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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013


Jinnah Avenue Commercial (Registration forms)

►Buying Rate:  90,000

►Selling Rate: 100,000


Bahria Golf City (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: – 850,000

►Selling Rate: – 750,000

Bahria Town Karachi (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 100,000

►Selling Rate: 140,000

Bahria Town Karachi (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 700,000

►Selling Rate: 800,000

Bahria Town Karachi (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: 910,000

►Selling Rate: 1010,000

Bahria Home 200 sq yds (8 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 1900,000

►Selling Rate: 2100,000

Bahria Apartment 2 bed 100 sq yds (4 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 920,000

►Selling Rate: 1020,000

Opal 225 / Hoshang Pearl

►Buying Rate: 80,000

►Selling Rate: 120,000

Bahria new 2 bed (Heights) 100 sq yds (1100 sq ft)

►Buying Rate: – 390,000

►Selling Rate: – 290,000

Updated: July 04, 2015 - 12:28 AM PKT​    More rates …. 

Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria LHR, KHI and RWP's known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

Bahria Town Actual Price List

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List

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4,487 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi pricing update”

  1. Qamber Hussain on May 26, 2015 @ 3:20 am

    I want to sell my Bahria Town plot of 125 sq yards urgently. All installments paid uptil now. Demand is 170000 plus 5 installments which are paid
    Please contact me at 03452806934

    • Sheikh Rasheed on May 31, 2015 @ 9:41 am

      tell us your demand 
      we are well known and a trusted name for BTK Karachi dealing, contact us on (nkinza786@gmail.com) address or on following cell numbers:

      +923002125421  / +923128222973

    • Ready buyer for 250 sq. ft. and 500 sq. ft. residential plot offering more than dealor price.

      Ready to transfer within 3 days with urgent NDC.

      Please contact 0300-9253478

    • Captain Waqar on June 21, 2015 @ 10:27 am

      If u r willing to sell in current rate that is 1lac 50 thousand the contact me on my number 03365635690

  2. Muhammad Miskeen on May 26, 2015 @ 3:56 pm

    I have 5 marla plot in bahria town karachi i have 4 instalments and wants to sale the file urgently my demand is rs 180000/ – plus 4 instalments Rs 360000/ total Rs 540000/

    Email id miskeennbp@gmail.com

    cell no 0300 9301401

    • Muhammad Farooq on June 27, 2015 @ 7:11 am

      Dear Mr. Muhammad Miskeen,

      Sir I'm intersted please email us the complete detal total property cost along with monthly instalments detail. Awaiting for your earlist response email address:



      Muhammad Farooq

  3. Muhammad Nasir on May 27, 2015 @ 5:50 am

    dear all if you new here and you buying & selling plot home aparment and other all type file so you can contact with me i will better guide you thank's 03229914838

  4. Muhammad Nasir on May 27, 2015 @ 5:51 am

    dear all if you new here and you buying & selling plot home apartment and other all type file so you can contact with me i will better guide you thank's 03229914838

  5. Prices are falling sharply. hurry up sellers!  sell your holdings especially 250 and 500 before its too late. i m ready to purchse your 250 file on better than broker's/bug-fishes rate. my offer is 6,80,000/= only for today.


  6. Muhammad Nasir on May 28, 2015 @ 10:06 am

    Dear all if you new here and are you buying & selling bahria town karachi islamabad plot's home's apartment's & all types files & you need help in the buying & selling so you can contact with me i will bitter guide you mobile No 03229914838

  7. old 5 marla plot in bahria town karachi with two instalments paid , if anyone interested call me on 03214093732

    • Sheikh Rasheed on May 31, 2015 @ 10:01 am

      tell us your demand 
      we are well known and a trusted name for BTK Karachi dealing, contact us on (nkinza786@gmail.com) address or on following cell numbers:

      +923002125421  / +923128222973

    • Hi Dear,

      I am interested in your plot.

      please email me back with all the details, and we will go from there.



  8. Prices are falling sharply. hurry up sellers!  sell your holdings especially 250 and 500 before its too late. i m ready to purchse your 250 file on better than broker's/bug-fishes rate. my offer is 6,80,000/= only for today.

  9. Dear azanshah is there any news about extension on deadline regarding installments due date?

    • I’m sorry but but no news yet. But meetings are being done and hopefully this time Bahria will give some leverage.

  10. I heard that Jinnah avenue will be adjusted in ali block and heights is this true? It it is true in which form either installment or in less in total amount and when it will be adjusted?

  11. Any one have overseas block btk 500sq yards contact me I want to by that 00971507280200 thank u

    • Khurram Akhtar on May 29, 2015 @ 9:43 pm

      I have 500 Overseas plot
      Price 2300000 plus 5 installment
      Each 2800$
      Khurram akhtar

      • I am interested in buying 250 or 500 sq. ft. overeseas.

        Please contact me at 0300 9253478 or 00971562267597

        • I have 250 sq yard and want to sell. All 5 installments paid so far. I got a letter for possession subjected to all installment paid. 

        • shahbazmalik on June 16, 2015 @ 3:28 pm

          I have a plot of 250 Sq yds in BTK OVERSEAS BLOCK all five installments paid each US $ 1850/-.+ USD 3250/- INITIAL PAYMENT. I need to sale it against US $ 19000/-

          My contact is 00973 33478078


          • DearShahbaz,

            it means you have paid all the installment, what would be last you can leave this. I am ready to buy, do you have letter possession?
            Where the location is?



  12. Worth reading … Jinnah Avenue Commercial


  13. Why r u not updating the prices when there is significant change in prices? R u afraid of bahria?

    250 yards is avail in market at less than 650 but u r clawing it to be 850.

  14. Aoa, I want to purchase 250 sq yards in karachi bahria on urgent basis. But the seller has to be a genuine. My offer is 700000. My offer is valid till 3/6/2015. Pl contact. I am in karachi. Payment will be done within minutes. 0300 4352537. 0321 4213040

  15. Dear Azan Shah! Your expert opinion is awaited on the new development of plot balloting. What is its short term and long term effect on prices?

  16. I have 5 marla plot in bahria town karachi i have 4 instalments and wants to sale the file urgently my demand is rs 160000/ – plus 4 instalments Rs 360000/ total Rs 520000/

  17. Rana Asif Iqbal on June 3, 2015 @ 8:12 am

    I want to sell my Bahria Town plot of 125 sq yards residential plot on resonable price urgently. All installments paid uptil now.


  18. azlan mir on June 3, 2015 @ 5:23 pm

    As we know the prices of the residentials plot in btk are increasing. It is just because of the blessings of the bahria town dealers.whatever intentions they had, they achieved their purpose. I have learnt from different sources that prices will be decreasing again sharply till 20 june.

  19. Abbas Naeem on June 3, 2015 @ 6:44 pm

    Hi.. I am interested in buying 250 square yard plot in Bahria Town Karachi. Looking for a buyer preferably in Dubai otherwise in Islamabad/Pindi.

    If interested send Your demand at 00971563929000

    • shahbazmalik on June 16, 2015 @ 3:33 pm

      I own 250 sq yds plot in BTK OVERSEAS BLOCK and am in Bahrain. Please contact me on 00973 33478078.




  21. Dear Azan Shah,

    Thanks for your guidance. Bahria has announced the allotment of Plot # on June 30 for those whose all dues / installments till June 20 will be cleared. It means if 05 installments are paid for Old Residential plots / Old Homes, then we are eligible for the balloting. Is it right?





  22. Dear Shah Sb.


    Received notification from BTK to clear all the pending liabilities till 20th June to get your plot number. Is it true ? Please confirm .

    • Yes, it is true http://www.bahriadeals.com/bahria-town-karachi-numbers-allotment-balloting-on-june-30/

  23. Salam dear azanshah hope you will be fine.my question is BTK had given cancellation warning which was 30 May but BTK has took excellent dicission and given back their warning.is there any further date given by bahria regarding cancellation of un paid files specially ali block ?i think if bahria give some time to people who purchased very expensive files market will be very good and prices will stable. Thanks 

    • Yes definitely bahria given a new date .. actually there are lot of things which i may write in the shape of article today or during weekend. As i couldn’t spare time due to busy schedule at work.

  24. Hi All,

    I am interested in buying 125/250 sq.ft plots .If some one has in Jinna Avenue or Bahria Town Overseas plots so please reply me on this email address : syed2uk@gmail.com.


    • I have the following residential plots in bahria town for sale:

      250 sq. yards for PKR 950,000

      500 sq. yards for PKR 1,050,000

      Please contact 0333-2222069 in Karachi or 00971551688884 in Dubai

  25. Ok azanshah we will be wait for your article one more thing is bahria has started booking for Jinnah avenue khi and last date is 12 June,I am registered in Jinnah avenue if I not avail booking so what will be the status of my registeration form either it will be cancell or not? if not what will be the status of registeration?kindly highlight on situation.thanks

  26. Hi,
    I m interested to buy 1 Kanal residential plot in BHK.
    Anyone who Wana sell can contact with me at 00971558046365 but should give good price with full detail

  27. Salaam ! I don't no why pricing is low this time !! Other side Jinnah avenue  . Low cost appt and most import underpasses is build after this prices is low ???.. It's mean peoples are not intrusted or trusted bkt ?? Or kya bna icon ka i thing us ki zameen se gold or diamonds nikal aye tabhi tu booking or balloting nahi … 

  28. abdulwaris on June 7, 2015 @ 12:15 pm

    BTK 125 Sq.yards File for Sale

    Price: 621,000/- only Including Five Installments paid + Transfer Fee 

    Ready to Transfer

    Paid upto date, Zero surcharge, Zero Premium / market own


  29. Dear azanshah I red your article about number allotment in which you don't mention the new deadline given by bahria about cancellation of new item files.20th June is last date for all installment paid but if I don't pay what they do?i am talking about ali block because it has also number alloted.kindly tell if any cancellation warning by bahria?thanks

    • Dear Irfan,

      20th June is last date for clearning installments. You should not have 2 installment pending to avoid cancellation. In any case pay your 4 installments. If you can’t pay .. then sell out your file, simple.

  30. Respected Azanshha,

    Please guide me about the old already cancelled files. Is there any chance to restore those files by paying all installments till now with fine?

  31. Hello Everyone


    i am interested to buy 500 sqyd. Plot in BTK.

    if anyone want to sell their plot please don't be hesitate just send me an email at anytime.



  32. people r worried and disturbed they r calling me from every city of Pakistan you people dont know people r fad up by warning from Baheria town there plots value on earth and they wan5 to do each and everything to take money out of there pocket peolle have invested money for business to roll there money but such bad response they r facing the example of that never saw before i have received ph calls from UK USA DUBIA they r also worried because the prices r down very down and installments threads of cancellation and not giving chnace on ploting this is all suits Police not Baheria town manegement member of Baheria town is the costly more then everything as well as respectable i have received three letters all r threading type of our investments r not giving us any benefit then investers r got worried i hav3 received 1000 calls and trust me believe me not a single man told me he want to purchase all want to sale just to safe there invesment to get red of cancellation and block i request to Bahetia town manegement pleas lettle bit make easy things for people they trust u people dont forget that some of them small investors every member is not a property dealer

  33. I want to sell my Bahria Town plot of 125 sq yards residential plot on resonable price urgently. All installments paid uptil now. my demand 170,000/= cell# 0333-2683394

    Muhammad Danish

  34. emial me ur price

  35. Any information about fraud project [ icon tower] ? And this time icon file price?

  36. Bahria is not delivering actually they had committed especially Mr. Malik Riaz proclaimed before media channels that he will make the Karachi one of the best city by delivering bahria town karachi project but 

  37. Dear azanshah,

    what about bahria another fraudulent project Jinnah Avenue Commercial, I think many peoples have wasted their money after purchasing the registration because bahria is demanding too much money to proceed to balloting which is not possible for every one to make it accordingly. Bahria town 

  38. I want to sell my Bahria Town plot of 125 sq yards residential plot on resonable price. All installments paid uptil now in time. cell# 0321-2459789

    Muhammad Danish

  39. Azan bhai app bhe lagta hai bahria k sat barsatiii maindak ke tarha hai jab price up hote hain tu app nikal atay hai or jab down hote hai tu gyeb hojaty hai

    • Nah, 

      I’m here for you when you need me :)

      • Dear Azan,

        Any update on Opel / Houshang projects? I herad that these prjects will not come up and registration money will be adjusted in other BTK projects.

        How far it is true? Please comment.

        Best regards. 

        • Who told you these projects are not coming? they are being delevoped with fast pace. But let me tell you the truth, if you really want to book your flat/shop/studio in Opal/Hoshang then you really do not need registration form. Its something like:

          Someone has opal/hoshang registration form, will not go for the real booking, who want to go for booking, they do not need forms.

      • Dear azanshah
        It seems you also faced heavy loss in BTK project and are disappointed. I agree with Shah as you might lost your interest to update readers in such crucial times when everybody need your valuable blogs and expert opinion.

        • Hehe, not at all. Profit and loss is the part of business, but overall Alhumdullah i’m in profit from Bahria Town investment. There could be some other reasons to not responding …. aor bhi ghum hain iss bahria ke siwa :)

          The issue is, when market is dead … I can’t update the rate regularly because there is no buyer/seller then how can i mention the rate .. if i mention something .. one will come up with so down price as seller.

          Also I always try to share best knowledge because I know some people follow me. Therefore, I don’t wanna share something that is ultimately wrong and maybe someone take wrong decision. However, weekend is coming .. I will defintely write something to form a best strategy for balloting.

          The second thing is, please be reminded .. Bahria/property stuff is not my primary job :) I’m driving more websites too .. but again neither websites is my primary job.


  40. bharia future is safe my dear freinds bharia is not for busness and btk is original people those want to live there , those peoples are crying they are not genuine. bharia future is bright with in few years up to complete instaments. 

    i advise my those freinds plz dont invest for busness, 


  41. Dear azanshah any news regarding unbooked Jinnah commercial registeration forms either it will refund or adjust in some BTK items.i think bahria should some leverage instead of cancellation warnings because investors are the blood of bahria town and we all are trusted on their brand name bahria.peoples bought so many expensive files specially new items so I request to bahria authorities to give some time to those investors who helped bahria in their business so warnings process should be discontinue. One more thing is current rates is less then refundable rates so people will prefer to refund their money instead of selling in cheap prices and I think it will be not a good sign for bahria reputation .i am talking about new items.

  42. Please give me your cell no. Mine is 03349576676

  43. My cell number is 03349576676. I would like to know your cell number and want to discuss some issues.

  44. these rates should be updated according to city as well.

    you can easily get 250 yd file for 6.50 lakh in rawalpindi.

    this forum is not for buyers. it is only favoring dealers. it is a shame.  

  45. Khizar Hayyat on June 13, 2015 @ 3:49 am

    Dear Azanshah,
    Do you think bahria is serious in balloting?
    How will it behavè after balloting?
    Is there any chance for bahria 125 to go up?

  46. Jinnah Avenue forms adjustment started:


  47. Aoa… I have Registration form for Jinnah commercial available for adjustment of 300000/ pole contact 03343059995

  48. Khurram Ismail on June 14, 2015 @ 8:44 am

    Interested in buying BTK 250 Sq Yds & 500 Sq Yds plots, please contact:

    E-mail: khurramism@hotmail.com

    WhatsApp: +965 97893595

  49. Assalamo Alaikum

    I have Registration form for Jinnah commercial available for adjustment.

    Please Contact in Dubai



  50. Sir i have paid all 5 installment i have not paid late payment surcharge.am i eligible in baloting.i mean no issue na?waiting for quick reply.

  51. Dear azanshah hope you will be fine.kindly tell me the last date about adjustment of Jinnah avenue forms in BTK files?

  52. Till when we wil be adjust Jinnah avenue forms?

  53. BTK will be ruined at the hands of Estate dealers. Look the difference in selling and Buying rates. Its pitty and shame on dealers

  54. Salam

    Bahria Town se behter he k scheme 33 me invest karen. Bahria Town ne aam logo ko rula dia invester ne khob logo ko bewakof bana dia. to mere bhai apni qimti raqam ki hafazat karen ise ya to apny pas rakhen ya karachi se nazdeek scheme 33 me invest karen

  55. BKT k price abhi or kam hon ge jis ko bhi sale karna he abhi kar de kuch na kuch to raqam ab bhi mil jaye ghi

  56.    Asalamo Alaikum

    i have registation form for jinnah commercial aailable for adjustment 

    please contact 03341804344

  57. liaqat Hussain on June 17, 2015 @ 5:11 am

    I have 250 Sq yards overseas block behria town karachi I want to sell Give me good offer contact no 0554636960

  58.  Salam Azan bhai. i have paid 4 instalement of 10 marla am I eligible for bloting??????


  59. I want to sell 250sq y plz not disturb without best offer…..

  60. Kabir cell no 03074402227

  61. Dear ALL

    Can anybody guess where is location of 125 square yards old booking plot. After balloting when the place be ready for possession to build a house. any update about the development and development pace in 125 old booking project.

    Thanking in anticipation for a good feed back on this issue

  62. Dear Azan Bhai:

    Assalamulaikum…Hope you will be fine and sound. well your predictions and analysis regarding bahria town karachi always help to make decisions of investors. We all are very thankful to you for your these efforts. I am interested to make some investment in Bahria Heights Karachi in Ramzan bcz prices are quite stable now. would you please help me to invest here or somewhere in other category.

    Waiting desperately for your response. Thanks


  63. Hi

    i have registation form for jinnah commercial available for adjustment

    please contact 03004526119

  64. Dear Shah Sb, hope u r fine, my question is that I hv paid all 5 instalments of 125 Sq plot in BTK, but about 1100 surcharge is still due.  Is I m eligible for balloting ? An early response will be appreciated . Thanks.




  65. Abdul wahid on June 18, 2015 @ 4:02 pm

    i want to sell of my 125 sq resdinal plot only 480000 ……3 instulment paid 


    contact me 


    abdul wahid 


  66. Dear azanshah if all installments have paid but surcharge has left those files included in balloting?

    • Should be included but never know bahria may create issue to reduce the files. Better would be to pay your surcharge.

      • dear,

        my all installments are paid but i have not recieved letter for possession? i do nt have any surcharge on my plot,. can u explain why? is every one recieving letter for balloting/ possesion who r eligible?

        plz replt. thx

  67. Dear Azanshah

    Sincce BTK is scheduled on 30th June, Please share insights either it is just to collect instaments or something Bahria is serious to deliver. If it is going to happen where is street map how number will be alloted.


    • If you ask me I would tell you nothing will happen, your investment is safe. Same happend once in Lahore but believe me, nothing happend and everything is in great shape. Howver, regarding your question, situation will be clear in a couple of weeks.

  68. I want to sell my Bahria Town plot of 125 sq yards urgently. All installments paid uptil now. Demand is 150000 plus 5 installments which are paid
    Please contact me at 03002390052

  69. asad hashmi on June 21, 2015 @ 5:25 am

    Dear Azan,

    i need your help re market value of files for zakat purpose,can you please advice estimated market value as on 1st Ramzan for 2 bed room flat ( converted from housang form) and also for 250 Sq Yards over sea block which should i take for zakat working, since over sea is not  traded but it has market value which can be used for zakat calculation

    one more question to you and all others on this forum that any idea that zakat is applicable on files ?thanks in advance if some body reply although this Q is not related to Bahria but really helpful for me   thanks




    • Dear Asad,

      Old two bed rate was around 925k to 975 plus 5 installments. However, i’m not much sure about 250 overseas but it was was somewhere 13 lacs plus installments.

      Your second question very sensitive and important. I am also seeking for help on this, any of our friend here answer this quesiton, that would be great help for everyone.


      1. Is zakat complulsory on property?

      2. Is zakat applicable when property is available in the shape of files/forms?

      3. If yes, what value should be considered. Example?


        I would like to share my knowledge about zakat issue brother asked at this paltform 

        Zakt is applecable on following

        1.gold silver 

        2.cash in hand or in bank etc

        3.malay tajarat.

        Our concern is 3rd one …. Malay tajarat mean any thing purchased or invested in order to get profit lies in that catagory…..although we purchase file but its kind of investment meant for getting profit…so we definately have to deduct zakat seeing the market rate ….if anyone purchased file etc with the intension of his personal use building house on that plot etc and living there the  zakat is not applicalble ….

        One can listen the whole lecture of musti akmal on that issue on you tube …for compelete details regarding zakt






      • Dear Azan,

        i agree with Moin regarding the zakat on property and had knowledge just wanted 2nd opinion and reconfirmation, as files are also like investment unless its for personal use like for building house.for detail one can listen to Dr zakir naik as well.

        market value  on date (which used for working of  zakat )should be considered for zakat calculation.

        • Thank you Asad.

          • As per my knowledge, Zakat is applicable on a person's wealth. Everyone who has wealth (more than Nisaab) has to pay 2.5% of his wealth as Zakat. This excludes the value of house you are living on or items you are using such as cars, furniture etc. Also, if you own property on which you are earning rental income, then zakat is not applicable on the property value.

            However, if you own any investments, be it files, plots, apartments, deposits, funds, stock etc other than the house in which you live, then zakat is payable on the amount which you may recover from selling those investments. 

            For calculating wealth, a person should add up all his wealth and investments and reduce it by the value of the house he is living in and all the loans he has to pay. 

          • hmm… I’m living in a rent house and it vaule is around 130 lacs. Whereas I’m paying 25 thousands rent. So my own wealth + Property + Gold etc is around 80 lacs value. So what does it mean here. what Zakat I should pay?

          • Obviously you don't have to pay any zakat over someone else's house (in which you are living on rent). It's simple, if your own wealth is 80 lacs then zakat is payable at 2.5% of that. Just subtract any bank loan you have taken or money you owe to someone.

          • Ok I saw the confusion, I meant reduce the wealth by the value of the house which you own and live in. Not the rented one :) 

          • Okay, got your point. Thank you

  70. Dear azanshah some rumours are circulating about BTK land dispute.is it true?everyone is worried and sell their files?

    • Don’t sell your files in panic. Yes there is some uncertain situation but it will be clear in a few days. Its more about break the bahria market, its not about reverse everything, that’s whay i think.

  71. This is to inform you that final cancellation date is extended to June 26, 2015. Make sure you do not miss two consective installments against your file to remain safe.

    • I am sorry you’re wrong. There will be no cancellation.

      • Yeah this is good thing that i was wrong. But was positive. Cancellation date has been extended to June 26. I would against request to pay your installment before that date, everyday is not sunday, so I may not always wrong. I would not happy to see your or anyone loss.


    • Once again date is extended. Bahria is not serious in balloting its just lolly pop to collect instalments.

  72. Hi Azahshah

    Thanks for sharing such important news. What about balloting date is it final on 30th June.

  73. Salam Azan Bhai,

    Kindly help me to make a decision here, I have 25 files of 125 old and not sure what to do with it, I bought them on 1 lac Own, please advise should I hold them or get rid of them as market might go down more in future?


    many thanks




    • You got 25 files of 125 sq yards? All of them with updated installment status? 

      What will you do with the money after selling the files in loss? Nothing so bright, so just wait and hold the files. Whenever you get a chance sell them all of them at once. Also balloting is to be done soon, and maybe you will get some good location plots.

  74. Moin(03331420000) on June 22, 2015 @ 7:05 pm

    Dear azan zakat iis not dedected from the rent you are paying ….it should be deducted from the source of income you are paying rent from if it gets to the nisab …nisab means if you have wealth equal to 52 tolay silver or 7.5 tola gold or cash amount or malay tajarat equal to 7.5 tola goldf or 52 tola chandi…..

    Zakt is not applicable on anything under your personal use not meant for selling for getting profit…..if you drive a car worth i crore or live in a house worth 10 core zakt is not applicable ….

    4 things you have to take care of when calculating zakt any of these gets to nisab one have to deduct zakt 2.5 percent of that item 

    1….gold 7.5 tola

    2…..silver 52 tola 

    3. Cash amont (equal to 7.5 gold or 52 tola chandi)

    4. Malay tajarat ( any investment commodity purchase with intension of selling and getting profit) it shuld be equal to 7.5 or 52 tola chandi …..

    NOTE……. If any one of 4 mentioned  above are less than 7.5 or 52 tola chandi …..than all four should be counted and then if it gets to nasab ( 7.5 golad or 52 chandi) zakt should be calculated ……. 






    • This really clarified the situation. Great help for everyone. Can you shed some light that who should give zakat? Is is applicable on close family members, who qualify ..mmm.. let’s say someone can give zakat to his first cousin or doughter of late brother?

      • Zakat can be given to anyone who is a muslim and is poor, i.e. his wealth (after deduction of loans) is less than the Nisab. Be it family member or anyone.

        Zakat cannot be given to non-muslims. This doesn't mean that you don't help non-muslims… one should always give sadqa, it can be given to both muslims and non-muslims. However since Zakaat is an obligation, it has certain restrictions.

        It is in fact preferable to help and give zakaat first to your deserving close relatives who you know are in financial distress.

      • Earlier i was not fully clear today i checked zakat can be given to every  non-dependent , even wife can give to husband & son but husband cant give to wife as wife is responsibilty of husband but husband is not responsibilty of wife.

  75. Anyone interested in buying Bahria Town Karachi 125 sq. yard resedential plot, 5 installments paid at reasonable cost in Lahore. Please contact 03004094926.

  76. ahmad kamran on June 23, 2015 @ 1:31 pm

    Sir i have paid all 5 installment but i have not paid late payment surcharge.When i called bahria website 080000100 they told me that although all the 05 installment are paid but unless you pay surcharge amount approximately 160000/- (few installment were late for one two two monthts never two consective missed ) your file will not be included in balloting . Is it true ? Am i  eligible in baloting.i mean no issue na?waiting for quick reply.

  77. Azan bro, do you have any JAC form and price please?

    • Yes, I have a few available. You can contact me via whatsapp, if you have not direct access to market and affidavit etc etc. 

  78. AOA

    I want to add onething that 7.5 tolay gold and 52 tola chandi what it mean. If you have only gold than 7.5 tola gold is nisab if u have some gold some prize bond some money than eligible critaria for nisab is 52 tolay  silver. Mean any one have 35 to 37,000/- rs is sahiba nisab. Azan shah sb yes you can pay zakat to family members but  for paying zakat you should check if any one is sahibe nisab than you cant pay them zakat and you cant pay zakat to father,son, granfather , etc and zakat rishatay dar ko daynay ka double ajar hay silah rehmi and sadqa and woh relative jo ap kay sath rehta hay not eligible for zakat. (Sahibe-nisab for zakat and Sahibe nisab for qurbni may sirf aik frq hay kay zakat kay case may zaroratey aslia say zaid agar cash and jewley hay mean 35 to 37 ,000/- maliat hay cash,jewelry etc ki to sahibe nisab hay and for qurbani agar nisab kay liya agar expensive cloth bhi hay to un ki value bhi add hogi and i think aj kal to majjority of people pr qurbanni wajib hay Jazakullah)


  79. Explanation:Relative jo ap kay sath rehta hay not eligible for zakat menat ap us ko zakat nai day sktay

  80. I have a plot in BTK 125 Yards, i have paid 345,000 to bahria therefor i need to sale my plot urgently , if you are interested please send reply me.



    • Salam,

      I am intrested to buy your plot plz tell me what is your last price to sell it??

      Do you regularize your file before 26th june for balloting if yes than how much instalment paid and down payment

      Please reply

  81. kaneezhaider on June 24, 2015 @ 12:35 pm

    Thanks azan sha

  82. imran khan on June 24, 2015 @ 8:33 pm

    Respectable DG Rangers (Sindh), Malik Riaz (Bahria Town) wrote you a letter and claims bahria town Karachi has purchased 7631 acres of land not 44000 acres.

    Dear sir if bahria’s claim is right then how did they allot plots to more than one Lac people through balloting by just having 7631 acre land.

    Dear sir actually they have sold more files than actual legal land in hand and because of that bahria town market has crashed specially 125 yards files. They have looted huge money from innocent people and now they are cancelling their files and refunding them by deducting 25% of their paid amount.

    Sir, how bahria can cancel the files of property which is not available on ground? Its totally illegal. I am also a victim of bahria town and seeing towards you for justice.

  83. AOA

    yes u can pay zakat to those who r not sahibe nisab and not under ur kafalut and if she/he is syed (Shah) than also not eligible for zakat . Syed ko zakat nai day sktay JA.


  84. Thanks. Azan Bhai for your valueable advice.

  85. Yes Azan bhai, Syed ko kisi hal may zakat nai lgti so Syed kitna hi desrving ho zakat nai day skttay waisay hi gift ya un ki help kr sktay hay kisi qisum ka sadqa, zikat fidya fitrana jaiz nai for Sadat.


  86. ahmed memon on June 26, 2015 @ 4:03 pm

    As good Human (INSAAN), we should not bother by the numbers 2,5% of the wealth as Zakat. Give with open heart and not do the counting. Your inerself you will tell you If you paid enough.

    When we buy a car or a house or any thing, we spend like crazy but when it comes to religion, we start counting %.  Do we have a % when we plan to get our son married? we order best Shadi Hall, Best Food, ext. Therefore, spend like Malik Riaz and Allah will give you in multiples, Beleive in ALah.

  87. Dear Azanshah
    It seems BTK market is totally crashed now and prices touching to dead level. How do you see the future

    • There are various reasons for bahria market crash. such as:

      1. Rangers raid /illegal land rumours

      2. Bahria wants control on over sold units

      3. Installment pressure

      4. New launchings

      5. Harsh weather in Karachi

      6. Holy month

      Last installment dues and balloting date extended again today.

  88. Dear azanshah any update about land rumours of BTK ?i think BTK should clarify their position.kindly update the position because every one is worried regarding future of BTK 

  89. Riaz malik Karachi main buray phusay. Khud to dobay.sath sub ko dabo dia.

  90. Tariq, I moved your comments to relevant area. There you will get info, how bahria town balloting actually works:

    Here you go:


    • Thanks Azanshah for immediate response however still question arise how Bahria will alot numbers to everyone having 7600 acre land with selling of too much files.

      • Very simple … 100k plots … 100k numbers aloted … but the actual land is for 50k plots. So hardly .. let’s say 60k people come out for plots. Now how bahria will do with 10k plots? Decrease the rate and self buy some plots … or merge the plots in same category or big category. Make sense?

  91. Dear Brothers…AoA
    I have Jinnah Commercial forms which can be adjusted in following projects of Bahria Town
    1. Ali Block
    2. Bahria Heights
    3. Midway commercial
    4. Golf City
    These forms are acceptable against a payment of 300,000 in above projects…
    Please contact 03343059995


    200 yards Hoshang pearl Bahria Karachi

    For price or other inquiry

    0345 2527569


  93. As salam o alaikum all,

    Dear Azan,

    If you can please guide me on Bahria Golf City. What is its current status and its market value. What is the installment schedule (payment dates and amount)?

    Should one buy it now? If yes, what are future prospects.


    • My friend,
      Investment always depends on your plans, short term / long term investme ts, your initial budget, your installments capacity and holding power. If you can hold then bahria is not for you. Even i would say it is jua for you because you do not have enough money but you are buying bigger value property.

      So if you ask me, i would suggest to go for bahria heights but it should be non jinnah adjusted.

      Ali block is also a good option but category plot. Again it all depends on your plans.

  94. Can you please inform me what is the future of Bahria Green Lahore? as two years have passed almost and plot rates are in minus still…should we hold the files? and if we should hold for how much time?also what are the chances that bahria karachi 5 marla plots rates will start to improve?

  95. i need 125 sq yrd plots file as many u have my offer is 85000 if any one want to sell can mail me abdullah.traders47@gmail.com


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