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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013


Jinnah Avenue Commercial (Registration forms)

►Buying Rate:  80,000

►Selling Rate:  95,000

Bahria Golf City (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: — 1100,000

►Selling Rate: — 1000,000

Bahria Town Karachi (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 20,000

►Selling Rate: 50,000

Bahria Town Karachi (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 530,000

►Selling Rate: 630,000

Bahria Town Karachi (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: 650,000

►Selling Rate: 750,000

Bahria Home 200 sq yds (8 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 1800,000

►Selling Rate:  2000,000

Bahria Apartment 2 bed 100 sq yds (4 Marla)

►Buying Rate: 650,000

►Selling Rate: 750,000

Opal 225 / Hoshang Pearl

►Buying Rate: 80,000

►Selling Rate: 120,000

Bahria new 2 bed (Heights) 100 sq yds (1100 sq ft)

►Buying Rate: — 550,000

►Selling Rate: — 450,000

Updated: October 02, 2015 – 03:22 PM PKT​    More rates …. 

Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria LHR, KHI and RWP’s known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

Bahria Town Actual Price List

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List



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4,980 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi pricing update”

  1. Allah MR ko barbad kare.kafi log iski waja s apni sari jama poonji kho bethe hn.. mene boorhe logo ko hath utha k badduaen dete suna h MR ko.

  2. My 2 cents:

    – The strategy to divide BTK investors into ‘successful’ and ‘unsuccessful’ investors is a mastermind. The market was long dead and too many rumors flying around. As a result, people who were regular in installments also stopped depositing money regularly. First BTK announced balloting news so that everyone pay 6 installments, then they allotted to some of them so that the remaining will see the ‘success’ of the ones who paid all 6 installments, and pay theirs also, improving their chances of achieving success in the 2nd balloting.
    – The above strategy (of partial ballotting) was also designed to improve prices as now ‘successful’ plot holders will demand higher price for their plots than the deprived ones. Their premium will increase by some lacs. When the difference between plot prices of successful and unsuccessful 125 or 250 yd plots increase, the price of unsuccesful plots will also increase as people will realise this difference is not justified. Eventually prices of both increase.
    – The above phenomena is a tried and tested strategy by BT. They did that in 200 yd Quaid villa. By presenting the same plot with same size in a good package at a much higher price, they increased the prices of both new and old 200 yd villa.
    – Make no mistake, the second balloting won’t be the last balloting either. I’m pretty sure there would at least be 2-3 more ballottings.
    – The manner in which the balloting was done, i.e. no public announcement, nor any transparency or mechanism, absence of map, nothing official, is highly dubious. There must be something very fishy going on, otherwise Bahria’s policy is to announce everywhere and spend millions in advertising even over very small matter. The fact that such a big news is not officially announced by BTK should be a matter of serious concern.

    About the future, although I agree with Azan Shah that the people who will wait will be the eventual winner. Bahria will definitely develop, and develop in a fast pace. But that would be true only if the project goes ahead and there are no showstoppers in the form of land acquisition issues, legal cases, court stoppages, rangers, corruption issues. If any of these issues occur due to which a prolonged stay is ordered by the courts, then the future of BTK could be very dicey and painful for both small and big investors.

    • Muhammad Miskeen on September 22, 2015 @ 2:57 am

      thanks for your observation i request that the bahria is not clear nor they clarify their position and all investors small and large are suffering from mental disorder

      they always dishonor their commitments and losing its marketability i appeal to malik sahib and his top management to give confidence to all investors and if they have some problem they should clarify public-ally

      Dear Azan shah i again request you to take the matter with the top man-agent collectively and if they sincere with their investors they should arrange for transparent titillating and allot plots as per availability of land and the unsuccessful Registered members may be mentioned separately and refund their money if they dont want refund then they allot plots to those who have paid 5 th installments along with its location on the map

      Azah bhai they will never do until a collective pressure is not mad by all stake holders
      they are only collecting money no more dear members when we collectively convenience them that those members have paid 5th installment they must stop payment of further installments and take necessary action against the top management of BTK

  3. Dear Azan, Can you please tell me if this was the right time to enter bahria town market. I am interested in buying file of a villa or apartment specially those located in precinct 19. Kindly tell us which precinct the villas are located and what is their market rate these days.

  4. And one more thing ..do you have any information that the precincts locations on the current will remain the same or the entire map is going to be revised.

  5. Are in these above mentioned prices included token also?? or they are just values of OWN?

  6. haris muzaffar on September 21, 2015 @ 12:41 pm


    1st balloting was performed by BTK on 11th september 2015 and they didn’t announce any wording about it.


  7. Where are the comments of the other members?

    • Dear members one thing is doubt full that in old mape of bharia town that there is only 22 precint.
      now as we got latter from BTK up to 30 or more than 30 precint . May be iam wrong that they are preparing new mape . if once they aloted precint and plot no than why they didnt send with new mape .
      i request to management of bahria plz plz it should be clear regarding mape.
      if i dont have mape than how i can see physically my plot ?
      and 2nd thing that those they paid 6 installment and are un successful it is out of thinking , and must resolve there problm as soon as possible.
      waiting good respons and with good thinking

      • Agree with Syed as there is absolute confusing situation. Only ten percent allotment is done and question is what will happen with remaining ninety percent. It seems Bahria has not sufficient land to accomodate everyone

      • Muhammad Miskeen on September 24, 2015 @ 10:00 am

        if they have alloted plot to those who have paid 6 installment then the 5 installments and below may be refunded immediatly

  8. I am totally fed up of bahria’s tactics. Though i am not in loss but i have lost faith in btk. I m not interested in any collective pressure. I am pulling out my investment & wont invest in bahria in future. Dha is better option , both short & long term but specially long term.

    • Muhammad Miskeen on September 24, 2015 @ 6:47 am

      usman i have three 125 yrd file how can do i want to refund my money bahria will give me my full payment i havw paid Rs 1830000/

  9. Muhammad Javed on September 24, 2015 @ 8:45 am

    I want to sell my 250 yards residential plot 6 installments paid
    Balloting result :
    Precinct 30
    Please inbox your offer or call at 0331-2776067

  10. I have not been informed by BTK of any balloting results. Who should I contact.

  11. Dear azanshah very happy Eid Mubarak to you and yours family and all of other group members

  12. Latest analysis of BTK :

    • Dear Azan
      As per the link you provided plot number only allotted to 120 yrds, what about 250 and others.I already have one 250 Plot.Thinking to buy 200 yrds home (For residence not for investment). Do you think it is right time to get one in Bahria Town.

  13. Ballot successful , 250 sq yrd plot for sale
    Final 8 lacs + instalment and token fees- total 20 lacs

  14. AoA, after viewing lot many frustrated comments i decided to put my candid opinion:

    We all members have purchased plot/ flat/villa etc and became member at Bahria term and conditions. Bahria is not responsible for intermediate price fluctuation rather responsible to hand over the said item on completion of installments. It is we who feel panic on tiny things. it is immaterial that after Bahria is conducting successful balloting and allotting numbers. nothing is on ground. a successful and non successful have the same status. let them do their marketing tactics. please donot panic, pay your installments regularly and hope for the best. Regards

  15. Is any one know about the Jinnah adjustment against 500 sq yd Golf City. How we can adjust and what is the benefit to use this adjustment?

  16. Muhamma Khuram on September 29, 2015 @ 4:49 am


    A good news for Crecent 27 to 30, although map is up to Crecent 20 but on ground location of Cresent 27 to 30 is ideal. Due to motorway from Karachi to Lahore is near to thease cresenst as proper working will start on Motorway the prices of thease cresents will shoot Insha Allah.

  17. Muhammad Miskeen on September 29, 2015 @ 5:09 am

    one file 125 yrd 5 installments paid for urgent sale demand file rs 50000/- + 450000= 500000/-

    contact no 03009301401

  18. Assalam o Alikum,

    old 125 sqyds Plot for sale in BTKP successful in ballot demand 300000+installments.

    further, i m fully understand with Mr. Tahir comments….

    Asif Ahmed

    • Muhammad Miskeen on September 30, 2015 @ 11:13 am

      Asif bhai your file demand is Rs.30000/- or 300000/- your plot no and location on map and ground

      You demand Rs 300000/- plus Rs 540000/- total Rs.840000/- which is greater than market present market is Rs 50000/- + 540000/- total Rs 590000/-

      if am i right pls contact me on 03009301401

    • demand 30000 + instalments hai

  19. Mr Tahir iam agree with you one hundred percent that bahria is not responsible for up and down market . we must pay attention on instalments and work progress , we are not gambeller, and we dont have right to say wrong which is totallt out of manners Regarding MALIK RAIZ SB.

  20. Muhammad Miskeen on September 30, 2015 @ 11:05 am

    Syed bhai i am also agree with u that bahria is not responsible for price fluctuation but 100% responsible for allotment of plots to those registered members who have paid 5th installments on its due dates

    I am not against the bahria but bahria is not sincere with their clients and hiding facts from their stakeholders which is public ally disgracing and damaging their good well in the market they should kept their members in confidence

  21. Dear friends

    i want to sale my 125 yrd plot #82 preceient 25..
    all 6 installment paid..

    at RS: 610000.

    moblie: 03222404415

  22. I have a 200 yard villa for sale; all six installments paid. Demand including installments 37L

  23. i want to sale 125 yds plot file ..plot alloted in balloting. demand is 650000/-
    all instls paid so far

    for contact 03215487114

  24. liaqat Hussain on October 3, 2015 @ 6:40 am

    I have 250 Sq yards overseas block behria town karachi I want to sell serious buyer contect me 03345733640

  25. Ballot successful, precent 16, unit 1207, 250 sq yrd plot for sale,
    8 lacs + instalment and token fees. total 20 lacs
    Cell 03212396765. Only Original buyers can contact.

  26. s ·

    DHA Phase 9 prism most hot property zone of pakistan most overseas pakistani like to invest in dha prism is low price and near to airport very secure invest ment prices are less as compare to dha karachi— prices 5 marla plots 24 to 35 lac 10 marla 38 to 48 lac kanal 60 to 90 lac contact 59 k dha lahore 03040115535

  27. Jinnah avenue bahria town Karachi Ka submitted form for sale only one lac 100000,contact 03341804344

  28. Ballot successful, precent 16, unit 1207, 250 sq yrd plot for sale,
    Own + instalment and token fee. total 18.25 lacs, 6 installment paid upto date.
    Cell 03212396765. Only Original buyers can contact.

  29. Dear Shah sb,

    Pls upload or share new BTK map.

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