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NEWS! Bahria Hoshang Pearl, Opal 225 and ICON now worth 500,000 (5 lacs)

| Bahria Town News | December 23, 2013

Hurrrrayy! Bahria Town announced this morning that Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 now worth Rs: 500,000. Not only that but they also listed all the packages they are offering now to customers. Bahria Town Karachi residential slip worth 150,000, ICON 500,00 (5 lacs) and Bahria Town (Tariq road) will be considered 300,00 (3 lacs).

Definitely Bahria Town do not want to devalue their new projects in Karachi and they can not afford to loose the market for their new born Karachi projects. Hence they are given out such promotions to their customers.

We do not know what would be future of these projects but what we know is, today rates will go high for Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 all over the Pakistan. So this is really good news for the people who were holding these registration slips, also so hope for ICON and Tower slips holders.

Here is complete detail from Bahria Town:

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Hoshang Pearl & Opal 225 Registration Forms Transfer Started From 20 DEC

| Bahria Town News | December 19, 2013

Bahria Town Karachi Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 registration forms transfer has been announced by Bahria Town management. They mentioned, after looking into public tremendous interest it is decided to start registration forms transfers from Friday 20 December, 2013. Although previous date was Jan 1st 2014. We also called and confirmed from Bahria customer care that if it is only Transfer? or Opal and Hoshang slips will be able to Open as well but they said it is only "Transfer" no Opening slips at this time. They also didn't announce any transfer fee at this time.

This is really good news specially for those who want to trade in Hoshang Pearl and Opal 225 forms. It will definitely increase the Hoshang and Opal pricing. Bahria Town Management also thanks to all customers who invest in Bahria Town Projects.

Here is public ad by Bahria Town:

Bahria Opal 225 and Hoshang pearl transfer started

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