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Some Important Q&A About Bahria Town Karachi

| Bahria Town News | April 19, 2014

Dear Azanshah! Can u give cmts on fol 4 everyone’s interest?
1. When BTK is closing file transfer?
[Azan Shah] Bahria Town will never close transfer, otherwise no one can buy/sell property which Bahria never wants.

2. How can one sale his file when tfr is officialy closed?
[Azan Shah] Please see Answer for #1.

3. What is golden time 2 sale file? B4 1st instalment or ....? 
[Azan Shah] Unless a Bahria file coverted into plot it is totally gamble and you never know when the price will go high and when it will go down. You know why? because there is no plot and FILE itself has no value, so it all depends on big investors, if they decide and buy 500 files, rate will instantly touc 250k for 125 sq. yds BTK. Simlary for other size plot. So the best time would be wait for a plot allotment and ofcouse delelopment.

4. Don’t u think price of files would be reduce after each instalment as 1st 2to3 instalments vud b paid by max people but later lot of files wud come in market to avoid likely non payments? And purchasers vud exploite them.
[Azan Shah] It is not neccessary but most of the bahria investors are dealers and these dealers do not pay the installments. So plot with no installment paid will come up with high price becasue buyer will not pay installment money to seller.

5. Would price of file go down if BTK closes tfr?
[Azan Shah] BTK file transfer will never close.

6. Whom u prefer 2 sale file? Individual or agents? Any recommended agent?
[Azan Shah] Any agent who give you fair and profitable deal. I'd recommend Bahria Deals Associates in KHI đŸ™‚

Sir take time but must reply. Thanks

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Booking Closed For Bahria Town Karachi, Now What?

| Bahria Town News | February 8, 2014

Finally registration forms game over and booking closed for Bahria Town Karachi. Forms converted into files. 07 February was last date of booking, lot of people booked 125 sq yards plots. Also lot of people trusted on dealers and preferred confirm booking.

Confirm Booking:

Some one emailed and asked if confirm booking is legit and if he should go for it. My answer was, YES you should go for confirm booking but that booking should be from known dealer such as PRISM, Enem and Ali Saqlain etc. 

If we see the trend most of the times Bahria sell the projects through those dealers as they sometimes give you some rebate, some discount and other packages which help Bahria to sell the project as much as possible. Whereas, Bahria can't do such tricks but yes Bahria do the same with those dealers. 

I still have BTK slip, now what?

Someone also asked me he still has two registration slips, now what to do. My answer was, per my understanding your forms are useless now and can't be used anywhere, but who knows Bahria may throw some deal for those who still own registration slips, but chances are less. 

Opal 225 & Hoshang Pearl future

As for as Opal 225 and Hoshang Pearl concerned, as I predicted a few days back, these projects prices is raised up right after booking due to two reasons, 1, most of the people would used their forms in BTK projects for homes, commercial and apartments so after booking less amount would be remaining and that will cause price boost. 2nd reason is most effected registration form (residential) will consider no more valid, therefore, people will concentrate on Opal and Pearl as they are only projects left in the market to invest.

Bahria Town Karachi future

Now the next step is, investors will wait for the time, when Bahria starts open/transfer for BTK files. after that they will be able to buy/sell their plots/homes/apartments and commercial files. It is possibility Bahria rather only start transfer process but not open, that's how Bahria did in some RWP and Lahore projects. But I personally think only transfer option would not work for Bahria Karachi case because not only Karachi people but investors are involved from all over the Pakistan and in transfer case buyer and seller both should be available. Imagine if there is only transfer option, then KHI file can be sell in Lahore or RWP and the same way other areas people files will not be able to sell in Karachi.

Balloting & Installments

Balloting stage is also very important for Bahria because Bahria can't ask for any installment once balloting part is clear. Also no one is going to pay installment unless he/she knows his/her property in confirmed.

You have done booking and now you would be thinking , do I have done good investment? Yes, you have done good investment, and you will see you will get some good gain in shape of profit. Please note, one rule of Bahria, "Holding is earning"

Any comments are welcome
Good luck! 

Here is special thanks from Bahria Town Management:

Booking closed for Bahria Town Karachi now what to do?

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Last Date of Transfer & Open for All Bahria Town Karachi Projects – 08 Jan, 2014

| Sector B Bahria Town Lahore | January 7, 2014

Today Bahria Town announced last date for registration open and registration transfer for a ll Karachi projects (Bahria Town Karachi Residential, ICON, Tower, Opal 225 & Hoshang Pearl). The last date is Wednesday, 08 January, 2014. After that you will not be able to transfer your registration and also you can't re-open your Residential open certificate. This news was appeared by Bahria town in Jang news paper today (07-01-2014).

After this news paper ad I received a lot of calls this morning from our visitors, who were in confusion due to this open and transfer closing date. A few friends were thinking their open certificate will useless after due date if they don't transfer their forms on their name. Therefore, let me try to clear the situation here:

None-open slips status after 08 January: Who has blue none-open slips after 08 January, he/she will not be able to sell their registration forms because registration transfer wouldn't be possible after mentioned due date. So I strongly recommend such friends, please go to Bahria office right away and have your slips opened. Don't forget to get a Rs. 2000 Pay Order on Bahria Town name.

Open Certificate status after 08 January: Who has Karachi open certificate after 08 January, they are safe and they can sell their registration slips to anyone/anywhere without any issue. But the difference would be, they will not be able to Re-open their registration forms after due date. This is called Open valid and Open expire. Some other time I will share detail on that as well.

Hope this clarifies the situation. If any friend has any question, please mentioned in comments area we we will try to answer any query.

Here is further detail:

Bahria Town Karachi last date of transfer and open for all projects

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Hoshang Pearl & Opal 225 Registration Forms Transfer Started From 20 DEC

| Bahria Town News | December 19, 2013

Bahria Town Karachi Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 registration forms transfer has been announced by Bahria Town management. They mentioned, after looking into public tremendous interest it is decided to start registration forms transfers from Friday 20 December, 2013. Although previous date was Jan 1st 2014. We also called and confirmed from Bahria customer care that if it is only Transfer? or Opal and Hoshang slips will be able to Open as well but they said it is only "Transfer" no Opening slips at this time. They also didn't announce any transfer fee at this time.

This is really good news specially for those who want to trade in Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 forms. It will definitely increase the Hoshang and Opal pricing. Bahria Town Management also thanks to all customers who invest in Bahria Town Projects.

Here is public ad by Bahria Town:

Bahria Opal 225 and Hoshang pearl transfer started

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Bahria Town Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 Launched in Karachi

| Bahria Town News | December 10, 2013

This Monday Bahria Town has launched two new projects with name Hoshang Pearl and Opal Pearl. Bahria town started registration and very first day in a few hours all the registration forms have been sold out. These are Multi-storey apartments and penthouses in the city of Karachi.

Please now the last date of submitting the Registration is now December 16, 2013

However you won't be able to get registration forms from Bahria now but you need to consult with dealers, who is offering 500 slip at 120,000 PKR now.

So here new story begins in the market “old forms and new forms”. Lets see where this market moves now. I hope everyone gonna have win win situation.

Hoshang Pearl Map

Bahria Town Hoshang Pearl map


Opal 225 Map

Bahria Town Opal 225

Further info about these projects:

Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 Karachi

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Bahria Town Karachi Launching Soon

| Bahria Town News | November 22, 2013


Today Bahria Town Karachi management announced that they are working hard in order to launch Karachi master-planned community project very soon. How good if they would have mentioned the date? Anyway, later come but good come!

So if you are a registered member of Bahria Town Karachi project then preserve around 4 to 5 lac in your account if you are really interested to book a plot in residential project. If you are a not registered member and looking forward to buy a plot then you must get registered by buying a form from open market. You can try to buy one from Bahria Town Pricing area. Please note Bahria announced that only registered member will be able to book a plot. Therefore, registration and opening process is on its way from all Pakistan Bahria offices.

Here is detail:

Bahria Town Karachi Launch

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Bahria Town Karachi pricing update

| Bahria Town News | November 18, 2013


Updated: Jan 18, 2018 - 11:43 AM PKT​  

Bahria Paradise (Open/Unballoted) (250 Sq. yards (10 Marla))

â–ºBuying Rate: 210,000

â–ºSelling Rate: 260,000

Bahria Paradise (Open/Unballoted) (500 Sq. yards (1 Kanal))

â–ºBuying Rate: -- Level

â–ºSelling Rate:  50,000

Bahria Paradise Villa (500 Sq yards (1 kanal))

â–ºBuying Rate: 3000,000

â–ºSelling Rate: 3300,000


Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (125 Sq yards (5 Marla))

â–ºBuying Rate: 225,000

â–ºSelling Rate:  275,000

Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (250 Sq yards (10 Marla))

â–ºBuying Rate: 575,000

â–ºSelling Rate: 675,000

Bahria Town Karachi (Unballoted) (500 Sq yards (1 Kanal))

â–ºBuying Rate: 500,000

â–ºSelling Rate: 600,000




Precinct wise rates:


     Bahria Paradise Rate/Price updated

BPK 250 residential yards:

  • Precinct 46 & 47:  6 lac to 17 lac
  • Precinct  48: 5 lac to 16 lac
  • Precinct 49:  10 lac to 20 lac  
  • Precinct 52 & 53:  60k lac to 7 lac
  • Precinct 54:  6 lac to 20 lac

BPK Villa 500 yards:

  • Precinct 51:  30 lac to 40 lac


BPK 500 yards:

  • Precinct 50 & 51: +3 lac to +21 lac
  • Precinct 52: Level to +11 lac
  • Precinct 53: Level  to +7 lac
  • Precinct 54: +4 lac to +21 lac
  • Precinct 55: +1 lac to +15 lac

BPK 1000 yards:

  • Precinct 56: +6 lac to +18 lac
  • Precinct 57: +5 lac to +37 lac


 Bahria Town Karachi (Old)

125 yards Plots:

250 yards Plots:

500 yards Plots:

125 yards villa (O/H):

  • Precinct 10 & 11: 30 lacs to 42 lacs
  • Precinct 27:

200 yards villa (O/H):

  • Precinct 10 & 11: 80 lacs to 100 lacs
  • Precinct 27: 50 lacs to 75 lacs
  • Precinct 31: 50 lacs to 75 lacs

2-bed apartment (O/H):

  • Precinct 19: 30 lacs to 44 lacs

125 yards commercial (Midway):

  • Precinct N/A: 300 lacs to 500 lacs


  Bahria Sports City Rate/Price updated

BSC 250 residential yards:

  • Precinct 34:  13 lac to 20 lac
  • Precinct  40: 6 lac to 10 lac
  • Precinct 42 , 44 & 45:  -1 lac to +4 lac  

BSC Villa 350 yards:

  • Precinct 35:  20 lac to 34 lac


BSC 500 yards:

  • Precinct 36 & 3710 lac 20 lac
  • Precinct 41 , 42A & 43: 1 lac to 6 lac
  • Down paid:



Source: This is an estimated rate gathered from Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi's known property dealers and experts. This price is frequently updated. If you want to sell or buy your respective property files, please post a free ad and get instance response for your property. You can also advertise on our website and any other area we can assist your business, you can contact us for Bahria Project Deals.

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List

Bahria Town Karachi Actual Price List                  

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Bahria Town Lahore Vs Ring Road

| Bahria Town News | November 14, 2013


Not sure when but news is floating that soon Ring Road will be started by Punjab government which may become a good sign for many people but for some peoples this is not a good news. Specially for them who's plots are coming on ring road's way. Similarly many plots are impacted in Bahria town due to this ring road. In Bahria town ring is marked between Sector C and Sector E near main Jamia Mosque. It will impact 800 feet surrounding area.

However, here we tried to sketch map of the ring road that will go through Bahria Town Lahore.

 Bahria Town Vs Ring Road

If you have question or feedback, please feel free to discuss in comments area.

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Bahria Town Karachi Registration, Booking and Future

| Bahria Town News | November 14, 2013

Bahria Town Karachi is blasting mega project by Bahria Town team in Karachi. This contains basically three categories i.e. Bahria ICON, Bahria Tower and Residential master planned community, we heard there will be more than 200000 plots(different sizes) will be allotted initially. So to achieve mega plan Bahria Town initially started registration process so they get an idea of people interest and understand the trend.

The way to work of Bahria is to get start booking, get money and then buy land accordingly. But here Bahria started members registration. So only those will get the confirm booking or will be able book the plot / shop / apartment in Bahria town Karachi who is registered member.

What is the future of Bahria Town Karachi and what would be the exact result of this registration we don't know but what we know is, Bahria started the registration in Rs. 15000 but today Karachi membership form worth 170000 and it is increasing more. The other thing we know is, Bahria had the same registration process in 2005. At that time they launched Cards instead of forms, a lot of people registered and got Cards for Bahria town Lahore Sector C and Bahria Town Phase 9 Rawalpindi. Result for that was, people received booking forms in 2006 at their door step. Those days plot price was Rs. 4 to 6 lac but today the same plot costs more than 70 lac. Pardon me, if pricing is not very correct.

Karachi registration process started in last September and the last registration date was October, 04. Many people across the Pakistan got registered for Karachi project. After closing member registration Karachi form price increased to almost double and that price last for a few weeks with a slight up/down. Afterwords Bahria announced membership transfer and open process from November 04. In result, just in one week the membership price shoot up to unbelievable high cost and last updated price was 170000 in Lahore and Pindi. However, now rumors circulated that this price will go down for a couple of reasons, once reason is a Real Estate expo is going to be held at Karachi no 17th of November.

You can also get updated prices for Bahria Town Karachi on our website to have an idea. For Karachi membership sale/purchase go to Bahria Karachi Sale/Purchase

Below is Bahria Town Karachi membership transfer / open process:

Bahria Town Karachi Registration Transfer and Opening start

Please let us know if you have any feedback or any question. You can mention your query in comments area.

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