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Bahria Paradise Karachi Analysis After Balloting

| Bahria Town News | October 22, 2017

Bahria Town Karachi Management finally rolled out balloting results for Bahria Paradise project. If you got your plot alloted in back precincts like 52, 53 and 54 then don't make your luck responsible for this but it had to be done this way, you couldn't get the better location in initial precincts. In fact hardly 5% people get plot allocated in initial precincts i.e. 46, 47, 48 and 49. If this is the case then who got the plots in best precincts? The answer is same as always happens, Bahria Authorized dealers were allotted the best location plots in these precincts. Even before balloting dealers was selling good location plot numbers but they were not authorized to publicize the exact number with document because what will an ordinary person think about Bahria policy as he/she is still waiting for balloting? So the plan was to allot the good numbers under the table, otherwise it could have bad impact on Bahria Town's reputation. Paradise unballoted and open file rate is still on peak, why is that? I leave it to you to think about .....

What is future of bahria Paradise:

I think Bahria Paradise is an outstanding project with all state of the art facilities and the thing that makes it more valuable is, its development work is on fast pace and most of the roads are already carpeted. Hence you will see old project will get halt but Paradise market will boom. Most of the buying/selling will be done in Bahria Paradise project. Whereas old projects will be slower down, as you know Bahria Sports city in the whole, precinct 32, 33 and some more are already dead.

Why Paradise investment is good:

Many people think that Bahria Paradise launching price is too high but if we see the ground reallities it is still better investment than others. Just take an example of Ali block 125 yards, you will get a good location plot in Ali block 125 yards at around 4.5 to 5 millions, and the whole amount you will pay in cash. Now come to Bahria Paradise, you will get 250 yards good loaction plot at around 2 millions upfront amount where 1 installment also inlcuded and here you will get better loactoin as well than Ali block. It maybe costly but you will be paying in installments and eventually bigger plot with higher value. However, your investment plans should be well measured according to your amount management because you will have to pay quarterly installment Rs. 331,000. 

What should I buy in Bahria Paradise:

Lot of people ask me what to buy in Paradise, well its all about your budget but I think you should always go for the best location that comes under your budget because at this moment normal and category plot prices has minor difference but later both prices will be miles away from each other. However, good location plot in back precincts and good location precinct but general plot can also be a good investment approach. Whatever but never invest with plan in mind for short term otherwise situation can be risky.

Good location precincts: Precinct 46, 47, 48 and 49

Good location plots: Corner, Park facing, West open and Main boulevard

Please note, here we are only targetting 250 yards, but overall it covers the whole Bahria Paradise Karachi project.

You can check current current Bahria Paradise rates on our Bahria Karachi Prices page.

Bahria Paradise Investment Plan

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Bahria Town Karachi Balloting Results – 2nd Phase

| Bahria Town News | August 16, 2016

As per commitment by Malik Riaz Bahria Town Karachi Balloting for second phase has been done successfully. Most of the unballoted updated (with 8 to 10 installment paid) files are given numbers. Almost all new numbers are allotted in the new precincts, there are up around 7 new precincts launched by BTK as given:

P-25-A for 125 Yards

P-26-A for 125 Yards

P-31 for 200 yards Homes

P-32 for 250 Rards

P-33 for 500 Yards

How to check BTK Balloting results (Second Phase):

Simply call Bahria customer care center at 080000100 and you will be given your plot/home/apartment number after providing your valid information. You can also email them at carekhi@bahriatown.com.pk to know the results. 

You can't see balloting results on the website, as i already mentioned Bahria keeps secret the results because they still want to have a key to provide more numbers gradually, especially to the dealers. You will still see the good demand for unballoted files, so dealers can get the file and have the good number allotted.

Bahria Town Karachi Future Map:

Bahria Town Karachi New Map

Bhria Town DRB (Design Review Board) always come up with different designs and suggestion and they finalize one through their due process. Here is another version of Precinct 33. Lets see what they finalize.

BTK Precinct 33 suggested Map

How does the new balloting impact the old items: 

Coming soon .....

Actually I was receiving a lot of calls regarding where to check the balloting results, so I quickly putting the above note for now so people can go towards right direction.

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Bahria Town Karachi Location Announced & Great News for Opal, Pearl, ICON and Tower form holders

| Bahria Town News | January 19, 2014

Finally Bahria Town Karachi location announced for residential project which is awaited for a long time and every registration holder was waiting for this mind blowing news as everyone wants to have a his/her own home at Bahria Town. This is also a great news for Bahria Town other projects (ICON, Tower, Opal 225 & Hoshang Pearl). They have now an additional option, they are eligible to  to book commercial plot, apartment and residential plots in Bahria Town. Their rebate adjustment will be the same as announced previously. So now this is up to you what you want to do what you want to buy.


Location for Bhaira Town Karachi recently announced by Bahria in newspapers. It is 9 KM away from Karachi Toll Plaza at super highway when you are travelling to Hyderabad, it will comes at your left side. It seems a better location from DHA city which is far away from Karachi toll plaza in same direction.

Here is location map for Bahria Karachi:

Bahria Karachi Location Map

Congratuation to all BTK form holders and special congrats to BahriaDeals friends 🙂

Bahria Town Management also stated that residential project launching and schedule will be announced with-in a week. So hurry up! if you have don't have registration slip, buy one as soon as possible before pricing touches high sky.

Bahria Town Karachi Location

Please feel free to add your comments and guide me if i'm wrong somewhere.

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