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Installments & Balloting Last Date Extended To July 10

| Bahria Town News | June 27, 2015

Bahria Town has again extended to the last date for clearing dues, as well as balloting date also been pushed to July 10, 2015. Bahria is basically extending date again and again to get maximum amount from people in the shape of installments.

Logically Bahria is not going to cancel the files due non-payment, the reason is, if Bahria cancel the file Bahria will then  refund more than the current market rate of the file. Let's quickly analyze, Golf 500 yards file current market rate is 900,000 negative, so if bahria cancels the file then they have to pay back 562,000 in the shape of refund. Similar situation for 125 yards. Some peoples are requesting bahria to cancel their files.

Bahria Town Karachi balloting date

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Bahria Town Duplicate File Procedure Against Your Lost File

| Bahria Town News | June 26, 2015

If you own a Bahria Town file and for some reason you lost the file. Now you would be thinking what is the procedure to get a duplicate file from Bahria. This is not so easy way to get duplicate file but still here we will guide you about the document and other detail that you required when you are applying for duplicate file against your lost file.

Lost File Procedure

For issuance of duplicate file, following documents are required to be submitted at Bahria Town office:

  • CNIC copy (Applicant)
  • Indemnity Bond (specimun available)
  • FIR copy that registered against the lost file
  • Advertisement in newspapers (English and Urdu)


  • Complete newspaper would be submitted, cutting of newspaper would not be accepted
  • Applicant will get the duplicate copy after 4 weeks from the date of newspaper advertisement.
  • File will not be transferable for the 6 months from the date of issuance duplicate file.

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Bahria Town Karachi Quaid Villa Model House

| Bahria Town News | June 26, 2015

These are the actual recent pictures of Bahria Town Karachi Quaid home. A lot of houses are being ready for living. From the current work pace we can say that in the same year people will start living in these homes.


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Jinnah Avenue Form Adjustment Started in Other Projects

| Bahria Town News | June 13, 2015

Bahria Town has started Jinnah Avenue forms adjustment in selective Bahria Town Karachi projects. Only registered members can adjust their forms with value up to Rs. 300,00 in the following projects. No last adjustment date announced yet.

  • Midway commercial – 5 forms
  • Bahria Heights – 1 form
  • Ali Block – 1 form
  • Bahria Golf 500 Sq. yards – 1 form
  • Bahria Golf 1000 Sq. yards – 2 forms
  • bahria Golf 2000 Sq. yards – 3 forms

Please note, only registered forms will be adjusted. Means, if you have open registration form that will not work. Now the question is, you want to adjust the form for your file but that registration form is not on your name? Dont worry, all you can do is, print an affidavit performa on Rs. 20 stamp paper with thum and ID card copy of the original registration holder. And present to Bahria for adjustment, that's it. No presense required for actual registered member.

Overall this is a good news for the people who have these BTK files. If you have already paid your installments, you can still avail this facility.

Adjustment detail:

Jinnah Avenue forms adjustment started

If you don't have Jinnah form and want to have one with affidavit. Please contact us at 0335-9812022 (whatsapp) or email info@bahriadeals.com

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Bahria Town Karachi Numbers Allotment Balloting On June 30

| Bahria Town News | June 6, 2015

Bahria Town Karachi management announced balloting will be done on June 30, 2015 for all old items, where every file holder will be given a plot/home/apartment number against his/her file. Only those file holders will be eligible for balloting whos installment status is up to date i.e. 5 installment paid.

This will definitely give some coution to the people who purchased files on high rates and now waiting for the good time. Now the quesiton is is, what would be this situation after balloting:

Update 29 June: Last installment date and Balloting date extended to July 10, 2105 — further detail BTK Balloting

Situation after balloting:

There will be no much difference after balloting for plot/apartment/villa numbering balloting unless onground situation is visible. One difference would be, after that catetory(good location) plot will come up with high vaule and general location will remain the same. As you can see numbers and map already available for Ali block but prices are quite down. Even good location plots are in negative.

However, these are the steps from where BTK project will go through. Untimately it will become a great standard for living with high profit.

Bahria Town Karachi numbers allotment

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Bahria Greens Lahore Merging Started

| Bahria Town News | June 6, 2015

Bahria Greens project was launched a couple of years ago with a big hype. Investors shown their high interested and purchased throusands of file on up to 60 thousands own. Since no location or map etc published, even till today nothing, therefore rate started deacreasing and in redult, 5marla file which was being sold at 60 thousand own, that fallen to 160 thousand negative.

However, after strikes and other pressure from public Bahria started merging Greens (Green Valley) files in bahria orchard's 1 Kanal villa and 5marla commercial. Detail is metioned in the below ad. You can also merg files in same category i.e. 5marla file can be merged with-in 5 marla.

Due to this merging rate are getting better now. At this time 5marla is 1 lac minus. The other news is, Bahria has acquired land for Bahria Greens project just infront of Bahria Orchard, hence they are luanching a map soon.

Here is public ad for Green Valley merging:

Bahria Green Valley merging

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Jinnah Avenue Commercial Forms Launched At Bahria Town Karachi

| Bahria Town News | May 29, 2015

Bahria Town management launched a new project with name Jinnah Avenue Commercial. For now registration forms (Rs. 100,000) are given to the people through UBL bank dedicated branches and through those dealers from whom Bahria taken 2/2 million rupees a couple of months ago. As per given detail, balloting will be done and successful form holders will get Rs. 2000,000 discount while booking actual project. If you are not successful then you will get Rs. 300,000 adjustment in Bahria Town Karachi other selective projects.

Initially last registration form submission date was May 25, 2015 then it extended to June 01, 2015 but today it is again extended to June 20, 2015.

Every respective dealer was given 200 to 500 forms.Therefore, everyone wanted to sell before the forms launched, in result market crashed badly. Because those dealer was new with Bahria so they wanted to sell the the forms unlike the big dealers who can hold the items to make the market stable. Jinnah Avenue form was on 100,000 profit before launch but on the launch day it was available on level. And next day it was 15000 minus.

However, now Jinnah Avenue registration forms market is getting better after such news that forms will be adjusted in old BTK items.

Here is some further detail for you through media ad:

Jinnah Avenue Commercial registration forms available

Here is some views by a friend:

Now a days market sentiments are very low with Lots of rumors . According to my Knowledge n sources Jinnah Avenue will be the best project of BAHRIA with quick balloting after Eid and hand over by OCT onward. There are only 16000 forms out of which 10000 is with Big Companies and Corporates. 6000 floating forms are with dealers, investors and brokers . There are lots of fake forms are in market specially frm Pindi .



1) Its not Satta item 

2) Buy only dealers forms wth varification from dealer

3) Do not panic wth price keep 1 or 2 forms for Ballotting its a JACKPOT if hit in ballotting 

4) If failed you wil get 3 lacs discount 

5) Make it cheap by daily buy and sell on surge and dip 

6) keep 1 or 2 forms with you for ballotting

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Bahria Awami Apartments Karachi – Application Forms Available Soon

| Bahria Town News | May 15, 2015

Bahria Town management has launched Awami Apartments, a new free of cost scheme for poor people of Sindh. Anyone can apply for free apartment who has less than 20,000 salary/income and he/she belongs to Sindh (Sindh domicile, especially Karachi). These apartments will have all the facilities which other Bahria Town residents enjoying at Awami villas at Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Chairman of Bahria Town Malik Riaz further announced that special priority will be given to widows and more special to Victim of target killing.

Bahria Awami Apartments application forms will be available soon. Once form available you will be able to download this from our website and also you can get it by cutting the newspaper piece.

As soon as we get more updates, we will keep posted our visitors.

I would request all don't be trapped and don't trap poor people. Let the deserving people get this opportunity. Let's help our best to pass on this to the right people.

Since yesterday people are trading awami villa forms at 5000 to 10000 own. Please wait and you will get this form for free.

Here is media add for Bahria Awami Apartments:

Awami Apartments Bahria Town Karachi - Forms available soon

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Bahria Town Karachi Current Status & Investment Options

| Bahria Town News | April 17, 2015

Many of friends are curious and want to know what to buy and what are the best investment options in Bahria Town Karachi. My views might be different and also somehow I agree with him. But since this is platform for everyone so everyone can openly share his analysis with other Bahria Deals members.

Here is what Mr. Kaleem findings:  

Today i had the privilege to take views from many of the authorized Bahria Town Karachi Agents about investment in BTK.

Unfortunately all gave me same statement that we should encourage buyers & investors to invest  leftover fortune on new items especially Bahria Heights, Ali Block & Golf 500.so after a lot of thinking and a little of Tauheed survey I have concluded that :

  • Authorized agents have keen interest in sale/purchase of new products because they have sold them on heavy own money on launching to general investors now they want to  cover up or compensate in some cases (want to milk already starving cow)
  • They controls the new product market as they are easier to trade as commodity rather than real estate and can be cashed without any obligation within no time.
  • All these new products who has no installments load are traded on Tauheed Commercial by SATTORIAS( who normally r backed by these big guns ) who normally doesn't make payments and exchange the difference amount with out actually taking delivery of pieces.
  • They have introduced a term BUYING OPTION in which they take heavy token money on higher prices than market and give time for balance payment against only their personal receipt of the sold file .These deals normally ends with the token in their own pockets.

Now for last 10 to 15 days Authorized Agents have started giving predictions about dramatic increase in prices of new products especially Ali block, Bahria heights & Golf 500 very soon,regardless of the fact that nobody except these Authorized Agents have made any profits rather investors are suffering heavy losses since their launch.
Any real investor who has made any fortune in new products are welcome to inform & correct me.

As an ethical businessman we all agents should give sincere and honest advice to our buyers and investors with best of our knowledge

NOTE: Last time when I commented on this situation I was kicked out of many groups on face book & whats app which indicate weakness somewhere.I hope this will not happen again and we all shall have, courage to face criticism with dignity and grace.

The groups who banned me are requested to add me again. As per fair play rules.

Thanks & Regards,



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Bahria Blocked/Cancelled File Restoration Started

| Bahria Town News | February 28, 2015

Bahria has started restoration On 27th February 2015, Bahria Town Karachi has given the opportunity to all those File Holders whose files have been cancelled due to non-payments of Installments within the due timeline. Now, you can restore your file after paying 4 Installments + Restoration Fee. Last Date is 13th March.

Update March 13, 2015: 

Bahria Town has extended blocked/cancelled file restoration date i.e. March 17, 2015 would be the last restoration date.

Please note, before applying for restration you must understand the formula. Please before informed that surcharge will also in incurred along with restration fee and installments.

So the formula would be something like i.e. Installments + Surcharge + Restoration fee


Here is Restration detail:

Restoration Fee (Token Paid Files):

          Residential Plots:

  • 125 Yards – Rs. 25,000/-
  • 250 Yards – Rs. 50,000/-
  • 500 Yards – Rs. 75,000/-

Restoration Fee (1st Installment Paid Files):

Residential Plots:

  • 125 Yards – Rs. 15,000/
  • 250 Yards – Rs. 35,000/-\
  • 500 Yards – Rs. 60,000/-

Commercial Plots:

  • 125 Yards – Rs. 500,000/-
  • 200 Yards – Rs. 1,000,000/-

Bahria Homes:

  • 125 Yards – Rs. 400,000/-
  • 200 Yards – Rs. 500,000/-

Bahria Apartments:

  • 2 Bed – Rs. 200,000/-
  • 3 Bed – Rs. 250,000/-
  • 4 Bed – Rs. 300,000/-

Bahria Cancelled file restoration

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Bahria Golf City Overseas Block Karachi

| Bahria Town News | January 31, 2015

Bahria has launched a new project with name Golf city Overseas block in Karachi. This project is only available for Overseas Pakistanis. If you are interested to book a plot and you are in PK then you must find someone in Dubai, London or Newyord who could visit Bahria office and book a plot for you in USD currency.

And Yes, Bahria is launching back to back project which would be definitely beneficial for Bahria itself but people are already bearing a huge losses in Golf projects. People thought they might cover something from golf city project which they lost in Ali block and Heights but they got nothing.

So now this Bahria Golf Overseas block. We are not sure what would be the results of this project but we can have some idea when keeping in mind the normal golf city situation. If you ask me what which Golf city project will be good to invest, I would suggest go for normal Bahria Golf City project which price is currently quite low, even far negative from original prices.

Here is other detail of Bahria Golf City Overseas Block:

Bahria Golf City Overseas Block Karachi

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Midway Commercial & Quaid Villa Balloting Date January 23, 2014

| Bahria Town News | January 11, 2015

Bahria Town has annouced balloting date for Midway commercial and Quaid 200 sq. yards homes which know as Quaid Villa. Overall market is quite slow which is expected to more go down but these are the only new items which rates will araise to some extent. Also these the only two categories which will be deliver first and their gray structure is already completed.

Here is notice from Bahria Town:

Midway commercial and Quaid villa Balloting date

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Ali Block & Bahria Heights Last Submission Date Dec 30, 2014

| Bahria Town News | December 24, 2014

As you know we try to keep our members updated with latest news and development in Bahria Town. Similarly here is notice for Bahria Town Karachi Ali Block and Bahria Heights last submission date:

Ali Block / Bahria Heights due date of form submission is 30th Dec 14  till 5 pm.

You are reminded that any un submitted form after due date/time will be transferred automatically in the name of owner of estate to whom initially forms have been issued therefore please submit remaining forms urgently.


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Bahria Town Karachi Latest Updated Rates

| Bahria Town News | December 19, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi Latest Rates  - Updated - June 14 , 2015 - 12:05 AM PKST

*Please note, installments are not included in mentioned rates!

Res. PlotsBuying Selling
125 sq yards (5 Marla)105,000150,000
125 sq yards (Ali Block)-- 220,000-- 160,000
250 sq yards (10 Marla)725,000825,0000
500 sq yards (1 Kanal)1000,0001100,000
1000 sq yards (2 Kanal)1600,0001800,000

ApartmentsBuying Selling
2 Bed Apartment (900 sq ft)1000,0001150,000
2 Bed Apartment (Heights)-- 250,000-- 150,000

Bahria HomesBuyingSelling
125 sq yards (5 Marla)1100,0001300,000
200 sq yards (8 Marla)2050,0002250,000
200 sq yards (Qauid Villa)4300,0004700,000

Bahria Golf CityBuyingSelling
500 sq. yards (1 Kanal)-- 650,000 -- 550,000
1000 sq. yards (2 Kanal)-- 800,000-- 1000,000
2000 sq. yards (4 Kanal)-- 1400,000-- 1200,000

Comm. PlotsBuyingSelling
125 sq yards (5 Marla)5000,0005500,000
125 sq yards (Midway Comm)110,00,000120,00,000

City ProjectsBuyingSelling
Opal 225175,000190,000
Hoshang pearl170,000180,000
Bahria ICON200,000250,000
Bahria Tower100,000150,000

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Bahria Golf City Karachi Residential Plots Booking Started

| Bahria Town News | December 15, 2014

Finally Bahria has launched it's glorious project Bahria Golf City in Bahria Town Karachi. It would be located at very beginning and will becoming an outstanding location. Imagine you are viewing golf views from your door step. No doubt it is a stunning best project from Bahria but obviously prices are a bit high i.e. 500 sq yards down payment is around 2200,000 PKR, besides that profit is also being added which is currently around 300,000 to 500,000.

Bahria Golf City Karachi Booking Open

Bahria Golf City includes 500 sq yards, 1000 sq yards and 2000 sq yards. No other sizez available, so stay away from the dealers who commit any other category. If you are interesed, you will be able to book your plot only from the dealers but not directly from Bahria. As I mentioned in earlier posts that once main project launched then Bahria launches new blocks by the dealers.

So right now, you will pay profit money and some advance to the dealer to book your plot, they will give receipt for the category plot you are booking. Once forms are available then you will pay the whole (Remaing downpayment) amount and get the form. Actually the form you will get will be a blank form but it will be paid form, that means, all down payment, processing fee and form fee is already submitted to bahria. Don't forget to verify your form before paying money. Please note, you will have to verify the form from the dealer who's stamp mentioned on the form. The whole story is just like Bahria Height's two bed and Ali Block's 125 sq yds. So be careful. If you want to book from BahriaDeals then contact us.

Pricing detail for Golf Course:

Plot SizeProcessing feeDown PaymentInstallment AmountTotal Amount
500 Sq. Yards10,0002,250,000390,6258,500,000
1000 Sq. Yards20,0004,000,000718,75015,500,000
2000 Sq. Yards30,0005,500,0001,250,00025,500,000

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Bahria Heights – Two Bed Apartments & Commercial Shops

| Bahria Town News | November 30, 2014

Bahria Heights is going to appeared in Bahria Town Karachi as a luxurious project that includes two bed apartments and commercial shops. As you can see in the below image, Chairman of Bahria Town Malik Ali Riaz promising that they will construct and deliver Bahria Heights projects in 1.5 years. He also stated that X-Nazim of Karachi Mr. Mustafa Kamal is associated with Bahria Town from last 1.5 years and Monirting Karachi and Singh projects from Dubai.

This is the reason Bahria Heights 2 bed apartment gained around 1900,000 profit just in one week after booking forms launched in the market. I would suggest, if you have money and can invest for a few months then these new apartments are the best option for investment. Dont be fool by some agents as latest rate is quite low i.e. profit is under 100,0000. Please note, Commercial shops are limited and not available in market. They are already booked by big dealers and they are holding them for themselves.

Malik Ali Riaz promising to deliver Bahria Heights project in 1.5 years


Bahria Heights two bed apartments and commercial shops


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