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Booking Closed For Bahria Town Karachi, Now What?

| Bahria Town News | February 8, 2014

Finally registration forms game over and booking closed for Bahria Town Karachi. Forms converted into files. 07 February was last date of booking, lot of people booked 125 sq yards plots. Also lot of people trusted on dealers and preferred confirm booking.

Confirm Booking:

Some one emailed and asked if confirm booking is legit and if he should go for it. My answer was, YES you should go for confirm booking but that booking should be from known dealer such as PRISM, Enem and Ali Saqlain etc. 

If we see the trend most of the times Bahria sell the projects through those dealers as they sometimes give you some rebate, some discount and other packages which help Bahria to sell the project as much as possible. Whereas, Bahria can't do such tricks but yes Bahria do the same with those dealers. 

I still have BTK slip, now what?

Someone also asked me he still has two registration slips, now what to do. My answer was, per my understanding your forms are useless now and can't be used anywhere, but who knows Bahria may throw some deal for those who still own registration slips, but chances are less. 

Opal 225 & Hoshang Pearl future

As for as Opal 225 and Hoshang Pearl concerned, as I predicted a few days back, these projects prices is raised up right after booking due to two reasons, 1, most of the people would used their forms in BTK projects for homes, commercial and apartments so after booking less amount would be remaining and that will cause price boost. 2nd reason is most effected registration form (residential) will consider no more valid, therefore, people will concentrate on Opal and Pearl as they are only projects left in the market to invest.

Bahria Town Karachi future

Now the next step is, investors will wait for the time, when Bahria starts open/transfer for BTK files. after that they will be able to buy/sell their plots/homes/apartments and commercial files. It is possibility Bahria rather only start transfer process but not open, that's how Bahria did in some RWP and Lahore projects. But I personally think only transfer option would not work for Bahria Karachi case because not only Karachi people but investors are involved from all over the Pakistan and in transfer case buyer and seller both should be available. Imagine if there is only transfer option, then KHI file can be sell in Lahore or RWP and the same way other areas people files will not be able to sell in Karachi.

Balloting & Installments

Balloting stage is also very important for Bahria because Bahria can't ask for any installment once balloting part is clear. Also no one is going to pay installment unless he/she knows his/her property in confirmed.

You have done booking and now you would be thinking , do I have done good investment? Yes, you have done good investment, and you will see you will get some good gain in shape of profit. Please note, one rule of Bahria, "Holding is earning"

Any comments are welcome
Good luck! 

Here is special thanks from Bahria Town Management:

Booking closed for Bahria Town Karachi now what to do?

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23 Responses to “Booking Closed For Bahria Town Karachi, Now What?”

  1. AOA, 

     i read your article and came to understand that you are making our hopes live for investing, but you arent any among bahria managment , as you wrote are ours finding too, but what we want here is any comment from bahria heads about future planning i,e balloting date and other schedules. well i didnt wrote to disheart you or to competete with what you wrote , wish you and all those best of luck who had made there investment in bahria town karachi. 

  2. We on behalf of all confident partcipant in this glourious project
    Seeking to live their of to earn unexpected profit to
    The future need.
    This is not going to be first time pakistan as there numbers
    Of the project of Bahria, from which perople had already
    enjoyed/ frooted due to we all participant have our firm hope
    That shurly history will be reapted.

  3. Dear Azan shah.

       i want to clarify something. i have seen some adds in which people are selling their booking of 125 sq.yds. plot in Rs. 500000-600000 with an affidavit. Is it possible to sale booking with affidavit??

    • Dear Saqib,

      Yes sure you can sell it, actually it is simple formula, affidavit is kind of agreement between buyer and seller. Seller will give the buyer a written understanding (half-nama) that I will transfer the file/plot on your name as soon as transfer or open is announced by Bahria Town Karachi. But I would suggest you don’t sell it untill trasnfer/open is started.

  4. ok. Thanx Azan shah

  5. muhammad shoaib kaimkhani on February 10, 2014 @ 1:34 pm

    dear azanshah plz tell us balloting date.

    thank you


    • Hi Shoaib,

      I’m sorry I don’t know the balloting date, but what i know is Bahria should transfer/open stage asap. I believe Bahria will give the plots to everyone. Because i think bahria will never give 150,000 for registration slip back to the customers. 

      I’m personally staying calm, because i went for confirm booking in phase 1 🙂

  6. abdul waheed on February 10, 2014 @ 8:46 pm

    Hi Azanshah,

    pls tell  after palloting file hiyes rate? 


  7. Dear Sir,

    Can you please let me know your idea, if BT will start the transfer/ Open processs. When market will start the own for Residentital Plot BTK? Thanks

    • Dear Salman,

      I’m not sure about Open/Transfer process but it will be started once all booking process closed. Please keep in mind, some big dealers are still keep bookings. As for as own concerned, it’s been already started. Go to prism , they will ask you 350k for 125 sq. yards. But yes for people like us, open/transfer is important otherwise we can’t sell our files.

  8. Hi Azan,

    For confirm booking, what is the evidence on form?

    is it stmaped or how we will figure it out that this will come in phase 1?


  9. Umair Tahir Chughtai on February 12, 2014 @ 7:00 pm

    If you were not able to submitt your booking forms of Bahria Town Karachi Plots due to any constraint than not to worry about it you can submitt it now through us with 100 % confirm allotment of plot in phase 1. You can also contact us for already submitted booking forms confirmation. Feel free to contact for any further queries

    Umair Tahir Chughtai,
    Head Of Operations & Marketing,

    • Deasr Azan Shah!

      God bless u.now a days to find an honest advice is really a precious thing and you are doing good for general public.Keep it up and stay blessed.

  10. zahoor ahmad shaheen on February 14, 2014 @ 2:06 am

    All well wisher love to see the prosperity and
    Confidence on the Bahria projects.we all know
    that these are the core tool of this group to
    Bost up the byers moral up always.
    Hoping the markeet will get the twist and every body
    will enjoy this association.

  11. Dear all 

    Please anyone know about hoshang project ? i have one unopen hoshange ragistration slip. 

  12. I want to sell 500 Sq. yards residential plot in BTK with paid booking fees.

    If anyone interested so contact me soon.


    • azan shah aoa,

      In/after march when BT sind projects registeration would undergo,do u think there will again investor rush,as seen 4 BTK,and we should participate as before,as I missed the previous opportunity.Would the rates 4 all sind projects will see the same trend as BTK.pls discuss im waiting 2 participate.


  13. Dear All

    I want to sell two Residential 125 Sq.yds Each Price 650,000/- Please call me on my cell no.0308-6064645. M.ISMAL


  14. Dear Sir,

    Can you please inform to me what is Own Started for 250 SQ/YD. Res Plot of BTK? Thanks

  15. azan shah aoa,

    In/after march when BT sind projects registeration would undergo,do u think there will again investor rush,as seen 4 BTK,and we should participate as before,as I missed the previous opportunity.Would the rates 4 all sind projects will see the same trend as BTK.pls discuss im waiting 2 participate.



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