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Analysis of Bahria Town Present Situation

| Bahria Town News | September 26, 2015

Finally Bahria Town Karachi old  items balloting done but that is partially completed for only 10% of people who paid their all 6 installments. Also most of the successful files got numbers in Precinct 28 to 30. If you look at the current precincts map, you will see only 22 precincts. Why not blocks but precincts? Because normally one block has same category property, hence if Bahria gives numbers to every 125 holder then whole bahria land will  be covered in 125's with single block. Therefore, Bahria seems to be giving all categories some place in precincts. So one precinct can have different categories. Also this precinct map doesn't look final it can be modified later as well, this is not confirm news but my prediction. You should not always take my prediction serious 🙂 As you know we share the valuable analysis of our valuable BD's members. Similarly below is the analysis of one of our friend. I Bahria_precincts_maphope you will appreciate his views. After a long time, Bahria has done the balloting although they promised to add all those members who paid 05 installments but results show that only those members were added who paid all 06 installments. This is very amazing that all members got letters for payment of installment so that they can be considered in balloting but this time they did not circulate any message and done the balloting and on helpline no body is informing that only those were considered who paid 06 installments. Anyways it seems that Bahria wants to attract members for payment of installments but balloting seems not to effect this scenario as market value is continuously going down. In this scenario chances are very meager that prices will go up even after balloting of 10 % property Installment payment will only be done when improvement in market value will occur and Bahria has to take step for this on urgent basis so that member's trust can be regained. It is also possible that prices has been got down deliberately so that extra files in the market specially of 125 square yard can be disposed off but even for that atleast prices should go up to the actual amount paid by the members because majority of members will not sale at that much lower price. Now the ball is in the court of Bahria Authorities and they have to take immediate steps to protect collapse of their project and to gain trust of members back so that investment flow will again occur towards Bahria Project Muhammad Naeem Memon Hyderabad 0331-3522291

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Bahria Town Lahore Sector F Balloting Date Announcement and Public Notice

| Bahria Town News | December 2, 2013

Bahria Town Lahore sector F balloting is pending from a while now and all the file holders are anxiously waiting for the balloting and proposed map. So here is good news for the sector F file holders that as per below notice from Bahria they are going kick off the balloting on 15 December. However, as they mentioned in the below notice, only those file holders will in included in the balloting process who have submitted their 3 installments till December, 2013. Therefore, to be included in balloting process you need to submit your 3 installments in any case till December 05, 2013.

Here is notice copy:

Bahria Town Sector F balloting

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