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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013


Updated: Dec 08, 2017 - 4:25 PM PKT​  

Bahria Paradise (Open/Unballoted) (250 Sq. yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 200,000

►Selling Rate: 250,000

Bahria Paradise (Open/Unballoted) (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: -- Level

►Selling Rate:  50,000

Bahria Paradise Villa (500 Sq yards (1 kanal))

►Buying Rate: 3000,000

►Selling Rate: 3300,000


Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 275,000

►Selling Rate:  325,000

Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 700,000

►Selling Rate: 800,000

Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: 900,000

►Selling Rate: 1000,000




Precinct wise rates:


     Bahria Paradise Rate/Price updated

BPK 250 residential yards:

  • Precinct 46 & 47:  11 lac to 22 lac
  • Precinct  48: 6 lac to 17 lac
  • Precinct 49:  12 lac to 23 lac  
  • Precinct 52 & 53:  2 lac to 10 lac
  • Precinct 54:  13 lac to 23 lac

BPK Villa 500 yards:

  • Precinct 51:  30 lac to 40 lac


BPK 500 yards:

  • Precinct 50 & 51: +3 lac to +21 lac
  • Precinct 52: +1 lac to +11 lac
  • Precinct 53: +1 lac to +7 lac
  • Precinct 54: +6 lac to +21 lac
  • Precinct 55: +3 lac to +15 lac

BPK 1000 yards:

  • Precinct 56: +9 lac to +18 lac
  • Precinct 57: +7 lac to +37 lac


 Bahria Town Karachi (Old)

125 yards Plots:

250 yards Plots:

500 yards Plots:

125 yards villa (O/H):

  • Precinct 10 & 11: 30 lacs to 42 lacs
  • Precinct 27:

200 yards villa (O/H):

  • Precinct 10 & 11: 80 lacs to 100 lacs
  • Precinct 27: 50 lacs to 75 lacs
  • Precinct 31: 50 lacs to 75 lacs

2-bed apartment (O/H):

  • Precinct 19: 30 lacs to 44 lacs

125 yards commercial (Midway):

  • Precinct N/A: 300 lacs to 500 lacs


  Bahria Sports City Rate/Price updated

BSC 250 residential yards:

  • Precinct 34:  13 lac to 20 lac
  • Precinct  40: 6 lac to 10 lac
  • Precinct 42 , 44 & 45:  -1 lac to +4 lac  

BSC Villa 350 yards:

  • Precinct 35:  20 lac to 34 lac


BSC 500 yards:

  • Precinct 36 & 3710 lac 20 lac
  • Precinct 41 , 42A & 43: 1 lac to 6 lac
  • Down paid:





Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi's known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List                  














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7,871 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi pricing update”

  1. P 25a plot no 148 for sale demand 11 lakh plus instalment contact email jibran4@yahoo.com

  2. P 25a plot no 148 for sale demand 11 lakh plus instalment contact email jibran4@yahoo.com

  3. What is the value of plot 2150 in pr 27?

  4. Dear AzanShah,

    Assalam O Alaikum & Eid Mubarak!

    I am willing to buy 2bhk in Bahria Apartments please help me sorting out which one is prime and luxurious in terms of view and other nearby benefits?

    Thankyou Sir

    • I suggest you should buy two different type of property instead of doing 2 investment in same product. Message me on whatsapp for further discussion

  5. I want to buy apartment in bahria apartments or in bahria heights if anyone wants to sell plz contact me 03002995175

  6. Dear Mr. Azan, I want to know about precinct-33. What is the future of this precinct as this not look good in the map. I have seen nala’s everywhere. Can you advice me if i move to sports city precinct-41 or 42? where plots are cheaper. thanks.

    • Precinct 33 is not that good as far as location concerned but it is still good you got the number alloted. I think its better than other precincts you mentioned, also you will pay more transfer amount, commission etc when switching to other category.

      • syed muhammad zeshan on September 1, 2017 @ 5:23 pm

        Dear Azan,

        I need to know, that I am paying instalments since 3 and half years. But still not get any allotment. please let me know if you have some information for pending draw.

        • A i mentioned in earlier comments, I’m not seeing next balloting soon for old items, but it will take some time. What is your file size, if you have 125 years then not sure what are you waiting for.

  7. Plz contact me kese contact Karen in plots k liye plz ap btaen

  8. Dear azan,
    I think BSC above rates required review.. These are outdated.

  9. 125 yards plot in Precinct 27 on my name. It’s on 60 feet road. Anyone Interested may call me on 03228883838. Rawalpindi transfer

  10. Naseer Akhtar Karki on July 3, 2017 @ 6:13 am

    Precent 31 125yrd plot for sale. Near park 40 ft road 300 series.
    Transffered Lahore or Rawalpindi . Please quate your offer.
    03005114287 msg or WhatsApp same num.

  11. what is the current rate of 125 yards unballoted plot in Bahria Town karachi

  12. i am looking for 5 marla plot in easy instalment

    in Islamabad or Karachi

    Thank you

  13. 250 sq yard precinct 16 for sale
    Contact 03026671113

  14. Urgent required plot 26a .125 sq.direct buyer.please contact 03332831616

    • MUHAMMAD FAROOQ on October 2, 2017 @ 6:35 am

      i have plot all installment paid on  time 125 sq yard precincit,26.A UNIT.1657 MY DEMOND 20.0000 LAC ONLY OWN AND INSTALLMENT SEPERATE+ ADVANCE TOTAL=35.00000 THIRTY FIVE LAC TOTAL

  15. Urgent required plot in p26a .125 sq.direct buyer.please contact 03332831616

  16. 125 yards precent 28 #1069 next to service lane. All dues paid till date. Rawalpindi Transfer.
    Demand: 24 lakh
    Contact: 03165380048

  17. P37 1000 sq yds corner plot required.
    Kindly email me with price and plot number.

  18. Muhammad miskeen on July 6, 2017 @ 11:36 am

    Prresent 25A plot no 2765 13 instalment paid demand 8 lac plus instalment contact me on 03009301401

  19. AOA!

    250 sqyds for sale

    Pre- 8

    Contact 0311 9912183


  20. Plot#1609 near developed area in Precinct 25A for sale demand 850000 plus 13 installment contact number


  21. what is the current rate of BSC 500 yards P-43

  22. AOA,


  23. Nasim khan on July 9, 2017 @ 6:31 pm

    Hi. I want to sell my 500 yards plot in pericent#17 Plot #471.all instalments r paid.plz contect me if any one interested. 03122634578.

  24. MUHAMMAD ASIF on July 10, 2017 @ 1:35 pm

    Plot No.2215 Precient 26-A Demand 10 lac + 14 installemnts no dues are outstanding

    Contact No.03325911488

  25. Ali bsc 43 rate 3-4 lac own

  26. Need Bahria Heights 2-Bed Flat in Phase -7
    Any body Intrested to Sale please Watsapp on +966599685565

  27. Plot no. 3064 for sale at precinct 25 A with 16 installments paid (all dues clear), need offer?

  28. Dilawar Hussain on July 11, 2017 @ 8:38 am

    I want to buy a plot mention above .


  29. Mansoor Ali on July 11, 2017 @ 5:54 pm

    I want to buy a pilot of 125 sq yard…..
    Plzzz tell me in detail of booking and instalment…

  30. Nadeem Tufail on July 12, 2017 @ 7:19 am

    Plot no. 3064 for sale at precinct 25 A with 16 installments paid (all dues clear), need offer?
    Please contact on 03009749490

  31. Naseer Akhtar Karki on July 12, 2017 @ 11:42 am

    Precinct 34 250yrd street 21 plot 1 – 10 park face. plot for sale. Transfeŕed in Rawalpindi. Pl. Quote your offer. 0300 5114287 same num. On WhatsApp.

  32. want to sell p-43 500 yards next to corner west open. demand 5 lac own. 0 3 3 3 7 1 4 2 4 5 3

  33. Hello
    I have precinct 45
    Corner plot
    And precinct 44 general number plot on very reasonable rates

    I have plots in 15b
    And many precinct
    If any 1 want to buy i will give best rates

    If any 1 want to sale i will buy on highest price

    Contact me on 03208216813

  34. Naseer Akhtar Karki on July 13, 2017 @ 8:49 am

    Precinct 34 250yards boulevard plot for sale close to sport studm. Road 21. any body interested please offer or call 03005114287 or WhatsApp. Thanks and regards.

  35. Dear Azanshah Sb.

    Any hope for 3rd balloting of old BTK plots?

    I will be grateful for your valued comments.

    Best regards.

  36. Shoaib Aamir on July 17, 2017 @ 11:48 am

    Corner, west open ,park facing plot 250 sqd precinct 12 .Demand 35 lac. Offers required.

  37. Javed Altaf on July 18, 2017 @ 6:46 pm

    Need to buy two 500 square yards category plots in BSC,
    If anyone can help.
    Contact 03009221297
    Or WhatsApp 03333513223

  38. 3 bedroom apartment tower 4 and floor 5 th,precinct 19, for sale.
    near to newly built bahria hospital and safari.

  39. Plot no. 2215 prescient 25-A demand 1 0 lac plus 14 instalments no dues outstanding contact no. 03325911488


  41. Azansha ur rate list much low as bharia town latest rate liat why ?

  42. mustafa siraj on July 22, 2017 @ 6:34 pm

    I have 125 yards plot in precient 27 plot # 613 near jinnah venue demand 13.5

    Precient 28 plot 482 west open near t road and big park demand 9.

  43. Dear Friends,

    I am looking for un-balloted 500 yards BTK plots. Any one interested can send demand at

  44. Azan

    Where is location and MAP of Bahria Paradise?

  45. Looking to purchase a commercial plot…please advices the best location with prices.

  46. Zeeshan Iqbal on July 24, 2017 @ 8:25 am

    I want to sale my 125 sqy Plot in Bahria Karachi in Precinct 15, 100 Feet Road.

    Demand18 Lac Plus 16 installment Paid.


  47. Ali qaisar on July 25, 2017 @ 10:21 am

    I have an old unblloted 200 sqy home.Any information about the allotment of these homes

  48. I want to buy 500 yards unballoted file. Please contact 0314 2004699

  49. 125 yards Precent 28 plot # 1069. All installments up-to-date. Semi-corner plot.
    Rawalpindi transfer. Quote ur offer for a serious deal.


  50. Umair Ahmad on July 28, 2017 @ 12:39 pm


    I am interested in buying 250 & 500 Sq Yard plot in Bahria Town Karachi. Plz contact with quotations. I am the direct buyer, no agents plz.


  51. Raja Vicky on July 29, 2017 @ 1:34 pm

    The plot is on street-12
    Demand 2 lac

    Raja waqas
    +92 333 250 9737

  52. Umar iqbal khan on July 31, 2017 @ 6:16 pm

    I have a plot in p 28 full instalment clear till date, for sale anyone interested contact me at 0334 554 99 00. Umar

  53. I want 125yds plots with instalments is Karachi bharia town please

  54. Dear Azanshs Sb.

    Any news about 3rd balloting of BTK plots. Some people say it will be on 14th August 2017. Is it correct?

    Please comment.
    Best regards.

  55. Dear Azanshah Sb.

    Any news about 3rd balloting of BTK plots. Some people say it will be on 14th August 2017. Is it correct?

    Please comment.
    Best regards.

    • No news yet, new balloting may take a few months.

      • dear azanshah sb i had paid all instalment up todate . 

        my file is in block list for cancelation , though i visited head office and submeted efvadit and after 3month again i visited head office they given me clear statement but in heading statement was file is block for cancelation. the person that has given me statement he said it will update automatically still my file is block last febuary 2017 but statement show all dues are clear.

        what i have to do . sir i emailed to care , chairmain complaint cell. even online complaine but no fruitful result?


        • Dear, nothing will happen if you go through proper unblocking procedure and that is green valley mergin from lahore. If your file is 125 yards and unballoted, then simply go for refund instead of spending more money to unblock it.

      • syed muhammad zeshan on September 4, 2017 @ 6:10 pm


        Is there any balloting in this September2017 month?

  56. hi, just wondering whats the value of plots in precinct 1..? can’t see it anywhere… does anyone know?? please share.

  57. Shams Lalani on August 3, 2017 @ 5:58 am

    I m seling and purches bahria town plots any one intrested pl. contact 03452397510 shams lalani

  58. For anyone interested to purchase a plot (1360) in 25A then text me an offer at 03326667025.

  59. Dear 

    I would like to buy 350 villa in sports city

  60. Malik Waqas on August 29, 2017 @ 6:29 am

    I need 125sq plot in p25 or p27

    Contact 03452296410

  61. Dear Azanshah Sb.

    Thanks you are back again. I was worry about you. I hope you are fine.

    BTK has announced new map of P 27. Please upload.


  62. Hi dear azan i have one blocked 125 old file with 6 paid. Should i go to dha valley or apply for refund. One more question if i apply for refund then how much i will get. Thanx

    • If your file is unballoted then i would suggest go for refund rather than paying more and more amount. 25% will be deducted from 150,000 + installmetents you have paid 


  63. I am interested in selling 500 yards plot in PTK P9 and 200 yards Villa in P27. For   both 14 installments paid. Serious buyer may contact Zahid 0314 2004699. 

  64. syed muhammad zeshan on September 3, 2017 @ 4:11 pm

    Dear All,

    Can anyone provide me information, when will be next balloting for for Bahria town. I have almost done installments(just 2 remains), but still not get any allotment…

  65. I would like to buy 2 bed appartment with possession


    And a 3 bed appartment

  66. sell 500 sy sport city p-43 

  67. Iftikhar Hussain on September 6, 2017 @ 12:49 am

    Second corner plot in sector 15-A BTK available for sale. Offer required whataapp number 001 647 537 8233 Thanks

  68. Muhammad miskeen on September 6, 2017 @ 1:51 am

    My plot no 2765 on 40 ft road near shcool precent 25 A for sale all instalments paid first transfer on my own name my demand is 22 lak contact no 03009301401

  69. Muhammad miskeen on September 7, 2017 @ 1:54 am

    Plot no 1494 on road no 5 60 ft road precent 15B all instalment paid first transfer my own name my demand is  1725+ 1500 own total 3225 ready for transfer in karachi contact no 03009301401 pls dont contact dealer 

  70. P37 plot no 30 corner st 18-19 1000 sqy

    Demand 60 lac

    03002120645  or 00966541688001

  71. hi I want to sell BTK 250 sqy plot in Precinct 1 overseas block. plot no. between 525 – 530. you can whatsapp me at +61433122358. serious buyers plz.

  72. I want to sell my 250 sqr yards plot which is ideal location in Bahria Sports City. all installments have been paid.

    Following are the details.

    Precinct –   42
    street    –    09
    Plot #         36

    Waiting for a best offer.


  73. Dear Sir,

    will it be necessary for me after completion of 16 installment i have to pay possession charges as i have to sell plot. If yes then how much time i will get for payment.

  74. Any update on DHA Valley merger…?

  75. Salam:

    I am interested.call me at 224-478-2533



  76. Dear Azan Shah

           Pl. Explain the difference between Bthk villas and Opal Hoshing villas.

    • At booking time BTK registration and Opal/Hoshang registration were being submitted as coupon as follows:

      BTK registration(original price 15000): 150,000 discount

      Opal/Hoshang(original price 100,000): 500,000 discount

      So in result Villa with Opel/Hoshang installment amount is 240,000 and Villa with BTK adjustment is 261,000

      Hope it helps

      • Thanx.

        I hv requested an other query through email.pl reply with concrete suggestion

        •     W.r.t previous message I post it once again for reply pl.

          I am a retired engineer based at Quetta.kchi is my winter resort.

          I hv the file of 200 Sq yds villa whether bthk or opal Hoshing? 

          Pl.guide whether to retain it I. e. Registration no RSH1167, precinct 31,Rd no 06,St no 08 villa no 577. 14 instalments  0f 240000/= esch paid.

          Or to replace it with a better, cheaper,park facing,corner  west open and on a  wider road.may be the subsituate is a 125 villa but with above features

          Pl. Suggest with comprehensive analysis of sell cost ,buy cost comparison ,location best suited to me near or around the Grand Mosque.

          I wl remain indebted




          • Dear Khosa,

            Selling is all depends on your next plans. If you are thinking rates will do down so selling and get a side is better approach than you are wrong, Villa prices in p31 are stable and I don’t see any chance of dreasing rates but rates will imporve with due course, as development work is on it pace. Also 125 villa is design and location is not good. As far as price concerned your villa’s value is around 48 lacs plus installments you have paid so far.

        • I already answered. Hope that helps

  77. Dear Azan, what would be a good short term investment in your opinion in 500 and 250 sqy plots? p1 is already very high and seems like that it will not gain much any more. Please your opinion. 

    • Well it is Bahria Town, It is Pakistan, Its difficult to predict anything for short term investment. Short term investment is a bit risky, however you can do that in case you have enough amount available in back pocket. That is incase you are stuck then you can hold it a bit longer than expected.

  78. Salam,

    I would like to sell sports city villa. Located on Street 9, Villa # between 2 to 6. Offer required. Authentic buyer will be prefer not agents. 

  79. muhammad miskeen on September 18, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

    i have two plots of 125 yrd as per detail below

    1   25A present plot no 2765 all instalment paid demand plot price 1725 plus  own 700 total amount Rs 2425

    2  15B precent plot no 1494 all instalments paid demand plot price 1725 plus own 1200 total amount 2925

    pls no broker i am orignal owner and plots are in mty name first trnsfer orignal buyer are requested to contact me  direct  no dealer transfer in karachi

    Muhammad Miskeen

    cell no 03009301401

  80. Dear Mr. Azan,

    Kindly assist me the further procedure if my residential plot status at BTK P-8 is cancelled due to late payments of 13th & 14th installments. What should I do? How to get this issue settled with Bahria… Is there any possibility? If not then how long BTK will take to refund my money and how much BTK will deduct?



    • When did your plot status gone for Blocked for cancelation? I can help you to unblock it once i have details. Contact me on whatsapp

  81. 125 sq plot in P 25 for sale demand 11 lakh plus instalment contact email mrnaseer2012@hotmail.com


  82. Thanx a lot dear Azan Shah

         Dear u did not catch up with my conception indeed or I cld not make it sufficiently e loborate due to hastle drafting.

            I got this villa for my personal dwelling and not for business.I am the later buyer of the unballoted file from a broker at a huge own in Feb 2015.

    Bahria executive is Quite tricky.They did not update my account and kept me out of first balloting.you know nothing is fair in Pakistan.They are bullying people in the name of computerised balloting.I had to fight  nail and tooth with Bahria management on blockade of file and they had to unblock it.

    I mean to explain that I was hopeful of getting a villa in precincts near Grand Mosque but failed and returned with one in precinct 31but this precinct is away from Mosque and the entrance.That is why I requested u to suggest me a villa or a plot in p 8 to 16 where I may construct the house myself which wld save me some money out of the sale produce of existing villa in p 31 in addition to a good location near the Mosque.

             It is once again requested to get me a villa or a plot facing park,West open,corner and on a bit wider road near Grand Mosque.

             I am further to bring to ur information that our stay in kchi is, usually from late November to early April.Permanent family for kchi is 4.However,the married children rush to kchi when weather takes a shivering turn mostly January to. early March.

            The house wl remain locked for the rest of the year.

          Sorry to bother u again.




    • Dear Khosa,

      You tend to have a Villa near Jamia Mosque or a plot there. As for Villa concerned in p10, it will cost you around 30 additional amount to your p31 villa cost. And if you want to buy 250 yards plot near Jamia Mosque it will be gettable in same amount of p31 Villa i.e. P8, P16 or a bit less. So if you want to switch off, then first you need to sell one and then successful transition you will buy other, this will make safe, transparent and secure deal.

      If you need my help doing that, contact me through whatsapp. Thanks

  83. azansha i have  omn file bahria height ihave paid  7instalment  now bahria block for cancellation  pl help guide  mob 03456015560

  84. Salam o Alykum Azan bhai.

    i need an advice from you, i have a corner, west open plot in p1 for which i have an offer of 110lac plus instalments. Should i sell it and invest somewhere else or should i hold it?

    Does p1 have potential to grow further or switching is better???

    This is only for investment point of view for 2 years.

    will wait for ur reply.


  85.    Thanx dear Azan Shah                    

                      Last month a 250 plot in p 16 just missed  the deal for difference of 5 lacs. I stood fast @50 and the seller @55 through a dealer. HOW ever,be it a plot or villa I can not add more.

    1.pl let me know where  are u based?

    2.ur Whatsapp contact.

    3.I will be going to kchi by Nov.first visit my p 31 villa.if did it appeal me I wl hv to Compromise with the distance if not I wld approach u for assistance


    • I live in Lahore

      0335 9812022

      • Thanx

        I will approach u in due course of time,

        However, u may keep on searching  well located 125 villa in precinct 10 and 11 a or b as well as125 villa is Sufficient for my 3.   4 month seasonal requirement.


  86. Map of 115 and 15b is not availabl

  87. Dear Azanshah bahi what do you suggest about holding an unballoted 125 sqyd file with 15 installments. Means, will it worth if i wait till feburary. I can wait maximum upto coming june and i don't have extra money to switch to balloted item. Is there a chance that BTK will conduct balloting till Feburary and what realistic value should i keep in mind to earn as profit after balloting.

    • Dear Akbar, If you have no other option/budget then you should hold the unballoted 125 file and wait to date-not-decided balloting. Currently rate is from around 250 additional to installment, hopefully in will be converted in plot. I never suggest unballoted file, but now you have it and you have no other option, then i guess holder is better strategy.

  88. I want to sale my plot # 245 in pricet 26-A in 10 lac plus installments paid, any one interested can email me at amirghaffar@hotmail.com



  89. Bahria sports city,karachi.1 kanal plot,prescenct42 -A,plot #61,road #1 for sale ,demand down payment #650000+6 installments of (325000*6)=1950000+650000=2600000             Contact # 03009697853

  90. Dear Azan,

    I have invested in 125 yards plot, 250 yards plot and 200 Hoshang home. Paid all the 14 installments on time but not a single file got the number on it – all appearing unballotted up till now.

    I kept all eggs in one basket in BTK; please advise what should I do as it's quite frustrating to know people get numbers  through brokers by unfair ways and common persons keep NO allocations in any precincts?

    Jzk Allah.

    • No need to be frustrated as rates are still good for unballoted stuff. You have still time sell a couple of item and hold other, you can buy balloted one at this time. You should have coverted villa a long ago .. as i was keep suggesting to sell unballoted stuff and go for balloted ones. 

      Contac me at whatsapp if i can help any helpful.

  91. Hello

    250 Sq Yd plot vailable in Princint 1 – plot number between 443 and 447. Ideal location as to the front side overlooking Entrance and Open.

    If anyone is interested please contact me on 00447790005779 whatsapp or email me on razwan.irfan@outlook.com

    Instalments are upto date with no surcharges


  92. Iftikhar Hussain on September 27, 2017 @ 7:42 pm

    Dear members street 45 precinct 15-A  bahria town karachi plot is on sale .

    please contact 001 647 537 8233 whats app.

    Thank you






  93. Hello

    250 Sq Yd plot vailable in Princint 1 – plot number between 443 and 447. Ideal location as to the front side overlooking Entrance and Open.

    If anyone is interested please contact me on 00447790005779 whatsapp or email me on razwan.irfan@outlook.com

    Instalments are upto date with no surcharges


  94. azan sb and others, aoa

       can you please guide which areas in 15b have max plot prices for 125 yards and what is present rate, some websites are showing 15b price even more than 15a.

  95. Dear Azan,

    What is premium on Pr- 7 and Pr- 17 (1000sq yd) General as well as Corner Plots. If you can give range in General and Corner Plots in both Precincts. 

    I will appreciate.

  96. AOA, 





  97. Assalam Allaikum, any update regarding SBCA issue with Bahria. 

  98. Dear mr. Azan shah,

    I am interested in 500 sqyds balloted plot in sports city … please email me any good option with full details. 



  99. Muhammad Zakir Hussain on October 2, 2017 @ 12:15 pm

    Dear Members,

    5 marlas plot in pricinct 15-B, one is located at Loop road and other is in street 09 are available for sale.

    All 16 installements have been paid.

    Interested buyers can contact me on 00923334481323 

  100. i am interested in sports city 500 yards 

    contact me 0300-3865333

    • Available for Sale

      Bahria Sports City

      500 Sq.yds

      Street 28

      Pt # ______

      Own Demand 500,000/-

      Down Payment 660,000/-

      6 inst.paid upto date 325,000 X 6 = 19,50,000/-

      Transfer Fee 55,000/-

      Total Rs. 31,65,000/- payable on transfer of file.

      Please contact for more detail:


      Abdul Waris





    • Please contact me 00971508732274 I have 500 sq plot available in bsc and needs to sell urgently

  101. Mr.Shoi.
    Pl send me detail Road no,St no and plot no on my whatsapp no 03323208843. If ur 250 plot in precinct 12 not yet sold out.

  102. I want to buy balloted 250 Sq yds,corner park facing,West open plot in precict  8,10.10 A,10, 11 11 A or 11 in any one.


    125 Sq yds, balloted villa with above features  in any of above precincts

    Pl send details on my Whatsapp no 03323208843 

  103. Ausalamuelikum i need 250 square yard file of bahria paradise if any one have then contact me on 03322692284 open file


  104. In Bahria garden city zone five we were expecting to live under our own roof because paid all amount three years back, now Bahria management is pulling earth beneath our feet.Is threre some one who can prevent them from this ZULM???

  105. P. 42 Plot # 42 road 7-A or road 18

    3side Corner v.vip Location near Main road

  106. Bahria Sport's city 

    P.42 Plot # 42 Road 7-A or Road 18 

    3Side Corner Reasonable Demand 

    Contact 033488888230

  107. I want to sale my plot in princet 26-A in 8 lac plus installments paid, any one interested can contact me at 03326667025.



  108. 125 Sq Yard, 5 Marla, Plot # 95, Precinct 25, Front 60 feet road & back side street, Infront of Commercial Area. Ideal Location. Contact 03008529036, Rawalpindi Transfer. I am government official "Not a Dealer"  

  109. Any person selling 250 Sqyards Bahria Paradise file?

  110. Dear Members

    I want to sell my 125 sqr yards plot which is ideal location in Precinct 28. plot no 1553 all installments paid. please sent your offer at tstkhan@gmail.com

    Waiting for a best offer.


  111. Azan bhai. Is it true that the next balloting of BTK is going to be on 7th November, 2017? Do you have the same information regarding this?

    • No sorry, i’m not aware of any news about next balloting.

      • Azan bhai

        Pls advise is it ok to buy bahria town un balloted file of 125 yards, is it safe investment? 

        Kindly also contact me at 0321 2084376


  112. Need offer  for my plot of precinct 33 street 62 Bahria Karachi preferably transfer in Dubai.phone number 00971569357440.

  113. I am selling a precint 34 back commercial plot in investor rates near stadium serious buyers should contact 


  114. I want to sale my precint 31 park facing plot serious buyers should contact


  115. Dear Members

    I want to sell my 500 sqr yards plot which is ideal location in Precinct 43. St. no. 21 , six  installments paid. please sent your offer at aunali13@gmail.com 

    Waiting for a best offer.

    • Hello Ali,


      How much are you expecting and what is the amount you have paid so far including 6 installments.


      Let me know please and we might be able to work something out.






  116. Dear Members

    I want to sell my  125 sqr yards plot which is ideal location in Precinct 31.  Three Side Corner . Plot No. 190  All  installments paid. please sent your offer at aunali13@gmail.com , my Whatsapp no 03322123409 

    Waiting for a best offer.

  117. I'd like to sell my 250 sq.yds plot in Bahria Town Karachi Precinct-6. Plot # 508 Street 21.

    Serious buyers may contact me on Whatsapp +92-322-2144437 or via email on sameermansoor.ae@gmail.com or via cell phone on +971-56-9158708. Thx…



  118. azan bhai, i am having budget of 25lac cash now, please suggest me any precent where i can invest, i want to pay now 20 to 25 lacs including owen and remaining installment i can pay.monthly installemt i can affoard 30000.

  119. 1000 sq yards corner in precint 56 very near to park,both sides road in best rates investors should contact on urgent basis


  120. Any Body Selling 125 YArd Plot in P28. kindly contact me.

    I am direct Buyer not a Broker. Need Plot for myself.

    Cel l# 0321-2149734

  121. Dear Azan.I have 125sq yd unballoted file with all instalments paid. Kindly if you can let me know when is the next balloting and what will be the scope of those who have unballoted files? 

  122. Salam sir how are you I have 125 sq BTK p 15a plat no 2486 Street 36 full paid I want to sale my demand is 20 lac + installment to call 00971507280200 Dubai

  123. azan sb . Aoa

    can you give rates of 15b separately from 15 and 15a please?

    • Actually they are almost same, p15 is on back side but its plus point is, just next to Bahria Paradise.

  124. Salan Azan,

    I have 500 sq plot in pric 41 (sports city), west open next to cornor. I am wondering if it is a good time to sell it or hold is better perceiving good price appreciation for this particular precint in near future.

    What would you like to suggest.


  125. Sir we have paid 15 installments of BTK 125 Sq Yards but still not have plot number. Kindly let us know, when next balloting will occur as almost all the installments have been paid

    Thanks & regards

  126. Muhammad Imran awan on November 9, 2017 @ 9:45 am

    Dear All,

    I want to sell my 125 sq yards plot in precint 25-A.

    Any body intrested , contact me mentioned numbers



    Muhammad Imran Awan


  127. Hi Azan Shah! What is the news about Omer Block? Is it a new project or a new block for old unballoted stuff? What is its potential location? And when do you expect next balloting? 

    • Omer block is new block for 125 yards that is expected near p33. It will be available on cash .. may be 20 lacs

  128. What is actual situation of 200 square yards Villas (unballoted) and will be given pocession or numbers. 

  129. Mohammad Sajjad on November 13, 2017 @ 11:29 am

    Need bahria Paradise 2 Pieces  in precnt 51 to 55. Pls cont.#0323 5277404

  130. Muhammad miskeen on November 15, 2017 @ 4:43 am

    Plot no 2765 precent 25 A on 40ft road near school and comercial area all instalment paid demand 25 lack tital  cell no 03009301401

  131. Muhammad miskeen on November 15, 2017 @ 4:44 am

    Plot no 2765 precent 25 A on 40ft road near school and comercial area all instalment paid demand 25 lack tital  cell no 03009301401

  132. Muhammad miskeen on November 15, 2017 @ 4:53 am

    All members of bahria town garden city islamabad no merged in DHA phase 3 are informed and requested to initate legal action against BTK as they have sold their plots in the captioned project @ 35 lack and 60 lack now DHA demand development charges 25 lack and 35 lac  which is very high and bahria have deluvered as devloped plit as per their procsurs and now they want to repurchas the same plot for 40 lack we demand that the same plot which is alloted by btk must be delived to all allotee and the developemt chages may be waied off kindly jion in a forum to take up the matter with btk and dha 

  133. Dear Azan Bhai,

    I have 02 plot of 125 sq yards in precinct 11B  & 27. 

    what is the future of these precincts. kindly advice

  134. Dear Mr. Azan,

    I have 2 plots of 125 sq yds in precinct 11B & 27

    What is the future of these precincts

  135. Muhammad Imran awan on November 15, 2017 @ 12:31 pm

    Dear Azan shah,

    I want to sale my plot in P-25A. plot is between 950 – 960

    Kindly contact me my number is 03002532856

  136. I want to purchase a 250 sq. yads plot in Bahria Paradise. P47. Kindly adivse will it be a good investment.

  137. I wan to sale 500 yards in P51 (paradise), street 8. Please contact 03215273567

  138. sir mujha pata karna hay p.25A  polt no.1550 kitna milsaktay heen …..

  139. I want to purchase an onground 125 sq yd plot with min own for myself..

    Pls inbox me the precinct no. Along with plot no.  And total own demand. 


  140. Available for Sale:

    Bahria Sports City Karachi

    250 Sq.yards Plot

    Precinct – 34

    Street -9

    Plot # 48

    14,50,000 own

    4,30,000 down paid

    12,11,250 (@ 201,875 X 6) Qty.Installments paid

    30,91,250/- Total

    Most prime location of Sports City, adjacent to Grand Cricket Stadium and very closed to Mian Jinnah Avenue.

    Please contact for more detail:

    Abdul Waris



  141. As salam o alaikom,

    I have a 250 sq.yards plot in bahria paradise Karachi plot#145 road 12 precinct 53 Masjid and Hospital Facing and back commercial line, I need to sell it ASAP waiting for the best offer.

    Kindly call or WhatsApp me on +971506936047.

  142. Azan sb, I have Jori plots 125yrd  in p15b 955-957 what is a value?


  143. Want to sale 250 yard on road 11 in precent 54; demand 10 lac + down payment + installment

  144. zahid mehmood on November 21, 2017 @ 9:58 am

    Available for Sale:

    Bahria Pradise Karachi

    250 Sq.yards Plot

    Precinct – 54

    Road -11 & Plot # 47

    1000,000 own


    250 Sq.yards Plot

    Precinct – 46

    Road -1 & Plot # 30

    900,000 own

    Please contact for more detail:

    Zahid Mehmood


  145. Hi Azan,

    I have 02 lots 125   in 25 A both are fully paid till date no park facing no corner block.what you suggest should I hold it or is it a good time to sell and also a balloted lot  
    500 in  P 27 A.what would you suggest?good time to sell or hold it?


    • Hi Asif,

      I think you should sell at least one to have some amount in hand to invest in Bahria Town Peshawar as it launched probably in Jan, 2018.

  146. Dear Azhan Shah Sb,

    I have a plot in P27 near bahria homes, 15 installments paid and file is active.

    What is a current price of plot excluding installment?



  147. Bahria Paradise Karachi P-47 250 sqyd plot #213 want to sale 2 instalments paid any interested buyer  can contact on email gr8sajid@hotmail. 

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