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Bahria Sports City Surcharge Waive off 100%

| Bahria Town News | January 17, 2018

Bahria Town  management has announced 100% surcharge waive off for Sports City Karachi project. The procedure is very simple, anyone wants to waive off his/her 100% surcharge, he needs to visit Bahria Karachi site office and pay the pending installments amount. So all you need to do is show the pending installment receipts to Bahria officer and they will mark the waive off stamp against your account statement. Upon next update your account statement will show no pending dues or any surcharge.

Keep in mind this offer is only available till January 31, 2018.

Why only Bahria Sports City Project surcharge waive off?

As you know Bahria does a lot for any of its project that is not appreciated and its market is down. Similarly Sports city market is quite slow these days. Its long time this project was launched but still most of the area plots which given to genuine customers are in available in minus. Therefore, People do not bother to pay installments and Bahria is not in position to cancel the sports city files because people will prefer refund.

Good location precincts in Sports city are going fine though, good location always given to dealers actually. That's how most of units in precinct 44 and 45 are in general public hands and those are available in minus value.

Here is public message:

Sports City

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Bahria Paradise Karachi Analysis After Balloting

| Bahria Town News | October 22, 2017

Bahria Town Karachi Management finally rolled out balloting results for Bahria Paradise project. If you got your plot alloted in back precincts like 52, 53 and 54 then don't make your luck responsible for this but it had to be done this way, you couldn't get the better location in initial precincts. In fact hardly 5% people get plot allocated in initial precincts i.e. 46, 47, 48 and 49. If this is the case then who got the plots in best precincts? The answer is same as always happens, Bahria Authorized dealers were allotted the best location plots in these precincts. Even before balloting dealers was selling good location plot numbers but they were not authorized to publicize the exact number with document because what will an ordinary person think about Bahria policy as he/she is still waiting for balloting? So the plan was to allot the good numbers under the table, otherwise it could have bad impact on Bahria Town's reputation. Paradise unballoted and open file rate is still on peak, why is that? I leave it to you to think about .....

What is future of bahria Paradise:

I think Bahria Paradise is an outstanding project with all state of the art facilities and the thing that makes it more valuable is, its development work is on fast pace and most of the roads are already carpeted. Hence you will see old project will get halt but Paradise market will boom. Most of the buying/selling will be done in Bahria Paradise project. Whereas old projects will be slower down, as you know Bahria Sports city in the whole, precinct 32, 33 and some more are already dead.

Why Paradise investment is good:

Many people think that Bahria Paradise launching price is too high but if we see the ground reallities it is still better investment than others. Just take an example of Ali block 125 yards, you will get a good location plot in Ali block 125 yards at around 4.5 to 5 millions, and the whole amount you will pay in cash. Now come to Bahria Paradise, you will get 250 yards good loaction plot at around 2 millions upfront amount where 1 installment also inlcuded and here you will get better loactoin as well than Ali block. It maybe costly but you will be paying in installments and eventually bigger plot with higher value. However, your investment plans should be well measured according to your amount management because you will have to pay quarterly installment Rs. 331,000. 

What should I buy in Bahria Paradise:

Lot of people ask me what to buy in Paradise, well its all about your budget but I think you should always go for the best location that comes under your budget because at this moment normal and category plot prices has minor difference but later both prices will be miles away from each other. However, good location plot in back precincts and good location precinct but general plot can also be a good investment approach. Whatever but never invest with plan in mind for short term otherwise situation can be risky.

Good location precincts: Precinct 46, 47, 48 and 49

Good location plots: Corner, Park facing, West open and Main boulevard

Please note, here we are only targetting 250 yards, but overall it covers the whole Bahria Paradise Karachi project.

You can check current current Bahria Paradise rates on our Bahria Karachi Prices page.

Bahria Paradise Investment Plan

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Bahria Paradise Karachi Location Map

| Bahria Town News | August 3, 2017

Bahria Paradise is one of the latest state of the art project from Bahria Town. It has 4 type of unit categories, 250 Sq. Yards, 500 Sq. Yards, 1000 Sq. Yards residential plots and 500 Sq. Yards home. From the price perspective its a bit expensive as compare to old projects but its location far better than Bahria Sports City.
Also Bahria Paradise has some outstanding features such as Taj Mehal, Wide roads, Parks, wide green belts and fountains etc

Bahria Paradise Location map:

As you can see from the Paradise map, there total 12 precincts where Precinct 47 and 48 are location at best location. However, due to Paradise some old precincts prices will be much appreciated such as Precinct 15a, 15b, 27 and precinct 28.

Bahria Paradise map


Bahria Paradise Payment Plan:

Property Type Size Total Price Processing Fee Down Payment Qtr. Installments
Plot 250 SQY 59,25,000 10,000 6,25,000 3,31,250 x 16
Plot 500 SQY 95,50,000 15,000 9,50,000 5,37,500 x 16
Plot 1000 SQY 1,72,75.000 20,000 13,75,000 9,92,188 x 16
Villa 500 SQY 3,85,00,000 25,000 24,90,000 22,50,625 x 16

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Bahria Town Orchard Launched at Raiwaind Road Lahore

| Bahria Town News | January 29, 2017

Another project launched by Bahria Town in Lahore with name Bahria Town Orchard (Phase 4) at Raiwind road Lahore. 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots and 5 marla and 8 marla commercial plots available. The project booking was opened for a few days then again Bahria Town management given the game to dealers. In result rates gone down to minus as usual.

This time Bahria country head Mr. Shahid Qureshi visited Bahria Town Lahore and taken back all 1 kanal files from dealers to push the rate upward. Hence due to unavailability of 1 kanal files the current rate for 1 Kanal is around 4 lac plus/profit/own. Whereas 10 marla is around 175,000 minus. There are also news that bahria town has reduce the quantity of 1 kanal files. Hope you understand the game ๐Ÿ™‚ i.e. 10 marla is available and in big quantity, therefore rate is in minus, on other side 1 kanal being made short, hence rate artificially high. Anytime  maybe 10 marla and kanal can switch their positions.

If you look at Sports City Karachi, you will notice the opposite story SC 10 Marla is around control rate where 1 kanal is around 2 lac minus. 

However, if you have long term plans then Bahria Town Orchard is a better project to invest in. As we all know Raiwind road property has potential in future, road has been built, Kichehri/secretariat is shifting soon and other good facilities are available now.

Here is control price detail:

Bahria Orchard Phase 4

10 Marla Residential
Down Payment Rs. 1,250,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 11,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 427,776/-
2nd to 9th Installment   Rs. 427,778/-

Total Price of 10 Marla =5,111,000/-

01 Kanal Residential
Down Payment Rs. 1,650,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 21,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 716,664/-
2nd to 9th Installment  Rs.716,668/-

Total Price of 1kanal =8,121,000/-

5 Marla Commercial
Down Payment Rs. 3,000,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 21,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 1,333,336/-
2nd to 9th Installment   Rs. 1,333,333/-

Total Price of 5 Marla =15,021,000/-

8 Marla Commercial
Down Payment Rs. 4,500,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 31,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 2,000,000/-
2nd to 9th Installment  Rs.2,000,000/-

Total Price of 8 Marla 22,531,000/-

You can contact me if you are interested in this project.

Bahria Town Orchard Phase 4 Lahore

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How to Unblock Your Bahria Town Karachi Recently Cancelled file

| Bahria Town News | December 11, 2016

Bahria Town Karachi Management announced a policy to unblock those files which are blocked/cancelled recently at Nov 10, 2016. At this moment the only way to unblock is, you need to buy Bahria Greens Lahore file and merged it into your remaining installments. The remaining balance will be added in your account statement. And your file will be unblocked. This is the only option available to unblock your file and last date is December 15, 2016.

Bahria Green adjustment amount is as following:

Bahria Green 5 marla: 300,000 (In case installment paid, then that amount will be adjusted as well)

Bahria Green 10 marla: 5 Lac  (In case installment paid, then that amount will be adjusted as well)


You have 125 yards blocked/cancelled file and you have 3 (270,00) installment missing. In that case you will buy 5 marla bahria green valley file and merge into your file, in result 3 lac will be added to your 125 yards file i.e. 270,000 for your 3 due installments and 30,000 will be adjusted as additional amount.

If you can't find Bahria files and need help for over all process. You can contact me. All I would need your file and CNIC copy, thats it. Ofcourse amount for green file ๐Ÿ™‚

Please note, due to high requirement, bahria green files are available on 50 to 80k own. This merging only can be done in Bahria Town Lahore office.

Apparently looks like Bahria wants to completely remove Green Valley files as that project doesn't exist any more.

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Bahria Sports City Balloting For Number Allotment Done!

| Bahria Town News | November 15, 2016

Finally Bahria has done the balloting for Sports City and numbers have been allotted to plots and 350 yards villas. Actually they are gradually allotting numbers to files so you may receive allotment letter soon if you are lucky. If you are in hurry you can call Bahria Customer Care number and ask for status of your Sports City plot/villa number.

There are around 9 to 13 Precincts launched launched for Sports City project, the last precinct we can see is 45. However, there is still no map for any of the Precinct. Don't expect the location before Precinct 31 ๐Ÿ™‚ However, as soon as maps are launched we will share with you.


Bahria Sports City Balloting results

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Bahria Town Karachi Files Cancellation Notice

| Bahria Town News | November 9, 2016

Bahria Town Karachi management has issues final warning to all BTK file holders where Bahria Town urge to pay your pending installments till 10 November 2016 otherwise your file will be cancelled. As you can see in the below notice, its saying if you didn't deposit your pending installments and if 02 or more pending then your plot/home/apartment will be cancelled in evening same date.

Here is detail:

BTK cancellation notice

Therefore, I would personally suggest you should pay your all installments before due/warning date and get 100% surcharge waive off. If you don't have enough funds then you should at least not miss more than one installment. Don't worry nothing will happen, today market is down but it will be better soon and you will have good chance to get out of it, even you will get some handsome profit but you have to be patient.

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Why Bahria Town Karachi is Slow? Land issues?

| Bahria Town News | October 11, 2016

Its not only Bahria but all societies facing same problem. Why? Its natural due course, prices go high and then some correction take place. Imagine if always prices go high with the same pace then what would be the price of your plot? Nobody would be in position to buy due to very high rate. What i think is its all about your business strategy, how/what/when you make sale purchase.

As i mentioned multiple times, never go for unballoted items because that will not give you fruite unless it is balloted, even if balloted, you never know what location you will get. Hence, in bahria case, rates are still stable for good location property, even you won't be able to find a best location plots. Therefore, always buy good location that is best possible in your budget.

Bahria town situation is still better than others, but things are being bogged due to negative news about land. Whereas same land news are onbaord since begining of Bahria town. Pindi and Lahore BT land news situation was worst than BTK but LHR remained stable, even LDA had hanged banners everywhere, even on bahria town gate that these are illegal lands/sectors (Sector D, E & F) but noting happened, even today is same situation and these sectors are not registered with TMA but rates are high, i.e. 125 yards plot in Sector D upto 65 lac and 250 yards plot in sector E price is up to 110 lac in BTL. Also in the same unregistered sectors, people are living, in Sec D around 85% are houses now and 15% plot and vice versa.

In BTK case, most of the investors are overseas, especially from Arab countries and they quickly get panic even with a tiny news, because they have instant access on social media, where one can easily spread news. However, everything depends on the development, if development is there, nothing will happen and  only development will give the value to your property. What worst can be done due to land issue, Demolish everything?. No, but its all about money give and take. Even the cases detail is, that less money is paid for expensive land, so here what could be the results? Definitely demand for some more money.

Regarding TAX, if you want to make regular sale purchase in BTK then i would suggest play in 125 and 250 yards. Here seller will pay only with-holding tax wich can be reclaimed from FBR. But for that you must be tax payer/filer. I will write in detail regarding tax and latest transfer procedure after taxes.

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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Results – 2nd Phase

| Bahria Town News | August 16, 2016

As per commitment by Malik Riaz Bahria Town Karachi Balloting for second phase has been done successfully. Most of the unballoted updated (with 8 to 10 installment paid) files are given numbers. Almost all new numbers are allotted in the new precincts, there are up around 7 new precincts launched by BTK as given:

P-25-A for 125 Yards

P-26-A for 125 Yards

P-31 for 200 yards Homes

P-32 for 250 Rards

P-33 for 500 Yards

How to check BTK Balloting results (Second Phase):

Simply call Bahria customer care center at 080000100 and you will be given your plot/home/apartment number after providing your valid information. You can also email them at carekhi@bahriatown.com.pk to know the results. 

You can't see balloting results on the website, as i already mentioned Bahria keeps secret the results because they still want to have a key to provide more numbers gradually, especially to the dealers. You will still see the good demand for unballoted files, so dealers can get the file and have the good number allotted.

Bahria Town Karachi Future Map:

Bahria Town Karachi New Map

Bhria Town DRB (Design Review Board) always come up with different designs and suggestion and they finalize one through their due process. Here is another version of Precinct 33. Lets see what they finalize.

BTK Precinct 33 suggested Map

How does the new balloting impact the old items: 

Coming soon .....

Actually I was receiving a lot of calls regarding where to check the balloting results, so I quickly putting the above note for now so people can go towards right direction.

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Merging Procedure For 125 sq. yards

| Bahria Town News | May 31, 2016

I received a lot of requests regarding merging procedure of 125 sq. yards. So here I'm mentioning the whole step by step process. Please note, NDC will be applied for both (Merger and Retainer) files. Merger means the file which may be be blocked, down paid, 1, 2 or up to 6 paid. The retainer file means, the file in which merger file will be merged. It means at the end Merger file will have no existence and that amount will be transferred to the retained file.

Bahria will value your merger file as 150,000 plus installment amount you have paid. Once NDC cleared for both files, then first step would be transfer the merger file on your name, if not already which will cost you 15,000 transfer fee. Then in second step you will merge that transferred file into your retainer file which will cost you 10,000.

Further detail metnioned here:

125 yards merging procedure

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Iqbal Villa Launched at Bahria Town Karachi

| Bahria Town News | April 24, 2016

Bahria Town Management finally launched long awaited BTK Iqbal Villa that measuring 150 sq. yards. This project was under construction for more than year and now 70% completed. If we talk about the price, it seems quite high as compare to other available home projects, even it is expensive than Quaid villa. Qauid home 200 yards was launched at around 72 lacs, although there is significant own on that now. 

Iqbal villa total price is 98,00,000 and its downpayment is 30,00,000. I don't know much what is going to be the results for this project but what i know is, old 125/200 homes price will dramatically increased now, as I alread predicted earlier. Still if i see from the angle where keeping everything in mind, i see th old items shining, obviously the balloted one. Anyways, this new deal is available through dealers and you won't be able to book directly from Bahria. Therefore, I would suggest to wait for a bit and then plan buying once situation is clear for YOU.

Here is Iqbal villa payment schedule:

BTK Iqbal Villa

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Dawn’s Article About Bahria Town Karachi’s Land

| Bahria Town News | April 20, 2016

I'm receiving different queries regarding Dawn Article about Bahria Town Karachi land issues. So here is my point of view.

I didn't read much when i reached the line where it says, it was agricultural land and toms were demolished. Well, which footage/picture shows it was agricultural land were any of use? There are a few graveyards, which are still there and marked as graveyards in precinct 27 and others. 

What makes difference when Bahria Town Karachi jumped in:

1. Huge money influx in Pakistan from overseas Pakistani's. They were not interested before because they had fear to invest in Pakistan. So Bahria Town give them an investment platform with modern living standard community

2. Nobody was ready to buy this land and none of land owner was able to sell, why on would buy this and for what purpose? After bahria step in, surrounding land prices increased dramatically. Yes, there would be a few cases where things overlook but you can't paint all with same brush in such large scale project.

3. Local area people got 1000's of job opportunity at their door step.

5. Bahria Town given a hope to overseas Pakistani's. Especially Pakistani living in KSA/Gulf .. because one day they have to come back to their country. Don't forget that million of Pakistan living in gulf ..one labor catetory and other well settled, the labor category is sending their funds to Pakistan to their family, because as labor they have less income so their family is living back home in Pakistan. On otherwise, Pakistani's with good wealth are living their along with their families, so why they would send their huge money to Pakistan? But they are investing in BTK. What other way? Do you think they place their savings in Paki's banks? Never! but they will prefer placing their amount in their respective country where they currently living. So this is the bahria town who compel them to send Millions to Pakistan through proper channel.

4. Bahria town is high TAX generation machine. Was this land being taxed before?

5. Criticize something is very easy buy construction suggestions are far difficult for us as Pakistani. Why Cricket is not in Pakistan? ofcouse Law n order is issue but there is not a single cricket ground/stadium where international team feels comfortable while traveling from living place (Hotels) to Stadium. To cater this issue there must be a very protective sports stadium where all living facilities available for international people in the same boundary. That's what Bahria Town is doing .. Sports City .. What this author suggest now, from where bharia town should acquire the land? Where he was before.

What Author suggests, government should ban the bahria town and give all land to sardars or give back to Afghans who actually occupied some area? Make the local people jobless again? hhm.. I think Author wants the overseas Pakistani to sell their property and pull their money back from insecure Pakistan investment?

We need developers like bahria town but there must be some authorities who could keep some checks on bahria town and timely secure the rights of people. Now what author wants, demolish the homes where millions invested by our own people?

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Bahria Town Karachi 200 Yards Home Possession Started

| Bahria Town News | April 2, 2016

Bahria Town has started giving possession for Bahria homes 200 Sq yards from March 31, 2016. This is another milestone Bahria Town has achieved. 200 yards villa is one of the hottest product of Bahria town which is in profit of up to 40 lacs from actual price. And that is really good gain in property business in this 2 years time frame with a nominal investment amount. Whatsoever but this inreasing rate game is still on and it will get more attraction after this 200 yards villa possession. 


Here is 200 yards villa detail:

Bahria town 200 villa

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Bahria Town Karachi Ali Block Possession on March 23

| Bahria Town News | March 22, 2016

Bahria Town Management is going to offer Ali block possession on March 23, at 6pm on Bahria Town site. This will include music concert with local singers and tremendous firework as per bahria tradition. Only families allowed!

This this is the reason that Ali block price is high as compare to normal 125 yards, becasue Bahria Town is going to offer possession far ahead which will defenitely result good price raise and people will get a chance to cover their losses. But i'm afriad the ones who purchased at high own, they will have to still wait for an year or so. But if someone wants to build his/her house then there is everything go to go for him/her.

We will share our feedback once done:

Ali Block possession

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Bahria Town Sports City Karachi Booking Started

| Bahria Town News | January 31, 2016

Bahria Town has launched a new project with name Bahria Sports City. This project will be one of the best international sports complex containing all world standard grounds. It has different residential categories available i.e. 250, 500 and 1000 Sq. Yards. It is a 4 years plan.
Update: Booking forms available at Bahria Town offices @1000 pkr. Make sure you do not buy this form on profit as its not a registration form but a booking form. We recommend book Sports city from a dealer and ask for some discount. Booking last date is 16 February, 2016
If we look at the price of the plots, they look pretty reasonable, however nobody knows where is the location. If the location resides in the existing precincts then it would be incredible but chances for that is very less because current precinct plots prices are pretty high. Bahria Town Sports City Bahria Sports City balloting is expected in March this year, most probably on March 23, 2016 along with old unballoted items. Per my understanding old items location would be appear same with BSC plots. Maybe old items plots will given at start and after that location will be allotted to Bahria Sports City residential plots. What should we do?: That really depends on the number of files dealer will throw out in the market. But one thing is sure, there will be a at least one satta/game where rates will increase dramatically due to small investment, because this deal is given through dealers and this time Bahria is not forcing big dealers for payments, because Bahria knows that people are already stuck in other more than 40 products. Therefore, its a good project to invest in for the short time, let's say for 6 months. We can come out after gaining some profit. Old un-balloted vs Sports City: As I already mentioned that old items are expected to be given before BSC which looks good choice but keep in mind, Sports City is a small investment, you don't need to pay installment money yet but only down payment. Besides that there is no transfer fee at beginning as open forms will be trade in the market, so if you are out of country then its more viable investment for you because you don't have to come to Pakistan for transfer for some time. Make sure you buy a form that is trade-able in all main cities. Bahria Sports City Payment Plan: Bahria Sports City payment plan If you need my help for booking, just whatsapp me ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bahria Town Karachi New Year Family Festival 2016

| Bahria Town News | December 25, 2015

As always Bahria Town is arrangement a New Year Family Festival for beloved Karachi people on December 31 at 08:30pm at Bahria Town Karachi supper highway. Only family will be allowed in this event. Some well known singers will take part in this festival i.e. Humaira Arshad, Abrar ul Haq, Sajjad Ali, Sawaira and Humaira Kanwal. Besides that, some more entertainment will be seen such as Music, Magic shows, fun food, Foak dances, shopping area etc. This is something normally Bahria do to grabย people attraction towards Bahria Town. Here is further detail: Bahria Family Festival

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