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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013


Jinnah Avenue Commercial (Registration forms)

►Buying Rate:  55,000

►Selling Rate:  75,000


Bahria Golf City (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: — 1200,000

►Selling Rate: — 1100,000

Bahria Town Karachi (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 30,000

►Selling Rate: 60,000

Bahria Town Karachi (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 520,000

►Selling Rate: 590,000

Bahria Town Karachi (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: 600,000

►Selling Rate: 700,000

Bahria Home 200 sq yds (8 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 1500,000

►Selling Rate: 1800,000

Bahria Apartment 2 bed 100 sq yds (4 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 600,000

►Selling Rate: 700,000

Opal 225 / Hoshang Pearl

►Buying Rate: 80,000

►Selling Rate: 120,000

Bahria new 2 bed (Heights) 100 sq yds (1100 sq ft)

►Buying Rate: — 550,000

►Selling Rate: — 450,000

Updated: September 01, 2015 – 07:17 PM PKT​    More rates …. 

Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria LHR, KHI and RWP’s known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

Bahria Town Actual Price List

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List



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4,768 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi pricing update”

  1. QuratulAin on August 3, 2015 @ 5:18 pm

    I want to sale 125 Sq. Yard plot of Bahria Town Karachi.
    Contact # 03450312922

  2. Muhammad Miskeen on August 3, 2015 @ 6:56 pm

    i have two 5 marla plots all five instalments paid i want to sale urgent my demand is 130000 per file if any party willing to exchange in to 250 yrd my cell no  03009301401

  3. Dear 

    i heard market news about BTK 125 is going to merge what if i am not intrusted to merge and keep my old 125 file i own one file and i want to keep it till my instalmnet finished i am not investor do i get a lose to it or should i purchase new file with three instalmnet and keep it with mee

    • Dear Shahid,

      There is no merging announced yet. Bahria has two way to waste extra files .. 1) make the rate down as much they can and then get the fles by themselves and waste them. 2) merge the files to minimize the number of files. But merging would not work either, Enclave 2 and Green Valley examples are already onboard. So it the times comes, and you dont want to merge then simply pay your regular installment and at the end you will be happy.

      • dear azanshah,

        could you tell me why there is downfall in 125 sqy. i own two 125s. i purchased at  Rs 242k and now according to bahriadeals it's Rs65k.


  4. Dear Azanshah Sb,

    I will appreciate if you kindly give your input about Plot Number Allotment date. Moreover any update about file merging of 125Yards plots.

    Best Regards.

    • Dear Zahid,

      I’m sorry but even Bahria doesn’t know the balloting date i guess, because people are not paying installments as per their expectation despite of their warnings. As you know rates are quite down so Bahria won’t cancel the files, and even bharia does then it will refund more than you get from the market. Peoples are fedup. But if you go to end and mature the property at bahria then you would be the real winner.

  5. Dear Azan,


    today i have got a mail from contents are as follows, but file could n't open, is there any news which BTK were circulating

    KarachiQCTeam BTicon

    4:17 PM (18 hours ago)



    to bcc: me








    I uploaded this important files for you,  please view  below.


  6. Gulzar Hussain on August 5, 2015 @ 7:40 am

    Dear real members/byer of bahria town do you know why bahria adminstration is still not giving numbering of house/plot to members who have paid 6 instalments and they are paying regularily instalment from 2014. I think this is unjustice with real client and it shows bahria Adminstration is not sincere with real and poineer  members- bahria Adminstration and dealer  are earning more and more money by announcing new schemes and ignoring to intial/poineer  members who are paying their instaments and dues from ist day of shedule regularily .This is  EMBARRASSING  SITUATION   for real members can any body reply on real postion

    • Naveed Hussain on August 7, 2015 @ 8:21 am

      lets built a committee of effective members 

    • totally agree with u they just disturbing there members giving threads that they will cancell out plots if we have not paid installments they will block our files they r getting just money no other interest what u will see baheria adds on Tv its just to make fool new members and once they have stick in there hands then they r regulerly pay the baheria this is totally game of making new members nothing else you people saw on tv malik raiz giving openly money to people to cover his bad activities his illigal things Allah protect us and our money because now we all stick in there hands

    • I agree with Gulzar Bahria should allot numbers at least to gieunen buyers

  7. Anss MarketinG Real Estate on August 5, 2015 @ 8:04 pm

    Anss MarketinG Real Estate & Builders Bahria Town lahore Karachi
    further detail Contact Us 03214849162
    karachi office Toheed Commercial Dha phase 5

  8. I want to sale 125 sq yard plot old Price 100,000 plus 4 installment

    contact# 0300-2037554

  9. i want sale BTK 250 SQY old file. inbox me your offer at chemengr20@gmail.com

  10. i want to sell BTK 250 SQY old file. inbox me your offer at chemengr20@gmail.com

  11. Naveed Hussain on August 7, 2015 @ 8:18 am

    I want to sell my 500 Sqyd and 125 Sqyd plot. NDC is ready. inbox me offer.


    • Send me details of ur plot 500 please i am interested in buying it

    • Hi,

      I am interested in buying 500 square yard. I live in UK and more than happy to call you. I tried your number but could not get through.

      Please let me know if you want to have a chat.

      Many thanks


      Milton Keynes, UK


      • Sheikh Rasheed on August 16, 2015 @ 8:23 am

        Dear Sir,

        I have available 250, 500, 200 homes, Overseas block plots and 500 Sq available in Golf City.

        All type of plot in Bahria Town Karachi ready to transfer are available lower then markete rate are available with us. we have made many deals with overseas peoples. we have a wel known and reputed name in the markete.

        Our office is situated at DHA phase 5, Karachi. We deal in Bahria Town Karachi, DHA, DHA City Karachi.

        NKINZA REAL ESTATE contact at any time: 00923002125421  /  00923128222973 Sheikh Rasheed.


      • Are you intersted to buy in overseas black, 10 marla. I m also based in UK so if we agree the sall if we can from UK. you can call me at 07557905626. 

  12. I want to Sale 125 Sq. Yard plot of Bahria Town Karachi.
    Contact # 0300-8544622

  13. Dear azanshah prices are deteriorating day by day is any positive move expecting or continue the downfall?despite the work progress in full pace in bahria site.

    • That is correct, rates are going down day by day due to badly panic market. Satta baz pulled out their investment

  14. Muhammad Yasar on August 8, 2015 @ 5:26 am

    Dear Azan Shah Aoa. Shouldn’t you show rate of 5 marla old in ‘ minus’. That will add to credibility of your blog. Tc

  15. I want to sale 125 sq yard & 250 sq yard plot old  plus 6 installments

     inbox me your offer at salmanrabyajed@gmail.com


  17. Dear Azan Shah, A.O.A,

    Your market observations are quite accurate. Do you think that Bahria Management is giving any importance of this forum.

    • hahahahaha .. Wa salaam .. what makes you think to ask this question?

      Anyway, Bahria only giving importance to money! However, some other people give importance and help me with news … my income is 0 though :) Howver, i am happy becasue real people like you give me importance and I give importance to my forum members, thats all for me :)

  18. BEHRIA  TOWN  KARACHI    market   trends  still  not  better   when   the  market  will   shoot  up   after   balloting  then   the   value  of  every  product  will  increase  as  per  125  old  too   be   hope  full

  19. Dear Azan Shah ,

    I have 125sq plot in BTK. Prices are decreasing day by day and BKT management  are not serious in ballotiong. I am very worry. Please tell me will  prices raise in coming future and when balloting date come?

    • If you go to end .. you will be the winner, dont worry. Its race, if you stop running you can never win, don’t leave the playground.

  20. Dear Azanshah Sahab ASA.

    1st of all kudos to your effort for putting up-to-date info about BTK.

    I need your advice about purchasing a 200 Sq yd Bahria home villa. I contacted an estate agent and he is asking about 1920,000/- for the file. Pl advice me:

    1. Is it the current price?

    2. Looking at the current situation, is it recommended to wait further so that the prices further goes down?

    3. What precautions a new buyer should practice while purchasing in order to avoid any fraud?

    Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Abdullah,

      Please call me after 12am pakistan time. Or contact me on whatsapp 03359812022 . we can discuss and your above quries will be addressed.

    • Sheikh Rasheed on August 16, 2015 @ 8:47 am

      Dear Sir,

      I have available 250, 500, 200 homes, Overseas block plots and 500 Sq available in Golf 


      All type of plot in Bahria Town Karachi ready to transfer are available lower then markete 

      rate are available with us. we have made many deals with overseas peoples. we have a wel 

      known and reputed name in the markete.

      Our office is situated at DHA phase 5, Karachi. We deal in Bahria Town Karachi, DHA, DHA 

      City Karachi.

      NKINZA REAL ESTATE contact at any time: 00923002125421  /  00923128222973 Sheikh Rasheed.


  21. Dear azanshah I heard bahria nawabshah is coming is it true and I think if it is true bahria khi will be more down what do you think.

    • Exactly Bahria may go more down now. Why i change my stance becasue earlier there was not political or other land issues. Nawabshah maybe coming in couple of weeks. But few peoples from bahria suggesting to bahria to not launch yet unless bahria karachi stable.

  22. Azanshah ap bata do k bahria kab balloting or numbering kare ga chamche

  23. Dear azanshah you mean land issues are settelled.or not?basically I can't understand your reply kindly explain and what we do hold or sell kindly advice

    • I will write on this in a bit detail sometime this week. However, if you are expecting quick profit or even your invested money back then it is not gonna be happend, but if your plans are long term then you are safe and at the end you will be in profit.

  24. ahmed memon on August 10, 2015 @ 7:26 pm

    Overseas plot 250 syd BTK for sale available. 

    File demand $15000+instalments.

    send your offers. Immediate sale. 

  25. Assalam o alikum Bhai bharia town Karachi 125 yd ke rate itne kam Kiu ho rahy Han kiya waja ha or rate high ab kab hon gay plz

  26. I want to sell my Old 125sy file 6 installment paid final demand 750000.
    & Ali Block 125sy file 1 installment paid final demand 900000
    contact 03333012308

  27. i want to sell my sell my flat at BAHRIA TOWN KARACHI of 125 sq yard at very reasonable price intersted may please be contact on my cell # 03212481356



  28. I want to sale my 125 Square Yard files (Bahria town Karachi) file with 6 installment paid.

    Price : Rs 75000

    Installment :6*90,000=Rs 540,000


  29. this si rubbish website. all dealers game. 

    5 marla purchi in rawalpindi is selling for 20000 rupee only. 500 yard is selling for 6 lakh. 

    behria has its dooms days

  30. Golf 500 yd sale contact 03005798025

  31. Golf 500 yrd sale contact 03005798025

    • Hi,

      I live in UK. I am interested to buy this plot.

      Please let me know when we could have chat. I tried your given numbers, however, I could not get through it.

      Many thanks


      Milton Keynes, UK

      • Are you intersted to buy in overseas black, 10 marla. I m also based in UK so if we agree the sall if we can from UK. you can call me at 07557905626. 

    • Sheikh Rasheed on August 16, 2015 @ 8:53 am

      What is your demand? is it OPAL/ HOSHANG or BTK?

      You may contact me any time on +923002125421 or  +923128222973
      email: nkinza786@gmail.com

  32. Dear Azanshah, Assalam o alakum

    No doubt u have very good eye on BTK market, u always said that in the long run everyone will get profit. who has strenght of holding he will get the profit………..but…. u know, a very big scandle has leaked…malik riaz bought huge land with corruption and with the mutual benefit of big Fishes………..i think u must know the story……So dear plz tell me in this case, how the poor people will get back their money invested in these projects……i will wait for ur kind reply and any suggesstions for poor people

  33. I am interested to buy 250yard BTK file and one 2 bed old apartment for cover my loss of old files.

    Dear Azan

    Please suggest when and on which price i should buy and then hold to cover my loss


  34. i want to sale bahria old 2 bed appartement in 8 lac plz contact me on this no 03217302332

  35. BEHRIA  TOWN KARACHI    prices  are  going  to  its  lowest  level  125  yard  plot  old  price  in  lahore  25\35     and   all   others  projects  are  also   going  to  down     ceredibility  of  btk  is  a  sign  of  question     btk  has  not  a  land   as  per  booking  files  are  in  bulk  quantity   secondly   in  this   situation   investors  are  not  agree  to  pay  installments  balloting   only  for   to  collect   money  for  on  wards  projects    

  36. I wana sale 5 marla old all dues clear except august istalment plot on my name 03455020002

    • dear sir

      this mehr … i am very interste in 500sq in overseas plot . if you have file please fill free ask contract to me any time ..

      my skype id is mehr4507 and same wechat and same is whatsup .

      waiting for your reply .

      ur best rgd


  37. majid at what u want to sale

  38. i want to sale my 5 marla ali block plot downpayment and one installment paid 660000+200000 =860000 paid 

    if any body interested then contact me 03149470445

  39. I have 250 yard plot for sale all installment are paid.need offer

  40. I want to sale
    Jinnah forms
    Hoshang n opal 225 btk
    10 M btk
    Old one kanal btk
    5 m .btk
    If same one intersted he may contact asap

  41. I want to sell BTK Overseas 250 yards. 3 installments paid. Anyone interested please send your quote on helloeconomist@gmail.com

  42. dear Azan shah,you mentioned that next week some on ground item.

    are you smelling ballotting?


  43. Bahria Town current situation and it's future:


  44. I want to sell my 8 marla baria home old 200 sq yard karachi with 5 installments paid..interested buyers can contact me on this number….03333141005

  45. i want to sell rawalpindi (125sqyd)bahria town karichi 5 marla file 20000+6 instalment… interested buyers contact me on this number 03475377984

  46. I have two bahria 125 yards plot. What to do ?

  47. Malik Shams on August 16, 2015 @ 8:11 am

    Dear friends, 

    I need to purchase BTK homes 200 SQ Yrds Villa. 

    please drop your demands for 200 sq yrds Bahria Homes at my email: msaarfeen@yahoo.com.


  48. Current market downfall is due to the panic situation in Lahore and Islamabad/ pindi. Although there is/was some dispute on property but onground the pace of developement work is excellent and the Karachi residents knows it. That's why I recommend for KHI residents to don't panic…things will be good and stable after all files from other cities investors are transfered and in the hand of KHi people / investors. 

  49. salam sir yeh poochna tha k what is the actual price f 200yards bahria homes?,,,plz tell me in detail!!!!the total price?no hidden charges!!!what is the payment schedule?


  50. Muhammad Miskeen on August 17, 2015 @ 2:42 pm

    i have one file of 5marlas orignal on my name demand is 30000/- 5 instalments paid



  51. 1- phase 8 pindi ballotting was done 13 years ago still no pocession for old genuine members . they were all tossed around and thrown in last sectors. till now  …. 2- behria enclave same story as karachi will be now . booking at 15 lakh original price was 9.5 lakh and today it is 4.5 lakh ??? reason behria has left for karachi …. now karachi will go down as he leaves for nawabshah … no old genuine buyer has ever benefited . it is all dealers and behria greedy new launches ahead



  52. New game started, Bahria Town Nawabshah:


  53. muhammad ali on August 20, 2015 @ 7:27 pm

    Hi I want to buy 200 yard bahria home, can anybody guide me.


  54. I want to sale 125sq yards bahria town karachi plot 5 instalment paid.


  55. I want to sale 125 sq yards batria town plot , 5 instalment paid contact # 03222532017




  58. Please do not invest in BT Nawabshah till you get the allotment number of BTK.

    Also note that BT Nawabshah is a totally flop project. So be carefull. 

  59. I want to sale 2 bed apartment….interested buyers contact me 03333141005

  60. Hi,

    I am interested to buy bahria heights

    please contact me on this email


    whatsup: 0097-155-1569346

  61. What will be impact of Defence Oasis on Bahria Golf City Karachi Future

  62. Dear azanshah  hope you will be fine I would like to ask a question about BTK ali block what do you think about ali block as current rates of ali block is in minus what is the future is it any improvment expected because ali block is expensive as compare to old 125 and same in bahria heights which is very expensive compare to old appartment ?


    • Ali Block is still better than old things, as it has some some location and it gonna be the first residential which going to be allotted, obviously apart for precinct 1. If you can hold and go to end, then you will be fine. Also this is not a time to sale, otherwise you are going to be in huge loss. I’m sure you have enjoyed JAC discount in installments?

  63. Malik.Dehwar on August 24, 2015 @ 10:50 pm

    Karachi behriya is going down and will go down, because they promoting nawabshah and after that hedrabad is next project.

  64. Malik.Dehwar on August 24, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

    I got 200 quaid villa on 3200000 and i am going to sale it but i got 30 final offer. Is there anyone who is interested to buy 200 quaid villa? No brokers plz

  65. Thank you azanshah for your reply yes I have adjusted Jac in installment

  66. Dear Shah Sb
    I’m an overseas Pakistani can you plz let me know the right investment form below options for future prospective
    Golf 500
    BTK 200 home+250yards BTK old plot

    Your feedback will enable me for better decision.

  67. 125 sq 5 marla files need urgently …… anybody wants to sale plz contact me 03135309332 Ufone

  68. Dear Azan shah plz give suggesion about old 5 marla, should i keep it or depose it. What is it's near future and far future?

  69. mansoor khan on August 27, 2015 @ 5:11 am

    i requaired quaid villa 200sqrd  mansoor khan 03332128489


  70. Kitne main dena hai jaldi bataye

  71. Dear Azan Shah,

    Your Blog is very informative and helpful. I read it twice a week to get the idea of Bahria market.

    Right now, I need your opinion on Fazaia Housing. With their booking soon be open and Bahria prices at their lowest right now, do you think it's a good investment for short term (say 4-5 months)

    Look forward to your reply.



    • Fazaia seems to be a good project. Its location is good and their policies seem to be good, but maybe they are inexperienced, as they do not have any Authorized dealers outside karachi. Still who cares, if you can book an apartment their, it gonna be a good investment eventually.

      Regarding your Bahria investment question, as i already suggested in couple of occasion, short term investment may not help. You are not a deal, so even satta program executed, you will never know and and it will go back by back-bata. Do you know what is Back-bata? back bata is, when someone sell products on week or month time .. and then try to bring the market down, so when delivery time comes, he buy at lower rate and hand it over to the party.

  72. Dear Azan Shah,

    what should we try to book in Fazaia housing karachi..Luxury or simple apartment.2 or more bedroom apartment.

    which One would be better in terms of profit and trading.

    • I would suggest, Luxury. But you should go for confirm booking. If you have any issue then let me know I can arrange Faizaia karachi confirm booking.

      • Dear azan
        I am interested in confirm booking. Can you please mail me detail.

        • Please contact me on whatsapp. I will give you detail for confirm booking. Don’t forget to mentioned this reference, I can’t reply everyone

  73. i have file 125 sq yards 5 instalment paid and my demand is 600000

    • DR. Khadim Hussain on August 31, 2015 @ 7:02 am

      I have some fazia luxury open forms and one 250 plot in bahria karachi serious buyer can contact me, my cell No. is 03007005668

  74. Dear Mr. Shah,


    Please advice which height project is best to invest ?


    And also is this good time to buy 8m home or need to wait more ?




  75. Assalam O Alikum,

    Could any one update latest price of BTK 125 / 250 / 500 Sqyds old plots. n also advise abt the future of Bahria Nawabshah……?





  76. Dear Mr.Azan,

    Could yo please inform about  latest price for Bahria Golf 1000 Sq. Yard

    The same is not being updated in the list.


  77. assalam o alaikum….

    Now a days the rates of bahria files is getting low..so its good chance for the buyer..

  78. Thanks Azan for your reply.

    Means 13lacs it down payment plus its Instalment.

    Initially when we booked 1000Sq yard  in Bahria Golf ,the down payment or token money  was around 40lacs plus down payment , means it is  going in negative  around 27lacs.

    Please correct me If  I miss understood.

    • Who told you the initial down payment was 40 lacs? Never, If you want to buy 1000 yards, there is one seller available who can give at 11 lacs plus installments, let me know if works for you.

  79. Bashir Ahmed on September 1, 2015 @ 3:57 am

    Dear All,

    I have one file of 125sqyard in Bahria town Karachi.I have paid 4 installments and would like to sale on urgent basis.Any person wants to buy plz contact on this no.031475114060

  80. Bashir Ahmed on September 1, 2015 @ 4:00 am

    I have one file of 125sqyard in Bahria town Karachi.I have paid 4 installments and would like to sale on urgent basis.Any person wants to buy plz contact on this no.0347 5114060.I live in Islamabad






  81. Interested in buying overseas plots.



  82. Congratulations, Bahria Town has announced that after Nawabshah, the project will soon be launched in Peshawar, Multan, Quetta, Sukkar and Hyderabad!

    Bahria town Jald aa raha hay aap kay Shehar main (LOOTNAY)….

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