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BTK file cancellation notice with last warning

| Bahria Town News | November 22, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi served a notice with last warning to all the file holders who are not paying installments. A lot of BD members contacted me and asked what can be done in this situation. Well, I would suggest if you can pay installment, you should clear all your due installments right away. I know right know there is two benefits of not paying installments, one is you save money by keeping files with less amount , second is peple like more file with no installment so they trade in less amount.

File cancellation notice for pending installments

But let me tell you clearly that time is coming when only up to date file will be traded in the market. Hence you should pay your installments. If you ask me what are the chances of cancellation of file, I would tell you 30%. 

Reasons, why Bahria will not cancel your file:

  1. If we look through Bahria's track record, Bahria didn't cancel the files with no payments but in some cases Bahria didn't add pending dues file in balloting/allotment.
  2. If Bahria stared cancelling the property files, it will defenitly put bad impact on their overall business and people won't invest because of fear.
  3. An important reason is, none of Bahria dealer dare to pay any installments and more than 70% of files are being held by property dealers/agents.
  4. Ethically Bahria should not cancel the properly that is not available on ground.

Reasons, why Bahria will cancel your file:

  1. Bahria clearly mentioned on back of the file that your file can be cancelled if you do not pay two consecutive installments. As you can can see now third installment date is over due.
  2. Bahria didn't send this sort of warning before. There are more than 50 thousand of 125sq yds files available, so do you think Bahria will alot plots to all file holders? No definitely Bahria will do some merging and cancellation to reduce the files.
  3. If we compare BTK project with Lahore and Rawalpindi, BTK has some different policies. In BTK Bahria doesn't waive off any late payment fee and sort of different documentation. Whereas in LHR and RWP projects Bahria used to waive off the surcharges.

Dear members, these are just my own views so give you some high level idea. You should take your own decision.


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Bahria New Deal – 125 sq yds plot and 2-bed Apartment – Ali Block

| Bahria Town News | October 26, 2014

Today Bahria Town has launched a new deal for their Karachi project. This includes 125 sq yds plots and 2-bed luxury apartments. The best thing with this launching is, its possession will be given in next few months in Ali Block which is starting area of the Bahria town karachi and most of the development work already done. 125 sq. yds plot booking price is 6,00000 with total price of 30,000,00 and 2-bed luxury apartment booking 10,50,000 and total price is 50,000,00. Please note, these deals are not open for direct customers but Bahria launched them through a few main dealers. So if you are interested you can buy them from the market and or any estate agent. 

New deal - 2 bed apartment and 125 sq. yds plot

If you want to build a 125 sq. yds home or move to an luxury apartment in Bahria town from next year's first quarter then this is the best time for you to book your plot or apartment today. Due to it's location and early possession their prices will definitely go high soon. Another reason is the plots/apartments are in limited quantity. If you ask me, I bet you that big fish like Prism, Enem, New York etc facing shortage and they are buying from the market at own money, whom they sold the same apartment a couple of days ago.

Bahria Town Karachi Ali Block

The best thing with this deal is, as you can see in the above booking form picture, you will get open form and you can keep and trade this form in the market as it is, no immediate transfer/address/name issues. So whenever required, you can simply fill up the form and submit to Bahria with-out paying anything. My recommendation is, use the address of Karachi, Lahore or Rawalpindi/ISB, otherwise you may have issues while selling file in market.

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Bahria Home 200 Sq yards – New Deal at Bahria Town Karachi

| Bahria Town News | August 31, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi management announced a new deal at Bahria Town Karachi. In this Bahria launched 200 Sq yards home. Yes it is a new deal. Now you would be thinking why Bahria 200 sq yards home being offered again since it was already available? The reason is Bahria management thought this is the only project which price is in profit of around 10,00000 and it is mainly attracted by the customers.The reason is, this project initial price was quite reasonable and launched limited Homes/files, therefore, people shown much interest in this project.

200 Sq yards Home - New project Bahria Town

The 200 Sq yards home which already exist total price was 49,00000 but the new same size new Home project total price is now 75,00000. Now the question is why the new project is better? Because it will be available just 1km from the main gate. Also it’s possession will be given in 2 years, whereas the old project possession time is 4 years. Also previous project location comes at the back side. But still you would be thinking that the old home is cheaper even after adding 10 lacs profit money.

The different I can see is, if you want to buy either of project home you would pay 18 lacs in start but with the previous project you will have to pay 2 installments as well. Interesting, what should we buy now … let’s discuss this in comments area..

Here is detail of the new 200 sq yards Home project:

200 Sq Yds Villa
Fresh Bookings @ Quaid Block (1 Km distance from main gate)
Total Price: 75 Lacs
Down payment: 18 Lacs
Quarterly Installments: Rs. 712,500 /-
2 Years Payment Plan
Possession in 12 Months
Confirm Allotment number at 1st Installment.

Please note: This project is not launched directly by Bahria to the customers but you will be able to get book the Home from dealers. If you are interested, we can provide you.

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Bahria Town Karachi Transfer Procedure and Fee Structure

| Bahria Town News | August 23, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi file transfer process and fee structure is the main focus now a days between buyers and sellers. If you are interested to buy or sell bahria file or plot then here is ultimate guidance for you.

First think you need to know is always buyer will pay the transfer fee. However, seller will apply the NDC (No Demand Certificate) and will book the transfer date.

Here are the documents required for transfer:

  1. Buyer and Seller presence in person, if buy don't want to appear he should provide authorized representative with valid authority.
  2. Original CNIC copies for buyer and seller. Buyer will also provide CNIC copy of nominee.
  3. Passport size current photographs for buyer and seller.
  4. Original plot/apartment/home booking form customer copy.
  5. Original bank slip of transfer fee which deposited in NIB bank account #13106339 (There are some other banks also available)
  6. Original slips for all payments done against this file.
  7. Valid copy of NDC.

‚ÄčFee Structure:

Residential Plots:

  • 125 Square Yards: PKR 6,000/-
  • 250 Square Yards: PKR 27,500/-
  • 500 Square Yards: PKR 37,500/-
  • 1000 Square Yards: PKR 67,500/-
  • 2000 Square Yards: PKR 165,000/-

Commercial Plots:

  • 125 Square Yards: PKR 95,000/-
  • 200 Square Yards: PKR 155,000/-
  • 250 Square Yards: PKR 175,000/-

Bahria Homes:

  • 125 Square Yards: PKR 32,500/-
  • 200 Square Yards: PKR 37,500/-

Bahria Apartments:

  • 2 Bedroom (950 Square Feet): PKR 22,500/-
  • 3 Bedroom (2250 Square Feet): PKR 50,000/-
  • 4 Bedroom (2950 Square Feet): PKR 67,500/-

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Bahria Enclave 2 Current Situation & Future

| Bahria Town News | May 11, 2014

Unfortunately Bahria Enclave 2 pricing value is going down day by day which is badly impacting investor and regular customer trust on Bahria. Lot of people invested their money in Enclave 2 but now they are totally stuck. Profit is far even they don't have any way to bear even a little loss and come out from this business death game.

Enclave 2 current situation: let's analyze the situation through 5 marla plot then you can have idea for other sizes plots. If still required we can discuss in comments area. Well, if we look through 5 marla Enclave two people booked it on high prices even on Rs. 1500000 (15 lacs) and now people are ready to sell the same amount file on Rs. 550,000 but no one is there to buy this even. Bahria control rate was Rs. 9,39,000 but be reminded Enclave 2 booking was not available for regular customers and investors but it was given to a couple of big dealers who added their own money and made the rate around 15 lac in start. Ohhh! Bahria is asking for installment as well.

If you see above, i mentioned FILE somewhere. Yes file, we can not call it plot because it doesn't exist on the ground, Even Enclave 1 portion doesn't exist on the ground. We understand it might have good location but current situation's blue print is pretty visible.

Enclave 2 Future: The time when Bahria launched Enclave two, Bahria Rawalpindi/Islamabad market was pretty high, therefore Bahria introduced this project with high amount. As in example Rawalpindi Bahria phase 8 M block 5 marla plot total price was 31 lacs, so Bahria thought why make the Enclave 2 worth 39 lacs as it has best location. But who knew, M 5marla plot now easily available @ 18 lacs. So if this is the case then a mentely stable person will never buy E2 plot with triple than M block 5 marla plot which is on ground as well.

The 2nd main reason on Enclave 2 collapsing is, Bahria launched Bahria Town Karachi with low cost. Where 5marla plot cost you 1,70000. Now image why one should buy Enclave 2 even at 5,50000? So Karachi project is more attractive for the investors.

What should I do now?: you have two option, if you don't have enough money then simply wait at least for 2 years. The other option is, if you have money then buy one more plot at low rate which will make your both plots buying average to some 7 to 8 lacs. So as you see Bahria publish some ad or do something in the favor on Enclave 2 then for some time maybe rate will go high and there you will throw your both files in the market and you can come out from this lossy game.

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Bahria Town Karachi Installments Schedule

| Bahria Town News | May 1, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi project was taken as one of best opportunity for investment and was a road map for a quick and handsome profit source but pricing for Bahria Karachi are significantly decreased and that caused disappointment of investors. Why pricing decreased? Well there are certian reasons, but If you ask me the major reason is, Bahria still taking bookings for their LOVING dealers. Besides that, first installment is due on May 07 and that also add some fear in people. Hence people are selling and coming out this game.

However, still many peoples are committed and want to pay the installment. If you are the one, please see the below installment plan and move forward accordingly.


Following is the Payment Schedule of residential plots: -


125 Yards Residential Plot.  First Installment on 7 May 2014 and the installment amount is Rs. 90,000; total installments are 16 and the last installment is on 7 February 2018. Total price of the plot is Rs. 1,725000. 125 yards plot is also called 5 Marla and has 25×50 dimension.

250 Yards Residential Plot.  First Installment on 7 May 2014 and the installment amount is Rs. 152,000; total installments are 16 and the last installment is on 7 February 2018. Total price of the plot is Rs. 2,850000. 250 yards plot is also called 10 Marla and has 35×70 dimension.

500 Yards Residential Plot.  First Installment on 7 May 2014 and the installment amount is Rs. 260,000; total installments are 16 and the last installment is on 7 February 2018. Total price of the plot is Rs. 4,650000. 500 yards plot is also called 1 Kanal and has 50×90 dimension.

1000 Yards Residential Plot.  First Installment on 7 May 2014 and the installment amount is Rs. 500,000; total installments are 16 and the last installment is on 7 February 2018. Total price of the plot is Rs. 8,600000. 1000 yards plot is also called 2 Kanal and has 75×120 dimension.

2000 Yards Residential Plot.  First Installment on 7 May 2014 and the installment amount is Rs. 1,10,000; total installments are 16 and the last installment is on 7 February 2018. Total price of the plot is Rs. 18,500000. 2000 yards plot is also called 4 Kanal and has 90×200 dimension.

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Some Important Q&A About Bahria Town Karachi

| Bahria Town News | April 19, 2014

Dear Azanshah! Can u give cmts on fol 4 everyone’s interest?
1. When BTK is closing file transfer?
[Azan Shah] Bahria Town will never close transfer, otherwise no one can buy/sell property which Bahria never wants.

2. How can one sale his file when tfr is officialy closed?
[Azan Shah] Please see Answer for #1.

3. What is golden time 2 sale file? B4 1st instalment or ….? 
[Azan Shah] Unless a Bahria file coverted into plot it is totally gamble and you never know when the price will go high and when it will go down. You know why? because there is no plot and FILE itself has no value, so it all depends on big investors, if they decide and buy 500 files, rate will instantly touc 250k for 125 sq. yds BTK. Simlary for other size plot. So the best time would be wait for a plot allotment and ofcouse delelopment.

4. Don’t u think price of files would be reduce after each instalment as 1st 2to3 instalments vud b paid by max people but later lot of files wud come in market to avoid likely non payments? And purchasers vud exploite them.
[Azan Shah] It is not neccessary but most of the bahria investors are dealers and these dealers do not pay the installments. So plot with no installment paid will come up with high price becasue buyer will not pay installment money to seller.

5. Would price of file go down if BTK closes tfr?
[Azan Shah] BTK file transfer will never close.

6. Whom u prefer 2 sale file? Individual or agents? Any recommended agent?
[Azan Shah] Any agent who give you fair and profitable deal. I'd recommend Bahria Deals Associates in KHI :)

Sir take time but must reply. Thanks

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Notice – Transfer Fee Reduced For Bahria Karachi Projects

| Bahria Town News | April 12, 2014

Bahria Town published a public notice where they announced more discount in Bahria Town Karachi projects file transfer fee. They mentioned that based on special instructions by Bahria Town Chief Executive the 125 Sq. yards (5marla) transfer fee is reduced from Rs. 16000 to Rs.6000. They also stated that this facility will be available from April 10, 2014 to 07 July, 2014.

Why this change from Bahria? Well, per our understanding Bahria announced this transfer reduction because of very low sale/purchase of high amount of 125 sq yds files. That was also leading to low price because every buyer was reluctant to by plot due to high Transfer fee. You know better Bahria dealers play with very short profit so it was not suitable transfer fee for them. But now it will definitely get some raise in the shape of pricing.

That is not enough, we also suggest that Bahria should start Open Transfer process. That will help all parties to expedite the Karachi project business.

Here is notice published by Bahria:

125 Sq. yards transfer fee

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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Results Online

| Bahria Town News | March 23, 2014

Bahria Town karachi balloting has been successfully done today at Bahria Karachi site. This was a mind blowing ceremony where huge number of people participated to see the results for their BTK booking. If you still didn't get a chance to see the results and you want to know your booking file status then you are on right place. 

Simply go to the results page and check the BTK balloting results. Make sure you have booking form number and CNIC number with you.

If you ask me about my thoughts on this balloting, I would come up with detailed article on this after file transfer started. For now I just want to share with you that 90% applicants are successful in this balloting.

Congratulation to all successful members for their property at Bahria Town :)

Here is computerized balloting ceremony photo:

BahriaTownKarachi Computerized Balloting

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Bahria Town Karachi Map For Residential and Commercial Projects

| Bahria Town News | March 23, 2014

Here is Bahria Town Karachi Map for 125, 250 sq yds, Overseas block and other residential, and commercial projects. It is not very clear but it can give you some idea for respective blocks. If you see 250 Sq yds (10 marla) location is better than 125 sq yds (5 marla). Overseas block is also located at good place. Let's wait for copy of good map view which will be published soon.

If you look at the number of plots, they seem low number but the applicants are too many. Not sure how Bahria will manage because lot of bookings are given away to form holders.


Bahria Town Karachi Map:

Bahria Town Karachi Map

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Bahria Town Karachi Transfer & Open Started From March 24, 2014

| Bahria Town News | March 16, 2014

This Morning Bahria Management has announced Transfer starting date for Bahria Karachi project and that is 24 March 24, 2014. This would be right after Balloting date which is March 23. Bahria mentioned only Transfer in the Newspaper ad which is a bit partial news for you because you would be definitely expecting not only transfer but OPEN as well, because you want to make your booking/file open so you could do some buying selling in order to make some profit after booking long wait.

Therefore, per our experience, Bahria will not only start file transfer on the above given but they will start file opening too, that is is how their trend and past history.

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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Date March 23, 2014

| Bahria Town News | March 16, 2014

Bahria Town Karachi balloting date has been announced and that is going to be held at March 23, 2014. Hope this will bring some great news for all BTK file holders. This balloting is will be done at Bahria Town Karachi site office but will will be done only for the respective categories such as plot, apartment, homes and commercial plots.

There is great possibility that everyone will get confirm allotment but still those have still upper hand who went for confirm booking from different dealers. As they know their respective file is confirmed so they are out of balloting tension, that's the reason their file rate is comparatively high than normal booking.

Please do not forget that right after next day of balloting, BTK file transfer is being started, after that buying/selling will touch its peak. That's what everyone is waiting for. Good luck everyone!

Bahria Town Karachi Balloting and Transfer date

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Bahria Karachi Overseas Block Booking & Payment Schedule

| Bahria Town News | February 22, 2014

As per commitment Bahria has launched Overseas Block in Karachi. These project is purely for Overseas Pakistanis. However, Bahria is always submitting bookings from Pakistan. A lot of peoples are booking plots in Overseas block as they believe it will have some extra luxury life style living facilities. Bahria is charging amount in $$, but still there are dealers who can help you book the plots in PAK rupees.

If you ask me, I would say it is a bit expensive project as compare to BTK. In Bahria Town Karachi earlier project 150 Sq. yards (10 Marla) cost around 28,00000 and also discount was available for registered members, but in Overseas block case no discount available till this time, and also price is 35,00000. Maybe later on Bahria announce Opal and Pearl adjustment in Overseas project as well.

Here is pricing detail:

Bahria Overseas Block Booking and Payment Schedule

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Overseas Block Launching at Bahria Town Karachi

| Bahria Town News | February 15, 2014

Bahria Town Management announced in today's newspaper that they are going to launch Overseas Block at Bahria Town Karachi on February 21, 2014. Bahria has already delivered Overseas projects in Lahore and Rawalpindi but the new in Karachi Overseas is it is clearly mentioned by Bahria that only Overseas Pakistanis will be eligible to book the property. 

However, we think unlike the news, everyone in Pakistan will be allowed to book the plots, commercial and homes, because any of Bahria's project success is tied with Pakistan dealers, and each dealer owns their client-base in different cities of Pakistan. So it's gonna be difficult for Bahria to sell their project only to Overseas with-out dealers involvement. Imagine how such dealers would be possible at Edgeware road London. Hence, our analysis says, it would be available for everyone.

Another important point is, there is possibility that Bahria will give option to customer to use their Opal 225, Hoshang Pearl and other towers forms for Overseas booking along with respective rebate adjustment. Because I believe, bahria will never give back money to unsuccessful forms holders.

Here are few words from experts: I personally may not agree with all of them.

  • Bahria will not announced any new projects and unless Opal 225 and Hoshang Pearl downpayment paid
  • Someone emailded and said, Peshawar project will start at Feb 27
  • Bahria will give plot/home to everyone, won't return money to any customer
  • Bahria will never let the BTK prices deacrease due to two reasons 1) DHA vs. Bahria 2) Their first mega project in Karachi

Here is Overseas launch news:

Overseas block launching at bahria Town karachi

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Booking Closed For Bahria Town Karachi, Now What?

| Bahria Town News | February 8, 2014

Finally registration forms game over and booking closed for Bahria Town Karachi. Forms converted into files. 07 February was last date of booking, lot of people booked 125 sq yards plots. Also lot of people trusted on dealers and preferred confirm booking.

Confirm Booking:

Some one emailed and asked if confirm booking is legit and if he should go for it. My answer was, YES you should go for confirm booking but that booking should be from known dealer such as PRISM, Enem and Ali Saqlain etc. 

If we see the trend most of the times Bahria sell the projects through those dealers as they sometimes give you some rebate, some discount and other packages which help Bahria to sell the project as much as possible. Whereas, Bahria can't do such tricks but yes Bahria do the same with those dealers. 

I still have BTK slip, now what?

Someone also asked me he still has two registration slips, now what to do. My answer was, per my understanding your forms are useless now and can't be used anywhere, but who knows Bahria may throw some deal for those who still own registration slips, but chances are less. 

Opal 225 & Hoshang Pearl future

As for as Opal 225 and Hoshang Pearl concerned, as I predicted a few days back, these projects prices is raised up right after booking due to two reasons, 1, most of the people would used their forms in BTK projects for homes, commercial and apartments so after booking less amount would be remaining and that will cause price boost. 2nd reason is most effected registration form (residential) will consider no more valid, therefore, people will concentrate on Opal and Pearl as they are only projects left in the market to invest.

Bahria Town Karachi future

Now the next step is, investors will wait for the time, when Bahria starts open/transfer for BTK files. after that they will be able to buy/sell their plots/homes/apartments and commercial files. It is possibility Bahria rather only start transfer process but not open, that's how Bahria did in some RWP and Lahore projects. But I personally think only transfer option would not work for Bahria Karachi case because not only Karachi people but investors are involved from all over the Pakistan and in transfer case buyer and seller both should be available. Imagine if there is only transfer option, then KHI file can be sell in Lahore or RWP and the same way other areas people files will not be able to sell in Karachi.

Balloting & Installments

Balloting stage is also very important for Bahria because Bahria can't ask for any installment once balloting part is clear. Also no one is going to pay installment unless he/she knows his/her property in confirmed.

You have done booking and now you would be thinking , do I have done good investment? Yes, you have done good investment, and you will see you will get some good gain in shape of profit. Please note, one rule of Bahria, "Holding is earning"

Any comments are welcome
Good luck! 

Here is special thanks from Bahria Town Management:

Booking closed for Bahria Town Karachi now what to do?

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Jobs Opportunity in Bahria Town Lahore

| Bahria Town News | February 7, 2014

Bahria Town Lahore announced job opportunities in their Lahore section. This is a good chance for you if you are a retired place officer or have some experience in relevant field. There is not only security jobs in Bahria Town Lahore but there are some other areas where you can apply to get a chance, maybe you become a regular employee of Bahria Town. 

They are offering all necessary benefits like handsome salary with free lunch/dinner, free accommodation, free medical and uniform etc from Bahria Town company.

Here is open positions list:

  1. Manager Security
  2. In-charge Investigation
  3. Manager Water & Disposal
  4. Finger Prints Specialist
  5. Supervisors (Sewerage and Disposal)
  6. Supervisors (Water Supply)
  7. Security Guards

Interested friend can submit their C.V before 14 February with relevant expereince detail. This is good chance for you to become a part of Bahria Town family.

Here is newspaper ad detail:

Jobs in Bahria Town Lahore

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