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Bahria Enclave 2 Current Situation & Future

| Bahria Town News | May 11, 2014

Unfortunately Bahria Enclave 2 pricing value is going down day by day which is badly impacting investor and regular customer trust on Bahria. Lot of people invested their money in Enclave 2 but now they are totally stuck. Profit is far even they don't have any way to bear even a little loss and come out from this business death game.

Enclave 2 current situation: let's analyze the situation through 5 marla plot then you can have idea for other sizes plots. If still required we can discuss in comments area. Well, if we look through 5 marla Enclave two people booked it on high prices even on Rs. 1500000 (15 lacs) and now people are ready to sell the same amount file on Rs. 550,000 but no one is there to buy this even. Bahria control rate was Rs. 9,39,000 but be reminded Enclave 2 booking was not available for regular customers and investors but it was given to a couple of big dealers who added their own money and made the rate around 15 lac in start. Ohhh! Bahria is asking for installment as well.

If you see above, i mentioned FILE somewhere. Yes file, we can not call it plot because it doesn't exist on the ground, Even Enclave 1 portion doesn't exist on the ground. We understand it might have good location but current situation's blue print is pretty visible.

Enclave 2 Future: The time when Bahria launched Enclave two, Bahria Rawalpindi/Islamabad market was pretty high, therefore Bahria introduced this project with high amount. As in example Rawalpindi Bahria phase 8 M block 5 marla plot total price was 31 lacs, so Bahria thought why make the Enclave 2 worth 39 lacs as it has best location. But who knew, M 5marla plot now easily available @ 18 lacs. So if this is the case then a mentely stable person will never buy E2 plot with triple than M block 5 marla plot which is on ground as well.

The 2nd main reason on Enclave 2 collapsing is, Bahria launched Bahria Town Karachi with low cost. Where 5marla plot cost you 1,70000. Now image why one should buy Enclave 2 even at 5,50000? So Karachi project is more attractive for the investors.

What should I do now?: you have two option, if you don't have enough money then simply wait at least for 2 years. The other option is, if you have money then buy one more plot at low rate which will make your both plots buying average to some 7 to 8 lacs. So as you see Bahria publish some ad or do something in the favor on Enclave 2 then for some time maybe rate will go high and there you will throw your both files in the market and you can come out from this lossy game.

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Bahria Enclave 2 Islamabad Launched & Booking Started

| Bahria Town News | December 15, 2013

Bahria Enclave Est. Price (5m) (20 March, 2015)

►Buying Rate: 560,000

►Selling Rate:  590,000

Wait overs! Finally Bahria Enclave 2 Launched in Islamabad. This project is a bit expensive but location wise this is really good news for everyone. This is not only a luxurious project but it will also put some health in dead market. A lot of people already booked plots in Bahria Enclave 2 Islamabad, as it was a long awaited project. 

Updated situation Enclave 2

There are different size plots available for sale i.e. 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. Below is a sketch of payment plan:

Bharia Enclave 2 Islamabad

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