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Bahria Town Orchard Launched at Raiwaind Road Lahore

| Bahria Town News | January 29, 2017

Another project launched by Bahria Town in Lahore with name Bahria Town Orchard (Phase 4) at Raiwind road Lahore. 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots and 5 marla and 8 marla commercial plots available. The project booking was opened for a few days then again Bahria Town management given the game to dealers. In result rates gone down to minus as usual.

This time Bahria country head Mr. Shahid Qureshi visited Bahria Town Lahore and taken back all 1 kanal files from dealers to push the rate upward. Hence due to unavailability of 1 kanal files the current rate for 1 Kanal is around 4 lac plus/profit/own. Whereas 10 marla is around 175,000 minus. There are also news that bahria town has reduce the quantity of 1 kanal files. Hope you understand the game 🙂 i.e. 10 marla is available and in big quantity, therefore rate is in minus, on other side 1 kanal being made short, hence rate artificially high. Anytime  maybe 10 marla and kanal can switch their positions.

If you look at Sports City Karachi, you will notice the opposite story SC 10 Marla is around control rate where 1 kanal is around 2 lac minus. 

However, if you have long term plans then Bahria Town Orchard is a better project to invest in. As we all know Raiwind road property has potential in future, road has been built, Kichehri/secretariat is shifting soon and other good facilities are available now.

Here is control price detail:

Bahria Orchard Phase 4

10 Marla Residential
Down Payment Rs. 1,250,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 11,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 427,776/-
2nd to 9th Installment   Rs. 427,778/-

Total Price of 10 Marla =5,111,000/-

01 Kanal Residential
Down Payment Rs. 1,650,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 21,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 716,664/-
2nd to 9th Installment  Rs.716,668/-

Total Price of 1kanal =8,121,000/-

5 Marla Commercial
Down Payment Rs. 3,000,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 21,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 1,333,336/-
2nd to 9th Installment   Rs. 1,333,333/-

Total Price of 5 Marla =15,021,000/-

8 Marla Commercial
Down Payment Rs. 4,500,000/-
Processing Fee Rs. 31,000/-
1st Installment After 2 Months Rs. 2,000,000/-
2nd to 9th Installment  Rs.2,000,000/-

Total Price of 8 Marla 22,531,000/-

You can contact me if you are interested in this project.

Bahria Town Orchard Phase 4 Lahore

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Why Bahria Town Karachi is Slow? Land issues?

| Bahria Town News | October 11, 2016

Its not only Bahria but all societies facing same problem. Why? Its natural due course, prices go high and then some correction take place. Imagine if always prices go high with the same pace then what would be the price of your plot? Nobody would be in position to buy due to very high rate. What i think is its all about your business strategy, how/what/when you make sale purchase.

As i mentioned multiple times, never go for unballoted items because that will not give you fruite unless it is balloted, even if balloted, you never know what location you will get. Hence, in bahria case, rates are still stable for good location property, even you won't be able to find a best location plots. Therefore, always buy good location that is best possible in your budget.

Bahria town situation is still better than others, but things are being bogged due to negative news about land. Whereas same land news are onbaord since begining of Bahria town. Pindi and Lahore BT land news situation was worst than BTK but LHR remained stable, even LDA had hanged banners everywhere, even on bahria town gate that these are illegal lands/sectors (Sector D, E & F) but noting happened, even today is same situation and these sectors are not registered with TMA but rates are high, i.e. 125 yards plot in Sector D upto 65 lac and 250 yards plot in sector E price is up to 110 lac in BTL. Also in the same unregistered sectors, people are living, in Sec D around 85% are houses now and 15% plot and vice versa.

In BTK case, most of the investors are overseas, especially from Arab countries and they quickly get panic even with a tiny news, because they have instant access on social media, where one can easily spread news. However, everything depends on the development, if development is there, nothing will happen and  only development will give the value to your property. What worst can be done due to land issue, Demolish everything?. No, but its all about money give and take. Even the cases detail is, that less money is paid for expensive land, so here what could be the results? Definitely demand for some more money.

Regarding TAX, if you want to make regular sale purchase in BTK then i would suggest play in 125 and 250 yards. Here seller will pay only with-holding tax wich can be reclaimed from FBR. But for that you must be tax payer/filer. I will write in detail regarding tax and latest transfer procedure after taxes.

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Jobs Opportunity in Bahria Town Lahore

| Bahria Town News | February 7, 2014

Bahria Town Lahore announced job opportunities in their Lahore section. This is a good chance for you if you are a retired place officer or have some experience in relevant field. There is not only security jobs in Bahria Town Lahore but there are some other areas where you can apply to get a chance, maybe you become a regular employee of Bahria Town. 

They are offering all necessary benefits like handsome salary with free lunch/dinner, free accommodation, free medical and uniform etc from Bahria Town company.

Here is open positions list:

  1. Manager Security
  2. In-charge Investigation
  3. Manager Water & Disposal
  4. Finger Prints Specialist
  5. Supervisors (Sewerage and Disposal)
  6. Supervisors (Water Supply)
  7. Security Guards

Interested friend can submit their C.V before 14 February with relevant expereince detail. This is good chance for you to become a part of Bahria Town family.

Here is newspaper ad detail:

Jobs in Bahria Town Lahore

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