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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013

Bahria Golf City (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: – 450,000

►Selling Rate: – 350,000

Bahria Town Karachi (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 150,000

►Selling Rate: 190,000

Bahria Town Karachi (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 865,000

►Selling Rate: 965,000

Bahria Town Karachi (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: 1200,000

►Selling Rate: 1300,000

Bahria Home 200 sq yds (8 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 2250,000

►Selling Rate: 2450,000

Bahria Apartment 2 bed 100 sq yds (4 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 1175,000

►Selling Rate: 1275,000

Opal 225 / Hoshang Pearl

►Buying Rate: 150,000

►Selling Rate: 170,000

Bahria new 2 bed (Heights) 100 sq yds (1100 sq ft)

►Buying Rate: 00,000 (Profit)

►Selling Rate: 90,000 (Profit)

Updated: April 26, 2015 - 01:22 AM PKT​    More rates …. 

Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria LHR, KHI and RWP's known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

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4,141 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi pricing update”

  1. Muhammad Haneef on April 5, 2015 @ 4:26 am

    I am looking for 500sq in Bharia Town Karachi Overseas block. If anyone has a file please contact me via email.  haneef.aqua@gmail.com

    Muhammad Haneef

    Whatsapp 0097455496200

  2. any one want to sale bahria town krachi plot 250 syd then please contact with me


  3. if anyone want to sale and purchase plot or sale in Baheria Islamabad karachi contact me fair services will be provided to u my name is Nadir 03365110344

  4. Dear Azan,
    I have 4 plots 2 plots of 125 and 2 are 250 yards. I need some money therfore I am thinking to sell off any two of them could you please advise which plots should I sent and what are the chances of increase in price and future prospect of both the files


  5. Shoaib Khan on April 6, 2015 @ 12:55 am

    I like to sell 125 Square yard home in Overseas block. 4 installment has been paid. All payments are update. If someone is interested please contact me. Thank you


  6. Qurban Ali on April 6, 2015 @ 4:56 am

    Kindly send me details of Baharia Homes Karachi and Sukkur Project.

    I wish to Buy Home at Karachi and Sukkur Project.


    Qurban Ali Khuhawar




  7. Dear Azan

    I want to invest in Bahria Town Karachi. For what I should go, 250 Yard plot, 500 yard plot or 200 Yards villas. As any one of these three are in my range

    Your vaulable suggestion is requested.

  8. Muhammad Suleman on April 6, 2015 @ 6:36 am

    I want to sell my 125 sq Yards 3 installment paid

    serious buyer contact me on 0321-4717319

  9. haris aziz on April 6, 2015 @ 7:50 am

    Excellent and Ideal Investment
    Pakistan Employees CO-Operative Housing Society (P.E.C.H.S – Islamabad) Opposite and 2 step away from new Islamabad International Airport Islamabad
    The Society is ideally located right in front of the New Islamabad International Airport. The progress of development work at the new Airport is in full swing and it is expected to start commercial operations soon as work is going on at very fast speed.
    You must be aware that The Kashmir Highway is also in the process of construction and is expected to be completed by June, 2016. This road will be doubled in width and will be the main access road to connect to the New Airport via Motorway Interchange.
    PECHS Society is Registered and NOC’s by RDA,CDA,NHA.CAA all is clear.

    5 , 7 , 10 Marla 1 & 2 kanal Plots are available 
    on installments
    There are three major jumps in prices expected within next one year time.
    1) Airport Cargo service will start very soon and it will increase the prices of plots.
    2) PECHS will get access from Kashmir Highway which will give huge advantage and prices will take big jump.
    3) Airport will be fully operational in 2016 and that time plot prices will again increase.
    so now it is best time to buy plots here in very less price.
    As this society is just opposite to new Airport, it has very high potential for commercial activities as well as residential needs of Airport staff, cargo staff, Airlines staff who prefer to live near to airport.
    Thousands of passengers will cross through the society daily. so there will be a need of Hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, Big Brands shops, Guest Houses etc. Hence, commercial plots of PECHS will gain very good potential advantage. This society has attracted immense investment within a year and the volume is increasing day by day, thus the prices are going up at record pace and is expected to be so until
    PECHS has many advantages and in next one or two years, plot prices will increase more then 100%.
    we are here to give you best of our services.

    A leading name in all Islamabad societies.
    • A masterpiece of location right in front of new Islamabad international airport.
    • Water, electricity, gas and 24 hours security with boundary wall.
    • Children play ground, parks and 400 Bed Liabian Hospital.
    • 5 Marla, 4 Lac down payment,, 7 Marla, 6 Lac down payment,,10 Marla, 9 Lac down payment,
    • Remaining amount in one year quarterly installments.
    • Best location plots on easy installments 
    • A rare opportunity of investment at an elegant location.
    • Limited plots left, must visit once.
    • Contact : for visit, booking, discounts and further information.
    Plot sizes available for booking.

    New Islamabad International Airport Islamabad attach in last photos.

    if u want any information about
    Bahria town , PECHS ,DHA , Citi housing or more……….
    for detail and information please send my email : mrharisaziz@gmail.com


    • Syed Jilani on April 10, 2015 @ 5:19 am

      Kiindly informe me the total amount i have to pay for 7 & 10 marla plot in PECHS Islamabad.

      Thanks & Regards

      Syed Jilani

  10. I have 125 Sq Old Bharia Town karachi File with 2 installment paid, if anyone interest to buy send me final offer

  11. Can someone tell me the difference of "buying" & "sale" rate?

    for example 125 yard todays rate are follow:

    ►Buying Rate: 190,000

    ►Selling Rate: 220,000

    • Dear Ahsen,

      It means, if you want to buy you will get at 225,000 but if you want to sell you will sell it at 190,000.




  13. citi  housing  faisalabad  files  &  forms   are  available                   03040115535

  14. Plz tell when bahria will start recovery

  15. Hi Azan plz tell me future of 200. Villas old

  16. Dear All ,

    I need 250 old btk, please whatapps me price @0321-2687760.



  17. Dear Azan, It will be in your knowlodge that bahria lost 2 court cases of Midway commercial in phase 7 rawalpindi from wild life department and garden town is also sealed due to land dispute Bahia also lost case from bahria foundation using Bahria name so in future is it going to effect the of prices in Karachi . Enclave is also down its been 4 years nothing progress for 5 and 8 Marla and on other side private societies and Dha RWP prices are stable does this mean downfall of Bahria town coz people are loosing trust on Bahria. Your analysis?

  18. Muhammad Arshad on April 7, 2015 @ 4:58 pm

    I want to sell my 125 sq Yards 3 installment paid

    serious buyer contact me on 03459007632

  19. Dear Azan Shah

    can you tell the differnec between golf city and golf view

    in master plan map i couldnt find 27 holes course

    where exactly is this golf city located

    • No difference, but now sure how Bahria explain it. Maybe they translate it differently later on due to different location. Sometime bahria creates confusion so they should have option later on for changing the plan/decision.

  20. Dear All, 

    I need 250 & 500 old urgently , please whatapps @0321-2687760



  21. I want to sell my 250 sq yard plot in Baharia Town Karachi, 

    4 instalements paid

    Contact# 03355111537

  22. Khurram Ansar on April 8, 2015 @ 7:25 pm

    I waant to sell my 125 Sq Yards plot in BTK. All 04 intallments are paid.Brokers & dealer not to be contact.




    Khurram Ansar

  23. Khurram Ansar on April 8, 2015 @ 7:31 pm

    Iam selling my 125 Sq Yards Plot in BTK with all 04 installments are paid.





    Khurram Ansar


  24. Overseas 250 plot for sale: 3 payments paid. Demand $20,000.


  25. Hi all,

    I want to buy 250 Or 500 Old. Please mail me on: (irfanahhq@yahoo.com). Thanks



  26. Muhammad Suleman on April 10, 2015 @ 5:17 am

    Dear Azan ,

    is there any price difference(bahria town Karachi file) among Karachi , Lahore And Islamabad

    • No match between LHR/RWP Bahria Town and Karachi. Lahore and Islamabad are delevoped societies and prices are according to th sector/phase and location. In lahore and Islamabad let’s say 250 Sq yards plot worth around 60 lacs which is good location and ready to build. But in Karachi nothing done yet.

  27. I am selling my 125 Sq Yards Plot in BTK with 02 installments are paid transfer from Rawalpindi.







  28. Want to buy old 250 or 500 file. Pls contact me at 0333 7142453. Direct seller shud contact for better than dealer rates. I Ma direct buyer.

  29. Muhammad Suleman on April 10, 2015 @ 12:01 pm

    sorry Azan you don't get me.

    i have a karachi bahria town file & I'm in lhr and i want to sell it,

    someone told me that same file rate are different in different city

    • Ohh I'm sorry Suleman, you are right, I didn't get your point earlier. The answer to your question is YES! BTK's items prices are different in all these three cities, but only for installment paid items. If no installment started yet, for such items prices are almost same because dealers play in such items becasuse they are available in all these cities. However, if installment paid then Karachi rate is on top because genuine buyer there. Lahore has less rate relatively because a very small number of people will buy a house/plot in karachi for his living. Because if he/she loves Bahria town, it is available in Lahore as well.

      Islamabad/Pindi prices are lower than everywhere because very huge amount of BTK files available there. Also lot of  other  issues such as you got file but now when you want to transfer you can't find the actual file owner/allottee.

    • i m intrested please contact 03222980861

      what size of BTK file you have

  30. i am very thankful to many people they have contact me and they want to sale there karachi files but i code that to my dealing friends but what offering i am receiving its very low for that i have not called them back ur plots deals in my book when i got good offer i will contact u because i have people dealing in karachi in Islamabad they r dealing in these plots 03365110344

  31. Want to sell 125. 4 paid demand 195000. Nerd direct no dealer plz contact 03215699649

  32. Muhammad miskeen on April 10, 2015 @ 2:58 pm

    I want to sale my 5 m plot registration no btk fty 3053 4 instalments paid urgent sale demand  240 file instalments Rs 360  total 600 lak Pindi transfer  Contact no 0300 9301401 

  33. I want to sell my 125 Sq Yards Plot in BTK with all04 installments are paid.





  34. Hi,


    I want to buy 250sq yard residential plot in Bahria Town. Please whatsapp or viber me +6596381774.


    • m nadeem uk on April 16, 2015 @ 12:10 am

      i have plot in overses block and golf city 250 .500 sq/y  more detail 0044 7533704565  00447435534699

  35. Looking for Bahria home karachi 200 yards to buy … anyone selling? and how much?

    • hi mr khan  i have send me no i will  give information  

      • jahan ahmed on April 19, 2015 @ 12:26 am

        asslaam alukam 

        Nadeem sahib have you still got your plot how much

        and if we can do deal i can

        pay you in Pounds /Euros i am based in uk/spain

        Mobile 07786322322

  36. I have ploat 125 sq yards 3 file I want sell these ploats if any one intrested to
    Buying it contact to me 03212314241 whatsup

  37. Shoaib Khan on April 14, 2015 @ 6:44 pm

    Assalam O Alykum.

    I like to sell 125 Square yard Villa in Overseas block. 4 installment has been paid. All payments are update. If someone is interested please contact me. Thank you


  38. I have 3 files of 5 Marla if any one buy call me.4 install ment paid.contact no.03065487842.

  39. i am selling 3 plot 125 sq yards urgently, all installment paid.

    demand 200,000 + installment. only serious buyers contact at 03332909820 

  40. Rizwan Ali on April 15, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

    I have 125sq yards (5Marlas) plot in Bahria Town Karachi, want to sell it out. Please contact me on cell # 03344152937 if you are interested in buying.

  41. hello friends

    i want to sell 250 yards overseas

    3 installment paid , interested pls contact 00971501887944

  42. overseas 250 btk.  Demand $ 20,000.  Three instalments paid.  


  43. dear aazan shah,

    why 2 bed apartment (heights) profit is low as compare to simple 2 bed apartment?????????



    • Simple, old 2 bed control price is 21 lacs the one with Opal/Hoshang and the Heights one control price is almost 51 lacs.. huge difference

  44. Muhammad Suleman on April 16, 2015 @ 7:20 am

    I want to sale my 125 sqy file 1st 3 instalments are paid

    demand  2 lack + installment = 470000

    file transferable in lahore  Contact no 03214717319

  45. Malik Shams on April 17, 2015 @ 2:06 pm

    I need to purchase 125 and 250 sq yrd resedential plots (NOT Ali Block) in BTK. please send your demands on msaarfeen@hotmail.com.

    Please only reply owners of the file, as I'll transfer the file just after purchase. 

    • abdulwaris on April 18, 2015 @ 7:36 am





      TOTAL RS.580K + 6K TRANSFER FEE = 586K


      PLEASE CONTACT:0300-9446559

  46. RASHEED MUGHAL on April 17, 2015 @ 6:32 pm

    i want to sale my 125 sq yards residential plot in bahria town karchi (5 installments paid).

  47. RASHEED MUGHAL on April 17, 2015 @ 6:35 pm

    i want to sale my 125 sq yards residential plot in bahria town karchi (5 installments paid).

  48. Muhammad Haneef on April 18, 2015 @ 7:21 am

    Dear Azan, 

    Thanks on behalf of so many, Jaza K Allah Khair, you have been really a great source of Guidance for so many.

    I am interested to buy 500 Sq Yds Overseas Block : ( If You have Please let me know)

    If someone had paid Down payment 5 lac+(280,000 x 4 Installment)=Total Rs 16,20,000….What should be the normal range of profit Over and above.

    Muhammad Haneef (haneef.aqua@gmail.com)

    Whats app 0097455496200

  49. Iam sale 2 bed apprtment with oppl hoshaing offir Requrid

  50. Dear Azanshah
    Do you not feel that refund option was better for investors concerning with file cancellation and restoration because after indulging more investment in instalment shape nothing came to in hand rather to put investment in it. Rates are absolutely at dead level and there is no buyer or seller in market.

    Can U please shed some light on development work at site location.

    • I don’t think refund option was a good step as you would have hardly get 120k for 125 sq in installments. But yes you can compare refund for 125 sq yards. Howver, for the rest of categories there is no match for restoring and refunding. Definitely everyone will have better gains when their files restored … non-125

  51. Dear azanshah hope you will be fine.BTK is very slow now days and rates are very down specially for new projects.what do you see in coming days?specially for new items?

  52. Overseas 250 plot for immediate sale

    Demand $20,000. Three installments paid,


  53. Dear Mr. Azan Shah,

    Hello & Good Morning. Thanks for providing us updates & suggestions.

    I have 125 Sq Yards plot, 250 Sq. Yards plot and 200 Sq. Yards Home (Old files) since balloting. Rates are going down continously, even worst than 06 to 08 months ago. I am a little bit worried about the possession & fulfillment of BTK promises. 

    1. Need your advise on my investment & any other positive suggestion / feedback for me.

    2. How long it will take to get possession on the above mentioned projects? (any rough idea)

    3. What market rates you foresee in the end of this year of the above mentioned projects?


    Please reply,




    • Well Mirza sb, 

      I hope you villa will be ready by next year … honestly as for as possession concerned, it will take a couple of years. By the way, what are your buying rates of items you have? except 125 you have all very good items inventory so no panic sir.

  54. Hi, 

    Is anyone selling 200 yards home in Bahria Town? What is the price? 

    Haseeb +971561420943 

  55. Here you go and get some latest status by Mr. Kareem



    • what had indicated in the link above is "problem".  please bring solution to it.

      we all already know the problem and very much into it.  If you guys can help then help with the solution.

  56. Dear Azan Shah

    What is certeria to finding who product is better in BTK???

    suppose you always said 250 yards is much better then 125 yards. between them location difference. price difference how you analysis this or this is all investor game??



    • Quantity available is the top reason


      Big fishes interest




      • Dear Azan Shah

        thanks for reply. I have purchased 125 yards for living. I am not intersted in profit loss but i worry about location of plot. there no clear map that show location of 125 yards plots location ???? if you have???




  57. Hello dear simpletons,

    The common man in Pakistan is too simple to be cheated and deceived by thhe REAL ESTATE Agents and Developers. Thousands of small investors are badly trapped by the looters in BTK and they are forced to sell their FILES on cheap rates. 

      My sympathies are for the small investors, who wrongly thought that they woulld make some money but instead they have lost huge amounts. My special CURSES are for the CHEATERS who have looted these simple but greedy people.


    • I fully agree with Shehzad comments. Poor peoples have been trapped by Both Bahria Town and their real estate agents. Mostly they invested in 5M plot in BTK and most of them have lost their amount in terms of blocked files. These poors have invested in Bahria keeping in mind the worth and reliability of the society. They thought that their amount is secure.  Bahria have sold unlimited files through their agents and looted the money they have. Bahria town administration should think seriously about the fath of these poor peoples and should immediately start development work in 5M blocks so that poors may have some hope.

  58. Muhammad Yasar on April 21, 2015 @ 6:53 am

    Dear Mr Azan
    I’ve one file each of 8 Marla home and 5 Marla (both old) in BTK with updated status. I can’t maintain both and have to sell 5 Marla file. You know market is slow at the moment. What’s best selling time within next two months

    • I suggest wait a bit and plan to sell your 5 marla btk in June and July, i’m not quite sure but i hope rates would be better by then.

      • Sir, although i am not in the market like you do but confidently can say that price for 5 marla will not rise in June or July. Reason is very much apparent, Ramadhan and Eid.

  59. Muhammad Yasar on April 21, 2015 @ 3:38 pm

    Dear Mr Azan
    Thanks for prompt reply. Jazakallah

  60. i am doing property business and also some how dealing in baheria town plots u cant believe i have so many calls from all Pakistan even people r calling me from UK AMERICA Dubia they aare fad up from baheria town polices that threads from baheria town manegment they will cacancell ur plot blocking files panelties on one side prices r town on other hand harash polices of baheria managment badly effecting the image of that people r worried about files and prices r down on other hand threads panalties from that all people r calling me i have not teceived single call that someone should tell me he want to purchase all want to sale there files its really very bad that people fad up they want baheria town management should make soft there polices towards it members if u agree then give ur comments

    • Dear Nadir,

      Can you help me understand that how people found you/your number?

    • Tomorrow i cant  say any thing regarding bahria town, but up to now i have no issue they inform me and i am paying the instalements regularly.

    • so far i have no issue from Bahriatown they inform me regulalry for instlament and i paying , tomorrow i cant say any thing.

  61. if any one to sale or purchase plot in Baheria call me i have contacts in Islamabad karachi also thank u 0336 5110344

  62. Dear Azan Shah
    Need your advice. I am interested in 200 yards old villa.
    But prices high now. Should I wait to buy when prices come down. Also advice when prices will come down. January February or prices will stay same forever
    Also what is Ali Villa. Are they going to launch new project Ali Villa.
    Kindly advicee.

    • I don’t think Villa will go more down as it is a hot item. I’m not sure if they are going to launch new Ali Villa. But what i know is, they are going to launch KTCC

  63. Dear Azan

    why there is a big difference between buying ang selling price, what is the logic behind that.

    • In which item you are talking about? Well the market is slow and not much trading is being done so that’s why difference in buying/selling rate. Besides that, these rates are not for my own interest .. the purpose of these rates to give people an idea about the market. Help if, if there is no rate for some item, then what should i mention here? definitely there would be some big different to make the peoples deal possible.

      However, thanks for pointing out. I will try to make it better and more close.

  64. Dear Azan,

    Why your quoted are dependent on ebahriatown quoted prices? you don't post your prices until they post it.


    • lol they are doing copy/paste from my web. I can report that to concerned authority but for now I won’t. They not only copy/paste rates but even they are copy/pasting my articles as well.


    MORE DETAIL 00447533704565 00447435534699



  66. Khadim Mangi on April 22, 2015 @ 6:19 pm

    Mrs Sohail what u want to purchase plz reply by email
    Also my cell u can SMS +923052223337

  67. bahria town karchi  overseas block  220 syq 500 sqy

    regular file 125.250.500  investor price  driect owner to deal

    more detail 0331 5278957 00447533704565 0044 7435534699

  68. For Sale KDA Scheme 42 hawksbay plot 400 square yrds + 25 Yds extra land + park facing+West Open+Corner  all developement chrages total 23 lacs paid . A beautiful location of future, going cheap please contact 03008235725 .

  69. Hi

    I have 125 Square yard (OLD one) Bahria town file which i have to sale it .Two installment have been paid .

    File: Rs 220000

    Two Installment have been paid (2*90,000)=  Rs180000

    Total Cost including two installment:  4 Lac only


    only serious buyer will be contact.





  70. I want to buy 200 or 250 yards plot in Bahria Karachi any 1 intrested to sale may contact me on my mob# 00966544413914 / whatsup & email sashraf_77@yahoo.com. Thanks

  71. selling Ali block 125sqyd on level…plot number  116 .contact 03142685027

  72. I have 125 Square yard (OLD one) Bahria town file which i have to sale it .Two installment have been paid .

    demand 340000 (contact 03215111447)

  73. liaqat Hussain on April 24, 2015 @ 11:45 am

    I Have 250 Sq yards plot over seas block behria town karachi contect no 0564636960

  74. Rana Ajmal Jawad on April 25, 2015 @ 3:44 am

    sir, i want to purchase 250 sqy BTK old needy persons can contect me                   MOBIL#  03334114596 REPLY


  75. Abdul Aleem on April 25, 2015 @ 10:14 am

    I wish to sale my 125 sq.yd and 250 sq.yd file in PKR 250,000 and PKR 950,000 respectively (excluding installments). Both files need to be sold together preferrably. 3 intallments paid. Payment needed urgent.

  76. Assalam Allaikum
    I am interested in 200 Sq Yds Old Bahria Home. Kindly email me details at faisalwali786@gmail.com. I am genuine buyer.

  77. Azan shah

    Can you pl update me about price and future of ali block karachi

    I m thankful to you

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