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Bahria Town Karachi Files Cancellation Notice

| Bahria Town News | November 9, 2016

Bahria Town Karachi management has issues final warning to all BTK file holders where Bahria Town urge to pay your pending installments till 10 November 2016 otherwise your file will be cancelled. As you can see in the below notice, its saying if you didn't deposit your pending installments and if 02 or more pending then your plot/home/apartment will be cancelled in evening same date.

Here is detail:

BTK cancellation notice

Therefore, I would personally suggest you should pay your all installments before due/warning date and get 100% surcharge waive off. If you don't have enough funds then you should at least not miss more than one installment. Don't worry nothing will happen, today market is down but it will be better soon and you will have good chance to get out of it, even you will get some handsome profit but you have to be patient.

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69 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi Files Cancellation Notice”

  1. I heared there is extension till 15th November. ?

  2. Salam

    i have not deposit my last 2 installments and got to know this notice today 

    kindly guide as how to restore the plots


    • Same was my issue. I visited their office but of no use they told me write an application and will then see if they accept my request or not.

  3. Salam.


    Did it happen?

  4. Refer to the notification, it comes to my knowledge this evening, and on open asking from bahria town help number they informed me that my file with 9 installation paid has been cancelled. The suggest me to visit The S.I.T.E office. I am sure most of the customer would still be unaware of this notification. 

    Hope, Bahria will review upon it and will give a chance to submit the dues by extending the cancelation date. 

  5. Hi I have 125sq yards residential plot in bahria town karachi and I got to know about this latest notice which I had received very late so when can I pay the late payment so that its file can't be cancelled. 

  6. Is there is any possiblity to restore the file? I already paid 9 instalments, but just came to know that bahria blocked the files having less than 10 installment paid.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am allottee of 125 sq yrds plot in BTK. Unfortunately I missed BTKs cancellation notice due to my dislocation but now I want to make my payments.

    Please guide Iam a poor felow & could not afford such huge loss. could I send mercy appeal to Malik Riaz Sb

  8. Muhammad Haroon Khan on November 15, 2016 @ 11:55 am

    Dear Concern

    Reference to the mentioned notice, i just suprisly search to find out any alternate source for my duest to deposit.  I so many time approches to Karachi and visit to offices for rescheduling and than letters to head office but no proper response received.

    Today as i search the net and see the notice, now i therfeor request to kindly allow me to fully payment my all dues whic i am insestiting from last eight months.

    i will be very thanks full to you for such kind of allow.

    Best regards,

  9. For all of those whose plots have been cancelled are requested to take this matter very serious and approach BTK for extending the date again in order to restore their plots. Moreover inform others as well. BTK is very serious and are not even accepting payments of allotment no 10 and 11 now.

  10. Dear All,

    I am facing the same problem. Bahria town have blocked my file too. I have paid 8 installments. Please update here when they allow to unblock the file. 


    Many thanks!


  11. Mohammad Rafi Abbasi on November 19, 2016 @ 8:15 pm

    This is definitely unfair with people who have paid their 9 intalments and could not pay the 10 th one mainly becouse office shifted to new location and they are not aware of the severity of the payment plan.
    now that it has happened already, Bahria Town must consider it to restore the files for the last time and warn the masses that this will not happened again.
    My humble request to the Authorities to allow once only.

  12. Aoa, I'm desirous to pay full payment by end November 2016…plz intimate exact procedures n complete waiver as mentioned in your text measures slingshot plot allocation. .in great ful for ur urgent reply n support

  13. Muhammad Haroon Khan on November 22, 2016 @ 6:48 am

    Dear concern

    Please help out in the matter as we severlay letters to your head office and vistite so many time to karachi office from peshawar for restoration of appartment, but the managemnet not responding.


    It is much diffecult to us for vistis karachi again and again so kind give us a reply.  We further declear that we did't recived any notice from your side on our postal address.

    waiting for your prompt reply by return email.

    Best regards.

  14. that so sad like the most reliable project have these kind of issues . i am 2 installment short and living abroad , without notifying me how can they block my account neither they call nor they send me any mail or letter . i was really surprised after knowing that, have paid all the previous installment on time . sorry but that not a way to deal your customers who were paying their installment since last 2.5 years .SHOCKED
    want everyone who are facing the same problem to take some serious action against it.THANKS

  15. I heard today that my 125sq yard plot has been cancelled I shocked hear this how can they cancel file without.any notice bahria town should review this and give chance to their customers. We have been paying installments for 2.5 years 9 installments have been paid by me. Please bahria should give the last chance to the costumers.

  16. shitty people shitty policies

  17. I am a residence of Islamabad and from 2015 I am living abroad, I have already paid my outstanding installments on 11th November, 2016 but still my plot of 5 marla has been cancelled.

    I have contacted the BTK through email but still they insist me to claim for refund as your plot has been cancelled, its really shocking news for me.


  18. But in the file its says if u miss the third instalment than they cancel the file .

    how come they can cancel it with two instalments 

    • Fayyaz Muhammad on January 26, 2017 @ 9:05 am

      Dear Mr. Naveed ! Asalam O Waleekum !

      Can you send me the terms and condition page / file where cancillation after the non payment of 3rd installment is mentioned. I would appreciate.

      They also cancelled my apartment with two unpaid installments.


      • Forget about page, just go for restoration of your blocked files through green valley merging. If you don’t find anyone then let me know, i will help you to restore.

  19. Asslamallikum All.

    Please let me know about what have they decided about blocked files. I am looking forward for your reply soon.



  20. Did somebody have information regarding when they are going to restore the files. Please update if any ones file is restored already.

  21. I have 5 marla file and my plot also blocked. I am living abroad and I did not receive any notice etc. or any final warning from Bahria to deposit. As usual Bahria sent pre notice but this time they simply did this. How they can play with us  like this. As 25% deduction is big amount. Kindly do something. 

  22. Zeeshan Iqbal on December 5, 2016 @ 11:41 am


        Do you have any news for restoration process start for Karachi cancellation?

  23. Hi

    Ant update I am still in shock,I only have 2 pending installments which I submitted on Nov 26

  24. AOA

    Azanshah bhai.

    i am worry about my 125 sq.yards villa which has been cancelled, 9 installements have been already paid, and i paid 10th installement on 12 november 2016. i didnt receive any cancellation notice before 10th november 2016. only received letter regarding uptodate installments and take 100% waiver on surcharge. plz guide me what to do. whenever i call to bahria office they said file is block for cancellation and you can apply for refund…

    Regards: imran

  25. Dear All,

    any update on subject matter.


  26. Salam I heard merging bahria green file is extended to 30th December.is it true?


  27. I have 8 paid. What to do now ?? Thanks.


    • Restore it through green valley file merging process. Tomorrow (10 Jan) is last date though 🙂

      • Aoa 

        Azan bhai, my file for 250sq blocked .Paid 03 installment by bahria green file on dated 13Feb,2017. Kindly guide they can open my file as you are saying last date was 10Jan, 2017 and how many days they will take time to open it.


        • Wa salam,

          Don’t worry, your file will be restored. The last date was extended to Feb 20th. Good luck!

  28. Hi Azan Shah,

    Is there any news about restoration policy? My 2 files are blocked 9 paid. I have submitted the application but no response yet. Is there any way to restore the files? Some dealers are asking 85k per file to unblock it? Is it possible?

    Could you guide us since you are experienced in dealing with Bahria Town. 

    Many Thanks & Regards,


  29. i know this will happen ,very smart Mr Riaz 


  30. Rajesh Mulani on January 15, 2017 @ 5:24 pm

    I need 200 or 250 plot in overseas block 


  31. Syed Humayun on March 2, 2017 @ 11:19 am

    I want the number of any agent who can help me to restore my blocked file.

  32. Mohammad Ibrahim on March 7, 2017 @ 6:18 am

    Dear Azan Shah,

    Balloting time of BTK Sports City is over, right? My plot (500) is located in precinct 43, the plot of my uncle who bought last year in Feb16 on the same day and time is located in precinct 37!!!

    Now to my question, how does it come that after one year delay of balloting time, was expected in March 16, that discrepancy of SIX precincts lower, which means less chance to sell with still a loss in comparison to precinct 37 which is raised its value (saying of agent).

    After receiving this info I was not amused. How is your expectation and forecast for this and next year of selling opportunity, because changing of plot  to a better precinct is not possible, right? I really feel that this kind of lottery system is not fair. There must be a system "first in first out" means who is buying first is receiving a better located plot as a kind of reward of his trust in this project. However we have to accept the decision.

    Any kind of proposals?

    Best regards

    Mohammad Ibrahim

  33. Muhammad Rashid on June 30, 2017 @ 12:36 pm

    Dear Azanshah,
    I also paid 9 installments.bahria town karachi residental plot.how can we unblock our file?Please help me in how to open a blocked file.

    • Dear Muhammad Rashid,

      Unblocking with Green Valley is still available. However you will pay around 70k additional against each lac that is pending. This deal will be okay for you if you have number alloted. But if your 125 file is still unballoted then .. i don’t think you have any good coming hand

      • Muhammad Rashid on June 30, 2017 @ 8:12 pm

        Dear Azanshah,

        If we unblock our file in Green Valley but our plot will re-open in Bahria town,karachi?
        We live in dubai so can you help us how can we re-open our file in Pakistan.Can you tell the adress of your office?

        • Muhammad Rashid on June 30, 2017 @ 9:07 pm

          sir what is the green valle

        • Wherever you are, your BTK file that is blocked on 9th installment, you can reopen it through green valley merging. Green valley was a lahore raiwand road project, which is ended now. Therefore, Bahria Management to remove the GV files from the market, hence this scenario was introduced.

          If you need my help for this, contact me through whatsapp 0333 9812022

  34. Muhammad Rashid on June 30, 2017 @ 9:15 pm

    Can you tell me whats the procedure of green valley?

  35. Need to unblock my plot file is there any way out please let me know will clear all the dues

    • You can unlock your file through Green Valley file merging .. it will cost you around 70k against each lac that is pending.

      • Muhammad Haroon Khan on August 2, 2017 @ 11:21 am

        Dear Azan Shah

        Please shear the detail information regarding the merging through Green Valley file merging, and contact person detail.


        • Hi M. Haroon,
          Please share your BTK file/plot detail along with installment you have paid. I will give you the best suggestion afterwards. Thank you

  36. Azan bhai. When will be the balloting of 125 unallocated. I paid third last instalment today. Now two in due. Please inform. Jazakallah

  37. Hello Azan Shah

    I have 5marla plot in BTK which was blocked last yr because of two missing installments, can you please let me know how to unblock it without merging my file into green valley. Or what option am left to get my file as final installment will be in November 2017. Specially can you tell me about refund policy as well. 

    Your response will be appreciated


    • My Friend Riz,

      If your file/plot is blocked then there are only two options you have, 1) Unblock it through Bahria Green merging, which will cost you around 70k against each pending lac. 2) Refund it, this can take up to 6 months to get your cheque cashed. As per refund policy bahria will deduct 25% of total amount (Downpayment + installments)

  38. Dear Azan Shah

    Thanks for coming back to me. So that means if I missed 6 installments because of blocked file so I'll have to pay Rs.420,000 instead of Rs.540,000. And in case of refund will they charge the down payment value against the current market price of that file?? I will be grateful if you make my concept clear.



    • Yeah you will pay 420,000 additional as that is green valley rate because that is rarely available in market now. And if you want to go for refund, then Bahria will give you a cheque after 25% deduction from the amount you paid to bahria i.e. 150,000 + 720,000

  39. Sorry wanted to add one more thing as I have 5marla plot and each installment is Rs.90000. 

  40. Shakir Ali Khan on September 22, 2017 @ 11:41 am

    Dear A. Shah,

    I am oversea pk i just came to know about my resident plot 125 blocked for cancellation .how i can open the blocked file .Bahria alloted me the plot and number and paid 9 installment pls guide me or any current news about blocked file.



    • Please send me a message on my whatsapp. I will give you guidelines for unblocking 125 yards file.

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