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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013


Updated: Feb 15, 2018 - 08:45 PM PKT​  

Bahria Paradise (Open/Unballoted) (250 Sq. yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 210,000

►Selling Rate: 260,000

Bahria Paradise (Open/Unballoted) (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: -- Level

►Selling Rate:  50,000

Bahria Paradise Villa (500 Sq yards (1 kanal))

►Buying Rate: 3000,000

►Selling Rate: 3300,000


Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 225,000

►Selling Rate:  275,000

Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

►Buying Rate: 575,000

►Selling Rate: 675,000

Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

►Buying Rate: 500,000

►Selling Rate: 600,000




Precinct wise rates:


     Bahria Paradise Rate/Price updated

BPK 250 residential yards:

  • Precinct 46 & 47:  6 lac to 17 lac
  • Precinct  48: 5 lac to 16 lac
  • Precinct 49:  10 lac to 20 lac  
  • Precinct 52 & 53:  60k lac to 7 lac
  • Precinct 54:  6 lac to 20 lac

BPK Villa 500 yards:

  • Precinct 51:  30 lac to 40 lac


BPK 500 yards:

  • Precinct 50 & 51: +3 lac to +21 lac
  • Precinct 52: Level to +11 lac
  • Precinct 53: Level  to +7 lac
  • Precinct 54: +4 lac to +21 lac
  • Precinct 55: +1 lac to +15 lac

BPK 1000 yards:

  • Precinct 56: +6 lac to +18 lac
  • Precinct 57: +5 lac to +37 lac


 Bahria Town Karachi (Old)

125 yards Plots:

250 yards Plots:

500 yards Plots:

125 yards villa (O/H):

  • Precinct 10 & 11: 30 lacs to 42 lacs
  • Precinct 27:

200 yards villa (O/H):

  • Precinct 10 & 11: 80 lacs to 100 lacs
  • Precinct 27: 50 lacs to 75 lacs
  • Precinct 31: 50 lacs to 75 lacs

2-bed apartment (O/H):

  • Precinct 19: 30 lacs to 44 lacs

125 yards commercial (Midway):

  • Precinct N/A: 300 lacs to 500 lacs


  Bahria Sports City Rate/Price updated

BSC 250 residential yards:

  • Precinct 34:  13 lac to 20 lac
  • Precinct  40: 6 lac to 10 lac
  • Precinct 42 , 44 & 45:  -1 lac to +4 lac  

BSC Villa 350 yards:

  • Precinct 35:  20 lac to 34 lac


BSC 500 yards:

  • Precinct 36 & 3710 lac 20 lac
  • Precinct 41 , 42A & 43: 1 lac to 6 lac
  • Down paid:



Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi's known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List                  

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7,952 Responses to “Bahria Town Karachi pricing update”

  1. Salam o Alaikum 

    Just wondering why there is absolute silence about Sports City issues. 

    It would benefit investors if someone can write on this matter in detail.

    Jazak Allah 





  2. for urgent sale: bahria sports city 500 yards precient 43, street 14, second from corner.

    0 3 3 3 – 7 1 4 2 4 5 3


  3. shahbaz ali on January 7, 2018 @ 3:40 am

    Precient 34 boulevard street road18 plot for sale 03342595263

    Demand 16lac all installments are cleared

  4. Muhammad tariq on January 10, 2018 @ 6:59 am

    plot for sale BSC PLOT NO.24 ST.8 PRE.42 SIZE 250 YRGEBT SALE OWN 270K CELL 03314886992 TARIQ

  5. Gentlemen and Ladies

    This is high time for buying property in Bahria Town Karachi, in particular for mid term (1 year) to long term investment,

    I recommend 125 Sq.yds for highest return on per sq.yds as is due to following reasons
    1. Low investment price
    2. Higher trend of moving into small plots due to low maintenance in case of living
    3. Convenient due to taxation factor which facilitates you.
    4. Easy to rotate funds faster

    14 precinct
    26 A

    14 15 are on jinnah avenue giving you easy access thus an opportunity of hiGerman level or interest,early occupation and accessible commercial life.
    10 11 are encrypted to midway commercial enabling area to get fast occupation and social,economic and activity roll outs
    26A and 28 on Jintao avenue pose opportunity for significant returns in 2nd phase thus higher yield as mid to long term.

  6. Sports City villas work has been ob served to its perfection and completion. People in KHI are showing greater level of interest in visiting model house whig reflects overall psychological interest and attitude of mass level of certain social class to move to peaceful place with security in place. Remember security and peaceful areas in KHI are hard to find and if they are there, they come at very high cost of approximately 40 Mn for a very small villa, actually beyond,

    Public announcement of ARY Residencia and fast pace of work on stadium is key to project trust.

    You don’t invest in something which fetches you fruit just overnight.

    Let’s strategize

    1. For trading you opt for small value and where market momentum is playing
    2. For mid term, you estimate business (dealers) interest based on market forecast relating any new projects announcements, possession, infrastructure development, pace of work
    Areas like.
    A. Near commercial (mid way)
    B. Apartments (near hospital)
    3. Here come long term, where you opt for something under value yet has development connected to same .
    A. Sports city and sectors like 26A 31 shall be ones with presently silence but when momentum will come you would have lost fewer fruits and might get little upward trend to take mileage (benefit)

    For any queries please feel free to discuss

    Ali Abbas / Wajahat Ali

  7. 125 sq yard unballoted plot for sale 14 installment paids offer pls

  8. Please call for offer on 03234445007


  9. Any New about 3rd balloting of old BTK plots?

    • Hi Zahid,
      No news so far, and i think this time it will take some time. Location of new givings will also be not so good due to many reasons. So let’s wait when Bahria Town announce next balloting.

  10. Dear Azan,

    Can you pls have a light on precinct 33. Its all 500 sqyd precinct but still rate is very low. Even after balloting, there is no rise in prices. Do you see its price hikes in near future?? Looking anxiously for your kind response.

  11. Any news about new 125 deal and kindly tell me about this .what is location and what is the future of new 125 and what is the difference between old and new

    • Dear Irfan,

      There is no new deal for 125 yards at this moment but there are old ones and Ali block, you see the pricing and pricings in above precincts wise rates area. Property future is also good, if not but still better than holding your amount in a Bank.

  12. Plot 250 Sq yards precinct 30 plot 2348 for sale full installment paid. Contact rafay_12@yahoo.com

  13. muhammad miskeen on January 25, 2018 @ 1:51 pm

    all garden city effecties are advised to continue ther efforts to waie all the development chargs


  14. muhammad miskeen on January 25, 2018 @ 1:55 pm

     yard plot no 2765 precent 25A all instalmnts paid for sale urgent demand 1725 plus own 700 lack total rs 2425000 ;;;pls contact for sale 03009301401


    • Dear Miskeen,

      Your demand is not realistic, therefore no one will be interested in your offer. So in case if you are serious to sell then come up with reasonable demands, I’m not a buyer but just sharing my view with you because you already too much suffered when your files were unballoted. Thank you

      • Muhammad miskeen on February 5, 2018 @ 10:35 am

        Thanks azanshah bhai Alhamdulilah i got noof plot in 25A and 15B i want sale my plot  i demand orignal priceof btkat time of bookin wchich was 1725 plus markeet own 

  15. Abid Khattak on January 27, 2018 @ 8:57 am

    AoA Azan Shah,

    Could you kindly comment on the future of Precinct 32 plz

    • Dear Abid,

      Precinct 32 is a cheapest area of 250 yards at the moment. Its location is good but it resides at the end of old launching area. However, i think its better than Sports city 250 plots except p 34. Precinct 32 is right behind precinct 31 and that surface is not so deep. Its current rate is around 7 to 10 lac plus installment for a normal plot but it will definitely boost up once Bahria machinary starts rigging the ground. So if you have low budget and want to buy 250 yards then Precinct 32 would be a better option rather then going for Precinct 21 and 22.

      Hope this helps.

  16. Assalamualikum,
    I have a 500 sq yards plot in P51 (Bahria Paradise) on street 8 with plot number 33. I want to sale Please contact 03215273567

  17. Muhammad tariq on January 29, 2018 @ 5:02 pm

    I want to buy 7 Marla how much price .good location

  18. Dear Shah Sb,

    If someone has 3 total budgest then what option is the best to invest

    1 – 125 Sq yds Plot  (own +  all installments) in P-10, 11 , 14, 15 , 15a and 15 b

    2 – 250 sq yds Plot (own +  all installments) in P – 21 , 22,  30   and 32

    3 – Other something else you would suggest for total budget of 3 M,


  19. Dear Shah Sb,

    If someone has 3 million total budget then what option is the best to invest

    1 – 125 Sq yds Plot  (own +  all installments) in P-10, 11 , 14, 15 , 15a and 15 b

    2 – 250 sq yds Plot (own +  all installments) in P – 21 , 22,   and 32

    3 – Other something else you would suggest for total budget of 3 M,

  20. AoA Azan Shah,

    kindly evaluate the price / own of Bahria Town Karachi 5 Marla precinct 26a plot number 636. All 15 instalments paid. Want to sell my plot. Location is good as just next to Jinnah avenue and first street of precinct 26a. Your kind opinion is awaited. Take care and regards. 

  21. Sajjad Hashmi on January 30, 2018 @ 8:35 pm

    Dear Azan Shah,

    joining first time, I have  properties in Bahria Karachi and Chinar Bagh Lahore for urgent sale, i an the first owner of all properties, details here-under:-

    1- Bahria town Karachi/ Princent 1, Overseas Block, Plot # 271, Street # 7, semi-corner, all 16 instalment paid in US $s,  need serious buyer with reasonable offer.

    2- Chinar Bagh, Raiwind Road, just before Bahria Orchid & next to Bahria Orchid phase IV,  1 Kanal Residential  Plot (size: 50x90ft) # 145, Punjab Block, just behind Management office, 10 minute drive from Thokar Niaz Baig,  suigas, electricity, communication, gated community, 24 hrs security, LDA approved co-operative society, 1st owner since 1989. Need serious buyer and offer.

    3-  Chinar Bagh, Raiwind Road, 4 Marla (size: 20×45 ft) Commercial Plot # 15-A, Main Commercial Area, all facilities available for functional commercial activities. First owner since 1989 – need serious buyer with reasonable offer.

    You or any buyer can contact me.

    Thank you sir.


    • Sajjad Hashmi on February 12, 2018 @ 2:23 pm

      Why i am getting the message "your comment is awaiting moderation" ?

      • What is your question Sajjad?

        • Sajjad Hashmi on February 13, 2018 @ 5:19 pm

          Thank you sir…. I have plot in princent 1 , overseas block, plot #271, street # 7, semi-cornor, all 16 instalment paid. Statement with zero balance issued. 

          I want to dispose off/sell this property. Need good offer from geniun buyer. 

          Other properties i hace in chinar bagh, lahore. 1 kanal (50×90 feet) residential plot in Punjab Block, plot # 145. 

          Second plot is commercial 4 Marla (20×45 feet) plot # 15-A, in main commercial block. 

          I need offer for theses plot also. Chanar bagh plots I am the first owner of these plot 1989. There is nothing outstanding. Properties are on leval ground.

          sir, see if you can help me in selling all plots. Or you can give me contact number so i can speak to you personally….thank you again.


  22. 125 sq yard plot for sale Precinct 28 all installment paids offer pls 03150281450

  23. Plot for Sale in Bahria Sport City Per 44,all installments are paid on time.

    contact 03333315430(Whatsapp only)

  24. Hi Azan,

    Could you please suggest about Golf City Percinct#19 Karachi. I have Plot 1000Sq Yard in Golf City (Balloted)

    11 Installment paid the plot location near to Main Road . I just wanna aks you should I need to keep the file for the the waiting of raise the price or should I need to sell.

    What do you do suugest


  25. Hi Azan,

    I just need your adsvise for the Bharai Golf City Karachi. I have 1000Sq yard plot in the Golf City (Balloted)  eleven Installment are Paid. Location is near to main Road.

    Should I need to keep the file  for the wait of raise the price oe should i need ot sell the file.

    What do you suggest in longterm investment point of view.  

    • Hi Sha,

      I already replied to “Syed” on Sports city in detail. Please review that and if you still have any question, please come back here. Thank you

  26. Any one interested in selling old 200 unballoted villa?

    contct 03333790397

  27. Hello Azan,

    I have been reading your replies to questions and they're very helpful. Thank you. I have a couple of questions. I booked one 250sqyd and one 500 sqyd plot in Bahria Sports City from Bahria USA office. These plots still remain unballoted although all payments are on time. 

    (1) Is there any expectation of balloting for Bahria Sports City soon?

    (2) What would you suggest I should do with these plot? Hold them or sell?

    • Hi Syed, Thanks for your nice feedback.

      1). There is balloting date news at this moment, it may take time this time.

      2). Currently rates are in minus, you don’t have any option but hold them. If you have asked me earlier, i would suggested you to not pay any installment if your Sport City files are unballoted. This way you could have save your money which is currently blocked. Please note, there are  currently balloted plots in minuss in sports city, now imagine where unballoted will stand. So holding is the only option unless you bear loss and use the same money for some better investment.

  28. I am selling my file in Bahria Town Karachi at very prime location. Plot is located in Precinct 15-B at loop road(60 Ft road). Plot number is in between 1301 to 1305. Demand is 1,850,000 and break up is as under:

    Rs. 1,850,000 ( Down payment + Own )
    Rs. 1,350,000 (15 Installment)

    Total amount payable is 3,200,000 plus transfer fee. For more details please contact on 0335-7770706

  29. Sajjad Hashmi on February 2, 2018 @ 6:48 am

    I am getting message " youe comment is awaiting moderation" 

    Please look into it. Thank you

  30. AOA Azan bhi.

    Plz throw your valuable comments on bahria tiwn sports city. Specially precient 40. How do you see the future in this precient for 250 yard plot. 


  31. Kafeel Ahmed on February 3, 2018 @ 2:24 pm

    Dear amzan,what the future of prcient 22 and it's srounding area.I Sell it or hold my plot.


    • Hi Kafeel,

      I already responded to a similar question regarding precinct 21. Please review that, however Precinct 22 is a bit better than P 21.

  32. Mohammad Sajjad on February 3, 2018 @ 3:29 pm

    Paradise 250 is urgently  sale in pre 53.interested can cont.on  03329174248.

  33. Dear Azan,

    Since many months prices of Bahria Town Karachi are stagnant, any reason?

    Secondly 16 installments are paid now. When will they give procession. 

    Thirdly,  at what price bahria town will charge extra land.



    • This BTK stagnant will last for a few more months now. But regular trading will continue because some parts of BTK are developed now and poession is given or about to given. All 16 installments are done, but its not neccessary that bahria will possession just because installments ended.

      Normally Bahria charges 10% for category plot based on original price.

  34. Muhammad Tahir Khan on February 4, 2018 @ 6:03 pm

    Dear Mr Azan,

    Kindly let me know that what is the future prospects of Precinct 21 for the purpose of self residence. I have a plot of 250 yards in Precinct 21.

    • Hi,

      Actually precinct 21 is one of the cheapest value block of 250 yards plot with odd design. Bahria will definitely develop this block but it will take time. It will gain good value if bahria launches some new deal just left/near to it.

  35. Any news regarding possession of Btkh kchi villas of precinct 31 pl.

  36. Offer required for plot # 26, Street 18, Precinct 32

    Plot Size: 250 Sqyards

    11 installments paid

    Email offer at shujaatml@gmail.com

  37. 200 Yards Villa for sale

    All Installment paid

    Located in P27

    Demand 12,000,000/-

  38. 2 x 500 yards plots in Bahria paradise for sale

    Prime location in P50 and P54

    02 Installmrents paid

    Demand 3,500,000/-

  39. I am selling my corner plot no. 229, street 1 and 4, measuring 125 sq yards in precinct-24 of btk, all 16 installments are paid and dues clear, excellent location near mosque, park and 80 feet loop road. File own (15,00,000+ 14,30,000) installments= 29,30,000/-. Contact number 0300-9453777. Transfer amount to be separetely  paid by purchaser to Bahria.

  40. Dear Azan,

    Kindly guide me which one is good location for 125Sq yard plot, I have interest to buy.

    • For living purpose i think Ali block is good option in 125 yards. Besides that go for any good location precinct that is near to Jinnah Avenue.

  41. Mohammad Sajjad on February 14, 2018 @ 10:50 am

    Paradise 250 yards. Pr 53. Rd 12. All inst paid. Sale 


  42. PRECINCT 30 plot #1503 street 31 for sale   all installments paid demand 45 lakhs or near may please contact on WhatsApp # 0333 3523446.

    PRECINCT 45 plot # 121 ROAD 16 installments up-to-date  ready for sale may please contact for reasonable offer on same WhatsApp # 0333 3523446.

  43. Abdul Salam Siddiqui on February 14, 2018 @ 7:07 pm

    Dear Azan what are your comments on this news of balloting of BTK on 27th March, 2018.


  44. AOA Dear Azan bhi.

    Plz throw your valuable comments on bahria tiwn sports city. Specially precient 40. How do you see the future in this precient for 250 yard plot. Your recommendation on this precient 40. 



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