customer request something specific. I do hear "computerized Balloting" decides it, but I am not sure, if this is true or not.

        Can you give your opinion about the whole process and also "Future Prospect" for these Sport City Villa. I have no idea about the locations in Sport City Villa and it will help me and others understand it better.



        • Dear NJ,

          So your question is what is bahria balloting process and how does it take place? Well, if you requested for corner/park facing category but you didn’t get. That is normal, because everyone wants to have west open / corner / park facing .. so does this mean bahria will allocate categories to everyone? Think over it! 

          Now regarding what is Bahria Town balloting process, well actually it varries project to project. Per my knowledge normally what Bahria do is, they allocate around 50% of categories through fair balloting, around 25% categories given to dealers (these are actual key players who run bussiness for Bahria) and remaining 25% bahria hold for itself.

          Thats why i never prefer unballoted items. Thats why i sold my unballoted files just 3 days before balloting.

          Let know if you need further explaination on any of above point. 

          • Dear Azan Shah Sahib,

            Thank You for providing the necessary information, Also any comments regarding Sports City Villa's future prospects?

            Does it matter, if it is high or low Street number?

            Being Overseas,  we do rely on mostly your Forum, besides few others that are also available.

            It does help us understand how things work in Pakistan's Real Estate Market.

            I have stayed put with Bahria Town Karachi with few of their projects at a smaller level and feel that they may be "somewhat complicated to deal with", but at the end, being consistent and persistent with them gets it done for you.

            Keep up the Good Work!





          • Thanks NJ,

            Regarding 350 Villa, you have it already or you are planning to buy one?

          • Dear Azan Bhai,

            I was Allotted Sports City Villa in Precinct One, General Category.

            It does seem to have easier access to Jinnah Avenue and Stadium as both Street and Villa number are single digit numbers ( not sure if it matters) and seem closer to Stadium and Jinnah Avenue.

            Thank You again for helping understand how Bahria Town Allotment works.




          • Precicnt 1?

          • Dear Azan Shah,

            I know now that you read our comments very carefully, well Villa is on Street One in Precinct 35.




  7. Prices of plots in BSC are shown in three categories, General, Boulevard and Category.

    If someone could tell me the difference, I would be obliged. And also how to find out type of one's plot because ballot result has only given plot number and street number but has not mentioned the type. I am sorry to ask such basic question but I can't help it. Thanks

    • Categories:

      General plot/villa: Located at 40ft road and facing other plot/villa

      Boulevard: Located at 80ft, 100 and 120 ft road

      Jinnah Facing: located at 400ft road

      Park facing: Location infront of park

      Semi corner: Located at corner with with green build

      Corner: Located a proper corner 

      Now question is, how you will know if your BSC plot is category or genral? Simple, it will be mentioned (If category) in your balloting result.





  9. AOA,

    I need good location plot in sports city precient 34 urgently.Please give me your demand.

    0322 2404415

    waheed gul

  10. For sale good opportunity for investment

    Bahria sports city (500 sq yards) precinct 40

    Plot no. 6, road no. 13, type main boulevard 120 ft road, outstanding location near Rafi cricket stadium.

    Demand 5 lacs own + down payment + installments ( slight negotiateable)


    Waqas Usmani

    0092 315 2145592

  11. i want to sale my BSC plot No. 23 in precent 45 Boulevard



  12. Respected Azan Shah,

    may i ask about sports city future is it worth buy or wait for some time.




  13. Dear Azan shah thank you for reply,should i consider 44 or 45…or i stay with 34 and 40??




  14. AoA Azan,

    Do you have any info about why Bahria Town management is not alloting plot numbers to unballoted Bahria Sports city plots or is there any future date announed for next balloting?

    They have not alloted plot # for my file uptil now, sent several emails with installments vouchers copy, talked with representatives of Bahria town Karachi helpline and logged my complain several times but with no credible response.

    In start the reason they told me during emails / phone conversation that installments were not updated in our system and as soon as it gets updated you will be alloted plot number automatically ( although I have submitted my all installment on time), so I waited for around a month. After that during discussion with one of the representative it is revealed that your file was not included in balloting so you should wait for next balloting and as we all know there is no future date announced.

    This is really disappointing that customers who paid installments on time with thier hard earned money has beed treated like this.

    Waiting to hear your response.






  15. mazhar hussain cheema on March 13, 2017 @ 6:32 am

    For sale good opportunity for investment

    Bahria sports city (500 sq yards) precinct 41

    Plot no. 7, road no. 12, type main boulevard 120 ft road, outstanding location in front of commercial area .

    Demand 5 lacs own + down payment + installments ( slight negotiateable)


    Mazhar Hussain Cheema

    0092 0332 6121010

  16. Hi,
         For buying/selling Or any information regarding  Bahria Sports City Karachi, feel free to contact.
                          Ali Irshad (Lahore Real Estate)

  17. I have plot in Precinct 45. and Plot# 64. Is it valued somewhat?

    Please reply


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